New words


  1. Sofía Moreno de Cayeux says:

    Traceability ? Is it a new word ?

  2. ladyredspider says:

    Ginormous, guesstimate and irregardless are not words, let alone “new” words. The actual words are gigantic or enormous, guess or estimate (which aren’t even close to the same thing). For those who’ve seen the episode of American Dad “Irregarding Steve”, the correct word is REGARDLESS: “Irregardless of what you think of me, I’m still your father. “Irregardless”? That’s not even a real word. You’re affixing the negative prefix “ir” to “regardless,” but as “regardless” is already negative, it’s a logical absurdity.

    • GoatGuy says:

      Ginormous … is no longer marked in red undersquiggs by my spell-bot. The democracy of the masses at work! Its a word, lady.

      Guesstimate … no red squiggles. Irregardless … again, no red squiggles.

      My pappy tol’ me not to use irregardless because it is a double negative. Seemed like a good reason. But when a colloquialism that isn’t particularly wrong in its genesis comes about, I say let us revel in the flexibility of English! And I like ginormous. Its like bazillion (another now-accepted word by my spell-checker.). Gazillion. Bailout (used to be 2 words, indicating to remove water from a boat or trough.) Texting. Sexting. Truthiness. Bollywood. Selfie. Frankenstorm. Fat-finger.

      There are hundreds of new words in the last 10 years, and thousands in the last 30. I’m OK with it. English rocks.


  3. Ampadu Vera says:


  4. Todd Mackett says:

    Irregardless of what y’all think, our ginormous government is not controlling us through Svengali. Gimme a break. The gobbledygook I read on the web page makes me want to beeline to the nearest bar. D’oh. Kudos to those who police our verbiage of our wonky language.

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