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Grammarly vs. Perfectit Review – Which is Best?

Are you looking for an online writing assistant to perfect your writing? Whether you need help with grammar accuracy or clarity, two apps that can help you are Grammarly and PerfectIt.   This Grammarly vs. PerfectIt review will explore PerfectIt’s features and how it compares to the popular writing tool, Grammarly. Keep reading to learn which application you should get. PerfectIt Review PerfectIt is an online application that aims to spot writing problems humans fail to notice. Its principle is to …

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Bartleby Write vs Grammarly

Any writing project isn’t complete until it undergoes editing and proofreading. These stages are crucial for your audience to have an excellent reading experience of your article.  But with different apps that proofread writing, knowing which one you should get can be tricky. Two options you might consider are Bartleby and Grammarly. Keep reading this Grammarly vs. Bartleby review to learn which online writing assistant suits your needs.  What is Bartleby Writing? Bartleby is an all-around hub for students whose …

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Grammarly vs Sapling Review – Which is Best?

As an author and content creator, I know firsthand how easy it is to make mistakes. And it’s even easier to overlook them. Two popular writing tools that can help with your spelling and grammar mistakes are Grammarly and Sapling. But the scope of these programs goes beyond proofreading your text as they have different purposes for your writing. I’ll discuss what you need to know about Grammarly vs. Sapling, including their features, pros and cons, and pricing. Keep reading …

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Grammarly vs. Chegg Review – 2022 Comparison

Writers need help proofreading our work before submitting or publishing them. Instead of hiring a human proofreader, you can try online editing programs like Grammarly and Chegg.  Both tools can help you with grammatical mistakes and plagiarism concerns. But they differ in reliability. Keep reading this Grammar vs. Chegg review to find out which tool is appropriate for you. Learn their features, pricing, and accuracy as I break down everything.   What is Chegg? Chegg is an online learning service application …

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Is Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker Any Good? Is it Accurate?

Online tools have made it possible to submit articles and essays without spelling and grammar errors. But software developers decided to take things to the next level through plagiarism checkers. One well-known online tool is Grammarly. I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker every day for content creation and article writing. It’s easy to use and pretty accurate. Is Grammarly’s plagiarism checker accurate and reliable? If you’re a student or professional writer, this article will help you decide whether to get the …

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Is Grammarly Safe and Secure? Can it be Trusted?

Privacy is a significant concern among writers who use grammar checkers to evaluate their content. And Grammarly isn’t an exception to these security issues and risks.  Is Grammarly safe and secure? Does it sell your data or steal your work? All the answers to your questions are in this article.  Grammarly’s Security and Privacy Features Grammarly promises you’re in good hands as they “make money from selling subscriptions—not from selling data.” Here’s an overview of the company’s security and privacy …

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Grammarly vs. Linguix – Which is Best?

If you’ve been exploring online grammar checkers, you’ve likely heard of Grammarly and Linguix. These two tools help you become a prolific writer through their spelling, grammar, and style corrections. But which editor is better? This Grammarly vs. Linguix review will help you decide which online grammar checker you should get. Read on to know their features, pricing, and pros and cons. What is Grammarly? Grammarly is my favorite grammar checker that improves your writing and makes you a better …

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Grammarly vs. Slick Write Review

Grammar errors are unavoidable. No matter the level of experience you have as a writer, you still need a grammar-checking tool to weed out these errors. Trust me. Let’s begin this Grammarly vs. Slick Write review with an overview of Slick Write’s features. Then, keep reading to learn how the app compares to Grammarly’s ease of use, accuracy, and pricing.  What is Slick? Slick Write is a proofreading tool that provides numerous solutions for students, SEO professionals, bloggers, and writers. The …

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How to Add Grammarly To PowerPoint (With Images)

No matter where you write, you need a grammar checker like Grammarly to scan your content for writing errors. Unfortunately, Grammarly cannot perform real-time grammar checking on Microsoft PowerPoint. It only offers plugins for Word and Outlook. This guide will cover the question of how to add Grammarly to PowerPoint, its limits, and ways you can work around it. Can You Use Grammarly with PowerPoint? Grammarly currently doesn’t support integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office apps, except Word …

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Grammarly Student Discount Code – Claim it Here

If you ask me, I’ll say that Grammarly is one of the best writing tools because of its powerful editing features. However, the cost for students isn’t reasonable. Some users wait for the company to offer discounts before subscribing to the online editor. There’s no need to wait for Grammarly’s occasional sale anymore. Keep reading to know how you can get a student discount promo code for Grammarly Premium. Grammarly Student Discount. Save 20% OFF! Grammarly Premium does not have …

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