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Questions, Corrections, and Suggestions

We like to hear from readers. If you have any suggestions, corrections, or questions regarding the posts, you can contact us here. Each of the posts are works-in-progress and we edit them continually, so we are very receptive to polite and informed suggestions. Be as nitpicky as you want, and we won’t take offense as long as you are polite about it. Also, we do make typos and commit proofreading errors. These are especially embarrassing on a grammar website, so please email or comment if you see one.

Although we love to hear from people, we are not always speedy or consistent in our replies. Please do not take offense if we don’t get back to you or if our replies are delayed.

Suggest a topic

The best way to suggest a topic for us to cover is to use our contact form.

Examples policy

In most of our posts, we provide examples of words and phrases used in context. We are interested in these examples only for the language they contain, and our inclusion of a quote from an outside source does not constitute an endorsement of the substance of the quote. In fact, we try to include examples from a wide variety of sources, including some that we personally dislike. If you are offended by anything contained in one of our examples, take it up with the source.


Grammarist has been online since 2009. The date on each post reflects either the date that post was first published or the date of its last large revision. Older posts tend to be of lower quality than newer ones—which reflects the evolution of our team and our approach—but all posts are eventually revised to meet our current standards.