How to Undo In Grammarly

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Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker that removes any spelling, grammar, and style errors in your writing. But some users accidentally delete or accept Grammarly’s suggestions and want to take the action back. Is there an undo button on the app?

Undoing on this writing application is not a big mystery. Keep reading to learn how to undo on Grammarly.

If you accidentally typed or deleted a text on Grammarly, hold down the Control button and press Z if you’re a Windows user. But if you’re a Mac user, hold down the Command button and press Z.

How to Undo on Grammarly for Word

Grammarly offers a plug-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Undoing whatever you typed or deleted on this platform is the same. Mac users should press Command + Z, while Windows users press Control +Z

For older versions of Word, you can click Edit and select Undo from the dropdown menu. Click it as many times as you want until you receive the desired previous version of your document. 

If you use the new version of Word, the undo button is the curved arrow pointing left on the quick access toolbar. A dropdown menu will let you choose which specific edit you want to undo. 

How to Undo on Grammarly for Google Docs

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The process for undoing Grammarly for Google Docs is the same. Use Control + Z or Command +Z. There’s also an option to click the Edit button and select Undo.

Does Grammarly Have an Undo Button?

If you run your grammar checks on Grammarly Editor or the web application, you won’t see an undo button. With all its advanced features, Grammarly really forgot to include a simple undo button on its editor… or did they intentionally not make one?

Grammarly caters to professional writers who are likely to have mastered these keyboard shortcuts already. It makes sense that the company didn’t include an Edit button where you can click Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, and Select All. 

The online grammar checker is also known for its clean and minimal interface. You don’t need to watch a video tutorial to learn how to perform a grammar check on your document. 

Just upload a file or copy and paste your text, and Grammarly will automatically suggest corrections. 

How Do I Undo a Deleted Paragraph in Grammarly?

You can undo a deleted paragraph by pressing Control + Z or Command + Z on your keyboard. 

If you selected the entire paragraph and accidentally deleted it, one press of the keyboard shortcut will bring back the whole piece. But if you accidentally deleted it by pressing delete or backspace many times, you must press Control + Z or Command + Z many times.

Final Word on Grammarly and the Undo Button

Grammarly Editor’s design is so clean that it forgot to include an undo button. But undoing on the app is the same as undoing on other text fields. Press the classic Control + Z combination, and you will automatically revert your text. Learn the basic keyword shortcuts to make writing easier for you!