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Hemingway App vs Grammarly: Which is the Best Editing App?

Built-in spellcheckers in word-processing programs are not enough in the age of blogging and online text content. Nowadays, you need more advanced suggestions on making your work engaging to retain your readers. Two tools you can try are Hemingway and Grammarly. This guide will help you decide which online editing …

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Best Online Spellchecker – Free and Paid Options

Have you experienced publishing a blog post only to find out there’s a typo in the introduction? Then you should find a program that corrects these writing errors.  Whether you write for business or academic purposes, checking your spelling and grammar is always essential. Here are the top 10 best …

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Hemingway Editor Review – Is it Any Good?

As an author and content writer, I love trying new editing programs that help make my writing better. So, I tried the Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor is inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a successful writer known for his straightforward language. Will this online editing tool make you as acclaimed as …

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Whitesmoke vs. Grammarly – Whitesmoke Review

If you’re a blogger or author like me, you probably get anxious before publishing your writing because of possible spelling and grammatical errors. I’m constantly stressing over it. Fortunately, you can download and use several spell-check software to enhance your work. I use Grammarly, but I’ve been trying out a …

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How to Add and Use Grammarly in Google Docs

Do you want a convenient way to improve your work on Google Docs? Spelling and Grammar checkers like Grammarly might help you.  The Grammarly Premium browser extensions allow you to use the grammar-checking software more efficiently. Learn how to add and use Grammarly to Google Docs so you no longer …

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Best Free and Paid Plagiarism Checkers

Running your work on a plagiarism checker to look for duplicate content is essential before publishing it online. Otherwise, you can get sued for intellectual fraud or theft.  I carefully selected the best plagiarism checker for students, professional writers, editors, and everyone. These online tools contain both free and paid …

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Scribens Review

Most of our writing activities now occur online rather than on pen and paper. So, there’s no excuse to skip grammar checking tools on the internet! One application you can try is Scribens. I tested it out, and I’ll let you know my honest opinions. Scribens is an online web …

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Grammarly Free vs. Premium vs. Business

Top Choice Grammarly Editor is known as one of the best online grammar editors on the internet. It’s my personal go-to choice. Millions of writers, small businesses, and large institutions use it to proofread their writings.  Are you planning to use Grammarly for school, career, or personal purposes? If you …

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Grammarly vs. Prowritingaid – Which is Better?

As a Bestselling Author and Top Rated Freelancer, it’s safe to say I do a bit of writing. But having the right tools and resources helps make my job a lot easier.  Many writers turn to grammar and spellcheckers when revising their works. Two names that might come to mind …

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Ginger vs. Grammarly

Writers, students, and business people rely on online writing tools to sound more professional and reliable. They usually use Grammarly because it’s the most popular platform. But have you heard about its contender, Ginger?  In this article, I compare Ginger and Grammarly regarding their accuracy in suggestions, pricing, and software …

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