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26 Best Book Editors

If you’re an author writing your first book, editing before sending it to a publisher or agent is essential. Trust me. If you’re going to skimp on anything during the publishing process, don’t let it be editing. This stage requires a professional to help you fix errors you might have missed, such as repetitiveness, plot holes, and misspellings. It can make or break your book. I’ve compiled the 26 best book editors in the USA and Canada for you. These …

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10 Best Dissertation Editing Services

A dissertation is likely to be the most challenging piece of work a postgraduate student has to complete. It definitely makes me grateful that my uni days are far behind me. A dissertation needs to be organized, coherent, and error-free for the researcher to clearly present their findings. Perfect your writing with the help of our list of the best dissertation editing services to hire. These awesome companies can increase your chances of getting published in scholarly journals and improve …

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What is Editing? – Ultimate Guide

If you’ve written a research paper, essay, resume, or book, you need to edit it. Editing is a complex process that entails fixing grammar issues, tightening your arguments, and correcting your document format. I deal with all sorts of editing daily, from working with editors to perfect my works of fiction to self-editing content creation and more. But what is editing in the writing process? Why is editing important? Keep reading, and I’ll show you the definition, types, and importance …

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What is Line Editing? Definition & Examples (With Checklist)

You have crafted your story chapter by chapter, ensuring that you have a strong plot with interesting characters. But have you checked if the lines are stringing next to each other? This task is called line editing. It’s the most tedious part of editing, in my opinion, and takes a special skill because you can’t let yourself get too lost in the story. But what is a line edit? I’ll show you everything you need to know about line editing. …

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Developmental Editing vs Copy Editing: What’s the Difference?

Development and copy editing are two types of editing involved before publishing a book. One focuses on the whole manuscript, while the other looks at it in parts. I often see questions about which one you need, and my answer is always the same: both. But it’s important to understand what each offer is and at what stage to use them. Keep reading to know the difference between the two edits, what they include, and which editing service you must …

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18 Best Book Editing Services

Are you ready to bring your book to the public but want to ensure the quality is top-notch? You’ll need professional book editing services. As an author of over twenty books, I’ve worked with tons of online editors, service providers, and even apps. So, I’ll break down some of the top book editor companies money can buy. Choosing a Book Editor Book editors are a dime a dozen but not all of them are a good choice for you. The …

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What Does “Decision in Process” Mean?

What comes next after submitting your research paper to a journal? Many writers worry about what “decision in process” means and how long it takes. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you what it means when your research manuscript has a “decision in process” status. I’ll also show you tips to increase your chances of being published. Decision in Process Meaning The status ‘decision in process’ means that the editorial board is still processing their decision about your paper. That means your …

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Best Research Paper Editing Services

After completing the herculean effort of conducting the research and producing the report of your findings, it is now time to edit, reword, and polish the research piece to ensure that it’s error-free and ready to be published. Plenty of paid professionals can edit research papers, but what happens when you can’t afford these services? There are tons of options online, and I’m going to break down the details for you. Do You Need to Edit Your Research Paper? Finding …

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How Much Does an Editor Cost & Important Items to Consider

Are you looking to publish your first manuscript or an important paper, and you’re unsure if you can afford an editor? In my years of experience in publishing, an editor is worth their weight in gold, and we should all find ways to afford one. Learn how much editors charge per word and what to look for when hiring one. The Basics of Editor Costs Just like the price of any other self-publishing service, the price of hiring an editor …

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Tips for Editing Your Research Paper (Checklist Included)

Writing a research paper requires more than correcting language errors, such as spelling and grammar mistakes. You must also ensure everything is factual and parallel to academic writing standards. I wish I’d known that when I was in university; it would have saved me a lot of headaches. So, when editing your paper, what should you focus on? Over time, I learned a few things, and I will share them with you! Follow these tips to ensure your research paper …

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