Editorial Policy

The Grammarist team holds immense pride in the work we do here. Our roster of industry professionals work daily to ensure every word we put out there is 100% original, accurate, and mindful of the various groups and communities around the world. If you ever have a question, concern, or a mistake to point out about our helpful content, be sure to contact us here!

Content Integrity

The Grammarist team is 100% committed to the quality you can trust, above all else. Our content goes through a rigorous editorial process of proofing, editing, fact-checking, and more. We utilize programs like Grammarly to help our editors catch typos and inconsistencies that slip through the cracks and pass everything through plagiarism checkers to ensure our content is unique and original.

Our team consists of:

  • Skilled expert writers
  • Keen editors
  • Fact-checkers
  • Illustrators & Photographers

Each piece you find on Grammarist is written by one of our experts, and you can always find their bylines at the top of each article with their name, headshot, bios, and even where you can connect with them online.

Any links included within our content are carefully vetted by our teams to ensure you’re being led to sources that support the topic and provide you with even more insight. We don’t use clickbait; we’re very clear about where a link will take you.

Our team of pros is held responsible for disclosing any sort of conflict of interest before working on content, as well.


We’re very careful about the accuracy and sharing of facts within our content. Everything is triple-checked by our team. However, we’re only human, so if you find an error, please contact us, and we’ll address it immediately.


Here at Grammarist, any information outside of our expertise and experience is properly sourced. We only take information and include outside links to high authority sources and other experts in the field that are well-known and trusted.


The Grammarist promise is to create and provide 100% original, helpful, and unbiased content to writers and ESL learners. Any info we use and publish is verified and attributed correctly and will not intentionally infringe the copyrights or IP rights of others. We take plagiarism seriously, and if any content is found to be similar to others, we investigate it immediately. Our contributors and experts are expected to abide by all applicable laws and standards practiced within journalism, including: