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Ginger vs. ProWritingAid

Many writers cannot afford multiple editing applications for their works. Instead, they use an all-in-one tool with all the features they need, from grammar checks to tone detection.  Two editing applications that come to mind are Ginger and ProWritingAid. In this Ginger vs. ProWritingAid comparison, I pit the two grammar checkers to help you choose the right app. Keep reading to know which one suits your writing goals. What is Ginger?  Ginger is an AI-powered spelling and grammar checker that …

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Autocrit vs ProWritingAid

Whether you’re a blogger or an author like me, you need an editing tool to eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes. Even after more than 20 books, 5 screenplays, and a decade’s worth of content creation, I still use editing tools daily. Two editors that correct more than your surface errors are AutoCrit and ProWritingAid. They can also fix your pacing, writing style, and readability.  This AutoCrit vs. ProWritingAid review will show you their similarities and differences in features and pricing. …

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Grammarly vs. Wordrake Review – Which is Better?

Spell and grammar checkers are becoming a must-have in every writer’s toolkit. I know I use them on a daily basis as a Bestselling Author and full-time content creator. These convenient applications will polish your writing at affordable prices.  Two popular writing tools are Grammarly and Wordrake. But which one has more advanced features? This Grammarly vs. Wordrake review will compare the two apps’ features, accuracy, and pricing. Find out which spell and grammar checker wins below. What is Wordrake? …

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How to Undo In Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker that removes any spelling, grammar, and style errors in your writing. But some users accidentally delete or accept Grammarly’s suggestions and want to take the action back. Is there an undo button on the app? Undoing on this writing application is not a big mystery. Keep reading to learn how to undo on Grammarly. How to Undo on Grammarly If you accidentally typed or deleted a text on Grammarly, hold down the Control …

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How to Make Grammarly Work With Overleaf in 4 Simple Steps

Grammarly may seem like the most flawless online grammar checker, but it also has shortcomings. For instance, it does not support LaTeX files. But I found the secret to performing grammar checks on the Overleaf program. Follow these four steps to make Grammarly work with Overleaf. The instructions are easy and can be done in a few minutes. What is Overleaf? Overleaf is a writing tool for academic and professional writers with collaborative features. You can save files on its …

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Grammarly vs. PERRLA – Which is Best?

Grammarly and PERRLA are two writing tools that take the guesswork out of formatting and grammar-checking your document. But which program will solve your writing concerns? Keep reading this Grammarly vs. PERRLA review to learn their similarities and differences in features. I’ll even talk about how to use both tools to achieve perfect writing.  What is PERRLA? PERRLA is a software program that aims to take the stress out of formatting and writing. Developed in July 2018 by Cliff Baston, …

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Grammarly vs. Easybib – Which is Best?

I wish I had editing programs when I was in university. Luckily, we have them today and it makes my job as a writer and bestselling author a lot easier. Grammarly and EasyBib are two platforms that make it possible to submit an error-free essay. They also help you avoid duplicate content through their plagiarism checkers. But which is best? This Grammarly vs. EasyBib review will guide you through their prices, features, and reliability. Keep reading to know which online …

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Why is Grammarly So Expensive?

Many spelling and grammar checkers are available for free on the internet. Others are priced below $10, but Grammarly costs a whopping $30 per month when you go with the month-to-month plan.  Why is Grammarly so expensive? What makes it better than other online writing tools? I’ll show you the specifics of why Grammarly Premium is costly. Keep reading to know its best features, pros and cons, and why I think it’s the best grammar checker.  Is it Worth Paying …

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Is Grammarly Cheating? Should Students Use It?

Technology and the connections it brings can be a complicated decision for many parents, especially when certain online software and media are left unchecked. But, there are also many excellent programs and software you and your children can take advantage of to help improve your knowledge of various subjects.  Grammarly is one such writing tool that provides grammar, spelling, and punctuation suggestions and edits. As a high school teacher and writer, I have found it to be much more thorough …

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Grammarly vs. Perfectit Review – Which is Best?

Are you looking for an online writing assistant to perfect your writing? Whether you need help with grammar accuracy or clarity, two apps that can help you are Grammarly and PerfectIt.   This Grammarly vs. PerfectIt review will explore PerfectIt’s features and how it compares to the popular writing tool, Grammarly. Keep reading to learn which application you should get. PerfectIt Review PerfectIt is an online application that aims to spot writing problems humans fail to notice. Its principle is to …

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