Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly – Which is Better?

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Grammarly and Microsoft Editor are two programs that come to mind when it comes to reliable online proofreaders. Although these tools help improve your writing quality, they have relevant differences you should learn.

If you have no idea which spelling and grammar checker to use, this guide will help you choose. I’ll compare Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly based on editing features, extensions and apps, and pricing.

How Microsoft Editor and Grammarly Work

Microsoft Editor and Grammarly are both spelling and grammar checkers that aim to improve your writing. Both tools detect punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors in your text and suggest corrections.

These digital proofreaders work across multiple platforms. Grammarly is available as an automatic browser extension, web editor, and desktop application. You can find it on the following:

  • Mozilla Firefox and Chrome extension.
  • Microsoft Word add-in.
  • Google Docs integration.
  • Android and iOS keyboards.
  • Web editor.
  • Desktop app.

If you need the app on MS Word, you should learn how to add Grammarly to Microsoft. Download it on the Grammarly site, follow the installation prompts, and start using it on Word or Outlook.

Microsoft Editor comes with the Microsoft 365 package and is also available as an extension for chromium browsers. However, the grammar checking tool is not available as a desktop app or mobile keyboard. 

Features of Microsoft Editor

Before comparing the two grammar tools, let’s have an overview of each online editor’s features. 

Microsoft Editor is a built-in feature of MS Word and Outlook to help improve your writing skills.

Checks Spelling and Grammar

Like the free version of every spell-check tool, Microsoft Editor shows grammar and spelling corrections for users. It indicates misuse of capital letters, hyphens, and subject-verb. The built-in tool also spots indirect questions and confusing words. 

Microsoft Editor has additional features that enhance the quality of your text. It detects passive voice, double negatives, and uncommon phrases. These are not necessarily mistakes, but replacing them can make your article clearer.


Aside from the basic features, the grammar checker tool also shows slang, contractions, and informal phrase indicators. You’ll receive suggestions about these language issues, which you can accept or ignore depending on your audience type.

An Office 365 subscription also allows users to enjoy advanced features for removing cliches, weak verbs, and unclear adjectives. Your options for changing your sentences are plenty!


Microsoft Editor shows squiggly lines for unnecessary commas, quotes, sentence spacing, and other punctuation issues.

Supports Over 60 Languages

Once you have Office 365, you’ll have easy access to multi-language support. Microsoft Editor offers spelling checks and grammar warnings for 60 languages, helping every writer worldwide.

But its ability to correct grammar and spelling mistakes across various languages isn’t the same. According to its setting page, “not all languages have the same writing guidance.” Editor has a guideline containing all essential details and settings for sentence refinements.

Features of Grammarly

Grammarly is the top online proofreading service known for its advanced capabilities in correcting spelling and grammar issues.

Detailed Reports

This grammar editor shows different error types with explanations on its sidebar. Like Microsoft Editor, it thoroughly reviews your basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. 

Grammarly Premium lets you fix your sentence structure to make it more understandable. It suggests proper delivery of your writing depending on your customized audience. You’ll also receive tone adjustment suggestions which are shown as purple underlines.

Other advanced tools of Grammarly include conciseness checks, engagement, and fluency. The AI-powered tool spots repetitive patterns in your text and mix-ups of English variations. 

Note that these features are only available at a premium plan. Choose between the monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

Plagiarism Detector 

Grammarly Premium also conducts plagiarism detection on your text to ensure you’re not a copycat. It searches the web for similar sentences and provides links to the original source of your writing.

Weekly Statistics

In my personal opinion, Grammarly’s one of the best and most powerful grammar checkers because it informs you about your overall writing. You get weekly statistics, including your vocabulary score, productivity, and mastery. It also sends emails about your most frequent writing mistakes. 

Personal Dictionary 

The personal dictionary is a functional tool for writers to add non-English words. They can also use it for proper nouns and other made-up words. 

Is Word as Good as Grammarly?

Grammarly has dominated the grammar checking tools in the market for years. Is Microsoft Editor a worthy opponent? Here’s a detailed comparison. 

Microsoft Editor is More Affordable

Microsoft Editor is a more cost-effective option of the two because it can perform grammar and spell checks for free. But you need to pay for a Microsoft 365 subscription if you want suggestions for sentence structure and other advanced writing features.

It’s high-quality office software that does fundamental revisions for you. And it continues to evolve as Microsoft introduces new features for its entire suite every few years. You have the choice to pay $9.99 a month for one terabyte of cloud storage and Microsoft Editor’s advanced capabilities.

Grammarly’s premium version is $29.95 a month, but much less if you go annually. That costs like an arm and leg for casual writers. Some won’t find it worth it, even with hardcore grammar features for clarity, writing style, and writing tone. 

Below is a list of their standard pricing:

  • Monthly plan: $29.99/month.
  • Quarterly plan: $20.00/month.
  • Annual plan: $12.00/month.

Grammarly also has business options that start at $12.08 per member per month.

Grammarly is Widely Available

One similarity among popular grammar checkers is their availability across various platforms. There are keyboard apps, desktop versions, and browser extensions for these editing tools, no matter where you write.

Grammarly wins this round because of its multiple integrations. It has browser extension functionality you can use with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. It also works well with iOS, Mac, and Windows products to correct grammar mistakes and improve lousy writing.

Versatility is a huge factor for dedicated users of grammar and spelling checking tools. Fortunately, you can use Grammarly as a plug-in for Microsoft Word.

Meanwhile, users can’t maximize digital proofreaders with standalone versions. Microsoft Editor works for many websites on chromium browsers. However, you don’t get a Chromium extension, desktop app, or mobile app.

Grammarly Spots More Errors

Grammarly wins as the better digital proofreader because of its ability to spot more errors than Microsoft Editor. Office’s built-in checker is weaker when restructuring complex sentences and correcting critical grammar errors. 

Microsoft Editor and Grammarly can correct lengthy sentences, make clarity suggestions, and follow the rules for grammar errors. 

However, my Grammarly review found that it’s the only tool that detects issues in inclusive language and friendly tone. Microsoft only focuses on the formality of your English writing.

Upon testing both tools using the same sentences, I found that Microsoft Editor cannot pick up on all conciseness mistakes despite claiming to fix wordy sentences. 

If you’re an average user who only needs basic proofreading, Microsoft Editor is tight for you. Grammarly provides a quick explanation for users when suggesting alternative words. It’s an instant English lesson you can apply in your future writing. 

Grammarly Has Extensive Features

Grammarly’s free version can detect beyond simple grammar mistakes. You get a tone and clarity detector to fine-tune your poor sentence. With the premium option, you get advanced grammar capabilities like setting goals for your audience and a wordiness filter.

Grammarly Premium also offers sentence structure suggestions when you use the passive voice or when your writing style is inconsistent. It detects offensive and non-inclusive language while offering other context-appropriate word suggestions.

Unlike Microsoft Editor, Grammarly Premium has a plagiarism checker. The built-in plagiarism tool ensures your writing is original to avoid consequences for your academic writing.

These robust features aren’t free, although you have a couple of options for the subscription price. 

Microsoft Editor is Better for Casual Writers

When it comes to grammar checkers for writers, it’s a matter of trial and error. Our focus shouldn’t be on which tool is better but which one suits your personal writing needs. 

For instance, if you use the editing tool for your social media posts and emails, you probably no longer need plagiarism tools. Microsoft Editor is enough to provide corrections for spelling and grammar errors.

Grammarly Premium is the correct choice if you’re an academic writer who needs to ensure originality and formality. Try the one-month plan first so that you can cancel anytime you find it unhelpful.

Which Grammar Editing Tool Should Use?

Grammarly tops them all when it comes to advanced spelling and grammar corrections. Dedicated writers have access to the web editor, Word plug-in, app, and browser extension to receive suggestions as they type. 

But for the average user, Microsoft Editor is enough for basic proofreading services.

Which editing software are you using? Try the free versions of Microsoft Editor and Grammarly before rushing to decide.

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