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Candace is a lover of the written word in all its forms. She’s a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Fantasy Romance, an Award-Winning indie screenwriter, and a prolific content creator. She’s a proud Canadian, born and raised, and currently resides on the rocky east coast with her husband, two kids, one slobbery bulldog, and two adorable guinea pigs. When her fingers aren’t flying over the keyboard, you can find her roaming the beautiful beaches of Newfoundland or reading a book at her lake house.


Candace has been in the writing and publishing industry for over 15 years. Pooling her extensive knowledge and experience, Candace now shares tips and expert advice with other writers through her books, blog, and sites like

Prior to taking a U-turn into writing, she was a busy Interior Designer. Now she lends that expertise to various home design magazines and websites such as Adorable Home Magazine and


Candace studied Design at SCAAT, Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC, and Small Business Essentials at CNA.

She’s a proud member of ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors, WANL (Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland & Labrador), and is the co-founder of LENL (Literary Arts of Newfoundland & Labrador).

You can find her online just about anywhere, and she loves to connect with readers, fellow writers, and other like-minded individuals looking for tips on writing and publishing!

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