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Have you experienced publishing a blog post only to find out there’s a typo in the introduction? Then you should find a program that corrects these writing errors. 

Whether you write for business or academic purposes, checking your spelling and grammar is always essential. Here are the top 10 best online spellcheckers that will help you. This list contains both free and paid software options for everyone.

Best Spell Checker for 2022

Here’s a list of the best online spelling software you can try. 


Starts at $7.42 per month

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25 Detailed Writing Reports

In-app Suggestions

Contextual Thesaurus

60/Year Plagiarism Checks

Offers a One-time Fee of $399

Top Choice


Starts at $12 per month

icon grammarly 1

Online Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Tone Detector

Style Guide

The Business Version is $15 Per Month


Starts at $3.33 per month

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Complete Grammar Checker


Chrome, Word, and Google Docs Extensions

It’s Simple and Easy to Use

Offers a Free Plan


2022 05 20 6

Grammarly is your best writing option when it comes to complete proofreading tools. This grammar checker tool corrects your document’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Grammarly is also known for its personal dictionary and plagiarism checker.

This program can help you write clarity-focused sentences and fix your tone and delivery mistakes. What’s more, it’s the only spellchecker that can check for inclusive language and fluency. 

The simple interface of Grammarly will help you register right away. You can try the free version with its basic features first. Then, users can upgrade to the premium version anytime. Feel free to download the browser extensions, desktop app, and Microsoft Word add-in.

If you use Google Docs often, the extension offers real-time corrections as you type. It can highlight all errors and allow you to accept or ignore each suggestion. 

Grammarly is also available as an app. It’s touted as the best spell check app for Android because of its easy-to-use keyboard settings. You may also download the desktop app on Windows 10 and other versions.


  • Online spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Tone detector.
  • Style guide.


Grammarly’s Premium version starts at $12.00 per month when paid annually. The Business version is $15 per member per month.


  • It’s available in a free version.
  • It offers multiple integrations with different platforms.
  • It has a nice, clean, uncomplicated user interface.
  • It provides accurate suggestions for tone detection.


  • It doesn’t offer an MS Office plug-in for Mac users.
  • The online tool’s free version has limited features.

Who It’s Best For

Grammarly premium is perfect for academic writers, everyday writers, bloggers, and business owners. 


2022 05 20 5

ProWritingAid is one of the online grammar check tools with the most advanced features. Aside from correcting common errors like your spelling and punctuation mistakes, it also improves the structure of your sentences.

This editing tool offers unique suggestions for your writing style. For instance, it can shorten your lengthy sentences by transforming the passive voice into an active voice. Writers can enjoy over 20 detailed reports on correct pronoun use, repetitions, cliches, and sticky sentences. 

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid’s suggestions offer explanations, videos, and quizzes so you can learn while editing. It also provides better integrations with Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and MS Word. 

Although its interface is slightly complicated, I had fun exploring each feature. I also appreciate the contextual thesaurus, which lets writers find the perfect words for their statements. 

The style editor also gives you illustrations and data about your writing. Examine and optimize the charts showing your readability, sentence variation, and more insights. 

See our full ProWritingAid review here.


  • 25 Detailed writing reports. 
  • In-app suggestions, videos, and explanations to improve your writing skills.
  • Contextual thesaurus.
  • Plagiarism detector.
  • Multiple integrations.


The monthly subscription costs $20, while the yearly subscription is $79. ProWritingAid offers a one-time fee of $399. It’s a lifetime subscription that includes all its future updates.


  • It offers data visualization of your readability and overall writing reports.
  • It has unique features for creative writers, like Pacing Check and Dialogue. 
  • ProWritingAid is affordable for its advanced writing capabilities.


  • It has a complicated interface. 
  • Sticky Sentences, Alliteration, and other reports may be unnecessary. 

Who It’s Best For

ProWritingAid is perfect for all writers, especially creative writers who want to build a stronger narrative. 


2022 05 20 4

Quillbot is on the list of the best spellcheckers, and you shouldn’t underestimate this free tool. It’s a rapidly growing grammar checking service that acts as a rephraser and summarizer. 

It’s best known for its paraphraser because it helps non-English writers be more fluent while writing more quickly. Quillbot is available as a browser extension that you can use for real-time suggestions. 


  • Complete grammar checker.
  • Paraphrase.
  • Chrome, Word, and Google Docs extensions.


Quillbot is free. But you can avail of their subscription starting at $3.33 per month for extra features.


  • Quillbot offers a free plan without the need to sign up.
  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • It also has a video captions generator.


  • There are errors in the Creative Quill-mode.
  • The free sign-up has a one-word freezing limit.

Who It’s Best For

Quillbot is perfect for non-native English speakers who want to improve their writing.  See our full Quill-bot review here.


2022 05 20 3

Ginger is third on this list because of its feature-full corrections in different aspects of writing. Some argue that it can correct all textual errors, including spelling and grammar, and complex sentences. But I think mechanical errors are its cup of tea.

The online editing tool allows the writer to access synonym and idiom suggestions. Some recommendations are unhelpful, but the tool proves valuable to users who need assistance in rephrasing.

Ginger also lets you translate your text into 40 different languages. Any writer, academician, and public relations officer will find this tool useful. It’s also more convenient for non-native English speaker to improve their writing. 

The online spellchecker uses natural language processing for this unique feature. That means it could make more accurate translations than Google Translate.

Despite its multiple integrations, Ginger isn’t available offline. You need a solid internet connection to load the suggestions faster.

See our full Ginger review here.


  • English translation.
  • Spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation checker. 
  • Read-aloud feature.
  • Paraphrasing tool.


Ginger starts at $9.99 up to $29.99, depending on the plan you want to purchase. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the app. 


  • Ginger supports more than 40 languages.
  • Non-native English speakers enjoy the synonyms and translation tools.
  • It has a context-specific grammar checking tool.


  • Its loading time is slow.
  • Ginger has no plagiarism checking tool.
  • Not all features are available on Mac.

Who It’s Best For

Ginger is best for professional web content writers with blogs and those who want to write better emails. You can also Ginger if you need help translating your text.,


2022 05 20 2

Aside from the usual grammar service that corrects common grammar mistakes, Reverso also has a translation tool. Any professional writer will enjoy translating their text into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, etc.

It also has a robust spell and punctuation checker that works like any spellchecker. It underlines incorrect use of the comma, “your” vs. “you’re,” and other obvious mistakes. Reverso also enhances your word list or phrases while correcting passive sentences.

One downside to this editor is its inability to correct complex sentence formation. It also has strict limitations and a lack of a plagiarism checker.

On the bright side, the tool offers a browser extension for real-time editing. Download the Google Chrome browser app and click the “Add Reverso to Chrome” button. The extension lets you view your search history and save your favorites for future use. 


  • Automatic grammar checker.
  • Translator.
  • Free Chrome extension.
  • Writing improvement suggestions.
  • Thesaurus.


Reverso is entirely free. I definitely recommend you sign up for a free account so you can keep track of your last searches. 


  • Reverso has a straightforward interface.
  • Reverso uses Reverso-Softissimo for its translation tool.
  • It’s completely free.


  • It’s not the most accurate tool.
  • Reverso is not recommended for businesses and academic writers. 
  • It has minimal features. 
  • Its character count per search is only 600

Who It’s Best For

Reverso is best for writers who write short documents. 

Microsoft Editor

2022 05 20

The Microsoft Editor is the inbuilt grammar checker in Microsoft 365 which refines your English writing. It is available on Word and Outlook and can correct mechanical writing errors like basic grammar issues and common spelling errors.

Unlike most grammar checkers, the Microsoft Editor does not need internet connectivity when accessing the tool. The AI-powered service simply checks your Microsoft Word document for any mistake. 

You can also use the Microsoft Editor online when composing an email or posting on different websites through the extension. It will underline your content for spelling issues. Just select the underlined word, then accept or ignore the suggestion.

Although it does not have a plagiarism or translation tool, Microsoft Editor is enough to help you produce error-free writing. You’ll also receive advanced refinements on clarity, formality, vocabulary, and conciseness.

See how Microsoft Editor stacks up against Grammarly.


  • Advanced spelling, grammar, and style checker. 
  • Microsoft Editor browser extension.
  • Microsoft Outlook for or and web. 
  • Word for Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Editor has a free version available when purchasing the Office 365 package. But the other versions are available at a starting price of $6.99 per month. 


  • It’s more accessible than other grammar checking software.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Microsoft Editor has a browser extension.


  • Access is more expensive.
  • It does not offer thorough suggestions or explanations.

Who It’s Best For

Microsoft Editor is perfect for anyone who wants simple suggestions for their writing without the English lessons and explanations. 

Google Docs

2022 04 29 2

Inbuilt spell checkers are the most convenient tools you can use when writing on a word-processing program. It’s a good thing Google Docs offers a popular spell check software to proofread your work before automatically saving.

The Google Docs spellchecker is a language tool that corrects your grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. To enable this feature, look for the “Spell Check” menu on the top left of your document. A box will show up, giving you a choice to “Change” or “Ignore” suggestions.

The grammar corrector tool underlines grammatical mistakes in blue. Meanwhile, the misspelled words are underlined in red. You have to use your judgment in accepting Google Docs’ recommendations since it doesn’t offer explanations. 

Google Docs also doesn’t offer stylistic suggestions like passive voice checking or alternative words. 


  • Basic spelling and grammar checker.


The Google Docs spell checker is completely free.


  • It offers accurate spelling and grammar suggestions.
  • It’s the easiest tool to use for beginners.
  • Google Docs’ spellchecker is entirely free.


  • It doesn’t offer advanced features like stylistic suggestions and a plagiarism checker.
  • You can’t use it on other word-processing programs.
  • It doesn’t provide explanations for their suggestions.

Who It’s Best For

Google Docs is best for writers who want to ensure proper grammar and spelling in their Google Docs file. It’s also excellent for users who dislike switching to third-party apps when correcting their text. 

Virtual Writing Tutor

2022 05 20 8

Virtual Writing Tutor is your go-to grammar tool for quick corrections on your grammar and spelling errors. The intelligent grammar guru also corrects stylistic errors by paraphrasing your sentences or assisting you in outlining essays.

This intelligent grammar checking software may look like a basic version of Ginger or Grammarly, but it has extra features. For instance, you can enter your text using a microphone or convert your voice to obtain accurate spelling suggestions.

It offers multiple checking functionalities for your English language, hence its name “Virtual Writing Tutor.” Other features include analyzing your vocabulary range and counting your words.

The online tool combines words that make your text sound more academic or conversational. It also helps you avoid boring cliches and expressions. 


  • Vocabulary enhancement.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style checker.
  • Word counter.
  • Paraphrase checker.
  • Essay outliner.


There are no price options for Virtual Writing Tutor because it’s free. 


  • It’s an accurate grammar checker. 
  • It offers multiple features despite being free.
  • It helps writers avoid overusing cliches and other expressions.


  • It does not support offline editing mode. 
  • It doesn’t support Android devices.

Who It’s Best For

Virtual Writing Tutor is perfect for students because it’s free and helpful for writing essays. The academic and conversational vocabulary is helpful for learners who are writing academic papers. 

Dupli Checker

2022 05 20 7

Dupli Checker is your personal writing coach for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. While I don’t think it has advanced grammar features, it’s one of the best grammar apps with an inbuilt plagiarism checker. 

You have to go to the online web editor and type your text on the search box. Or you can copy and paste your selection. Then, click the check button to know if your writing is accurate. 

It will also scan the internet for the same sentences and phrases. Once it’s done loading, the website underlines all duplicate parts of your content and pints to URLs of the primary source. 

If your document is in a Word document file, you can choose to upload it. This file upload feature is suitable for bloggers and students who consistently use MS Word. 

Dupli Checker is one of the handiest spell check tools you can try. Although it needs some improvement on the word limit and poor formatting, it does a decent job at its tasks.


  • Capitalization and punctuation checks.
  • Offers checks on spelling and grammar.
  • Mobile app on Android and iOS. 


The best part about this online spell check tool is that it’s free.


  • It’s a free plagiarism checker that corrects errors in grammar and spelling.
  • It’s easy to use. 


  • Your content may not be safe when you paste it on Dupli Checker.
  • It doesn’t have a desktop app.
  • The formatting of your text changes when you paste it. 

Who It’s Best For

Dupli Checker is a fantastic choice for users who want a free online spelling tool that offers plagiarism checks. 


2022 05 19 18 1

WhiteSmoke is a desktop, web, and mobile program that offers basic writing suggestions for your English writing. It claims to have an advanced grammar, spelling and writing style checker for your professional or academic writing.

The language checker program features a punctuation checker, which helps identify misplaced commas. Your sentence structure will also be perfect with WhiteSmoke. There are more than 100 templates you can use for your emails, letters, and other documents.

The Pro Version of WhiteSmoke comes with a translator of over 50 languages. It’s perfect for any writer with readers from different countries worldwide.


  • Spelling, style, and grammar checks.
  • Text enrichment.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Translator and personal dictionary feature.
  • Document and letter templates.


Whitesmoke has several pricing plans for you to try. The desktop version ranges from $4.16 to $11.50 per month. You can also purchase the mobile application for $1. 


  • Whitesmoke works well with all browsers and Windows.
  • It offers multiple language checks.
  • Whitesmoke is easy to install because of the smooth algorithm.


  • It has a poor design.
  • Whitesmoke doesn’t have strong customer service.
  • No free option or free trial.

Who It’s Best For

WhiteSmoke is best used by writers who need to translate their writings regularly.

Importance of Using a Spellchecker

Even the best writers commit spelling errors in their work. That is why their works undergo thorough editing before getting published.

A spell-check program is necessary to help them double-check any mistake they might have overlooked. These tools either highlight or underline any error, then provide accurate suggestions.

Some spell checkers also flag grammar or incorrect writing style. Their ability to fix these mistakes gives them more time to do other tasks. If you keep spelling a term wrong, this online tool will help you find the word and change it with the accurate spelling.

If you work as an editor, you’ll have more time to assess other parts of the writing. You can focus on strengthening the character development of a story or proper contextualization of a research proposal. 

Lastly, a good spellchecker lets you standardize your document. Add proper nouns like business names and brands to your custom dictionary so that it won’t flag the term as a misspelling. 

Common Errors a Spelling and Grammar Checker Can Fix

Here are some common errors that an excellent spelling and grammar checker can identify and fix.


A basic spell check should check each in your piece of writing for any spelling mistakes. But you can also opt for advanced tools that provide contextual spelling errors. 

For example, both “their” and “they’re” are correct spellings. However, you might misuse them in some contexts. An excellent spelling tool should be able to tell which word you should use.


A good grammar checker not only corrects subject-verb disagreements in your sentences. It should also consider other rules, such as the fact that adjectives must come before the noun. 

State-of-the-art programs also spot squinting modifiers, unnecessary adverbs, and improper use of prepositions at the end of sentences. Others detect improper usage of indefinite articles with countable and uncountable nouns.


A good spell checker must consider punctuation rules in their system. It’ll help the reader understand your text better, guiding them into pausing, stopping, emphasizing, or quoting statements. In other words, correct punctuation makes your writing clearer and more precise. 

Grammarly has an extra feature that differentiates between straight and curly apostrophes. Follow its suggestions so you can observe the consistency in your punctuation marks.

Writing Style

The best spellcheckers also offer “near-human” characteristics to your writing through writing style suggestions. It should help you with your sentence lengths, active voice, overall readability, and other insights into your text.

For example, ProWritingAid provides reports on your repeated words and phrases. It can also spot your text’s sticky sentences, cliches, and redundancies. 

These writing style recommendations ensure that your online program isn’t only dedicated to correcting your mistakes. Instead, it also intends to make you a better writer. 

Choose Your Spellchecker Wisely

Proofreading your work should be easier with these ten online spell-checking software. Each editing tool has features to improve your document and overall writing skills.

These spellcheckers also have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are ideal for businesses, while others are for students and creative writers. Make sure to choose a program that caters to your writing needs.