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Reverso Grammar Review

Okay, so I tried out Reverso to see how it holds up to what I need in a writing and editing tool. While I like what it offers, there are pros and cons.  Poor writing takes away your professionalism and work credibility. But you can avoid these mistakes by using …

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Copyscape Review – Any Good Alternatives?

Search engine optimization isn’t complete without ensuring the uniqueness of your work. If you fail to conduct plagiarism checks on your writing, your website might receive a penalty.  One online tool that might help is Copyscape. Keep reading as I discuss Copyscapre’s features and what I think of them. This …

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Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly – Which is Better?

Grammarly and Microsoft Editor are two programs that come to mind when it comes to reliable online proofreaders. Although these tools help improve your writing quality, they have relevant differences you should learn. If you have no idea which spelling and grammar checker to use, this guide will help you …

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11 Best Grammarly Alternatives – Viable Free and Paid Options

Grammarly is a widely used writing tool that checks your grammar, vocabulary, and writing style. However, its free version doesn’t have advanced features, and the premium plan might be too expensive.  Many cheap substitutes are available, offering similar grammar reports and analysis. I’ve curated a list of the best Grammarly …

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How to Add Grammarly to Microsoft Word

An advanced online grammar and spelling checker can catch any error you type in real-time. But most of these apps operate separately from the word word-processing program. To whoever created the Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Word, you’re a genius! Keep reading to learn the steps to adding Grammarly to Microsoft …

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How to Check Grammar and Spelling in Google Docs

If you use Google Docs for educational and business documents, the grammar check functionality can help with error-free writing. Aside from being free of charge, this tool is also easy to enable from the menu bar. Keep reading to learn how to correct your spelling and grammar using Google Docs. …

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Ginger Software—Your Personal Editor & Proofreader

Ginger Software is a powerful tool that helps users write better, error-free content for work or school. Effective written communication is essential for success, whether it’s crafting polished reports, academic papers, or professional emails.  With Ginger Software, users can access various features that support editing and proofreading options, including grammar …

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Prowritingaid Review: Is It the Best Editing Program?

As a Bestselling Author, I’ve used ProWritingAid for years. It’s a valuable tool for authors as well as writers of any kind.  The difference between successful writers and newbies is that successful writers revise their work, while newbies don’t. They use different online grammar tools to set their style and …

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Grammarly Review – Is Premium Worth It?

Top Choice No matter how much experience they have, professional writers still need spelling and grammar checkers. And Grammarly is currently hitting the charts as the best online writing assistant. But is it for you? Read my review before downloading the online tool and springing for the Premium version. You’ll …

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