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Grammarly vs. Linguix – Which is Best?

If you’ve been exploring online grammar checkers, you’ve likely heard of Grammarly and Linguix. These two tools help you become a prolific writer through their spelling, grammar, and style corrections. But which editor is better? This Grammarly vs. Linguix review will help you decide which online grammar checker you should get. Read on to know their features, pricing, and pros and cons. What is Grammarly? Grammarly is my favorite grammar checker that improves your writing and makes you a better …

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Grammarly vs. Slick Write Review

Grammar errors are unavoidable. No matter the level of experience you have as a writer, you still need a grammar-checking tool to weed out these errors. Trust me. Let’s begin this Grammarly vs. Slick Write review with an overview of Slick Write’s features. Then, keep reading to learn how the app compares to Grammarly’s ease of use, accuracy, and pricing.  What is Slick? Slick Write is a proofreading tool that provides numerous solutions for students, SEO professionals, bloggers, and writers. The …

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How to Add Grammarly To PowerPoint (With Images)

No matter where you write, you need a grammar checker like Grammarly to scan your content for writing errors. Unfortunately, Grammarly cannot perform real-time grammar checking on Microsoft PowerPoint. It only offers plugins for Word and Outlook. This guide will cover the question of how to add Grammarly to PowerPoint, its limits, and ways you can work around it. Can You Use Grammarly with PowerPoint? Grammarly currently doesn’t support integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office apps, except Word …

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What is a Complex Sentence? Definition and Examples

A complex sentence has one dependent clause and another independent clause. But how do you identify or write this sentence type? Find out what a complex sentence is and some examples of this sentence structure. I’ll also show you how to identify a complex sentence to help you become a stronger writer.  Complex Sentence Definition They are one of the four types of sentences according to structure. These complete sentences contain one independent clause and at least one dependent or …

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Grammarly Student Discount Code – Claim it Here

If you ask me, I’ll say that Grammarly is one of the best writing tools because of its powerful editing features. However, the cost for students isn’t reasonable. Some users wait for the company to offer discounts before subscribing to the online editor. There’s no need to wait for Grammarly’s occasional sale anymore. Keep reading to know how you can get a student discount promo code for Grammarly Premium. Grammarly Student Discount. Save 20% OFF! Grammarly Premium does not have …

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Best Book Editing Software

As an author, I know that a built-in word processor and an online editor for contextual spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are inadequate. If you’re getting serious about publishing a book, you need the best book editing software. I compiled a roundup of the best book editing software you can use for your next manuscript. This list contains apps that are available on Windows and Mac. I’ve used most of them for my Windows PC, so I’ll add my two …

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What is a Backslash Symbol?

The backslash is not used in writing, but it is worth identifying where it belongs and how it should be used. Not to be confused with the forward-slash symbol, the backslash will never be seen in either formal or informal writing, but you will see it in computer programming and mathematical equations.  Take a look at how the backslash symbol is used so you can avoid accidentally using it in place of a forward slash when writing.  What is a …

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Best Markdown Editor for Windows and Mac

In my opinion, there are two kinds of writers: those who use Microsoft Word and those who use Google Docs. But if you want to level up your writing career, you should try Markdown editors. Markdown is a markup language that was developed in 2004 by John Gruber. These text-to-HTML conversion tools are simple for content writers and developers when formatting headers, lists, and other elements. Keep reading to know the best Markdown editors for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Advantages …

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Best Readability Checker

Aiming for content readability will improve the likelihood of your online content getting more engagements and conversions. It also reduces misunderstandings and exit rates on your website. If you’re looking for the best readability checker, here are ten tools that will improve your content for SEO. These checkers analyze your readability scores, keyword distribution, and formatting.  Best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant SEMrush ensures you produce the most SEO-optimized piece of content through its …

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Best Essay Writing Software

Getting a passing grade on an essay assignment is difficult if students don’t know how to organize their ideas. Bloggers can also not get high SEO rankings when they plagiarize their writing.  If you’re looking for applications that help you write better essays, I compiled a list of the best essay writing software. These apps include both free and paid programs. I included tools to help you improve your grammar and an app that writes essays for you. 10 Best …

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