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Editing vs Proofreading

Any competent writer knows that their writing needs to undergo editing or proofreading regardless of their expert writing skills. Do you need some kind of editor or a simple proofreader? It took me years to learn that answer for myself. Whether you’re writing a book, term paper, or a personal document, proofreading and editing lead to different outcomes for writers. Find out the difference between an editor vs. a proofreader.  Editor vs. Proofreader The work of the editor and proofreader are …

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What is Proofreading?

Even the best writers like Ernest Hemingway and Harper Lee probably made mistakes in their manuscripts. And even the best editors can miss these errors. But a final step before publishing written works called proofreading can prevent readers from noticing these mistakes. Keep reading to know the different types of proofreading and why this process is essential.  What is Proofreading, and Why is it Important? Proofreading is when you read a written document and mark different types of errors. After …

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12 Types of Editors and Editing

Before publishing their works, writers hire book editors who will assist in perfecting their writing. Just as there are many types of writers, there are different types of editors in a hierarchy with specialized jobs. Over the years, I’ve learned to wear several editing hats, but I still hire specific editors and proofreaders for certain jobs. This helps ensure that it’s not just my eyes on my work. Find out the 12 types of editors you need and their roles. …

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