Best Grammar Checker For Academic Papers

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Finding a grammar checker tool that suits specific writing needs can be daunting. If you write college papers, you need to look for a program that checks for conciseness, plagiarism, and formality. 

To help you with your thesis or research paper, I gathered a list of the best grammar checkers for academic papers. This list contains free and paid programs that are student-friendly.

What is the Best Grammar Checker for College Students?

Several online grammar checker tools are entering the market and tapping into academics. Let’s take a look at the best programs for academic writing.


Starts at $7.42 per month

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25 Detailed Writing Reports

In-app Suggestions

Contextual Thesaurus

60/Year Plagiarism Checks

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Online Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Checker

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Tone Detector

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The Business Version is $15 Per Month


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Grammar, Style, and Punctuation Checker

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Supports More Than 40 Languages

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Grammarly is the most popular tool you can use, whether for daily writing, SEO writing, or technical writing. Users enjoy this spelling and grammar checker because of its variety of writing purposes.

The online tool quickly conducts grammar and spelling checks to make the proofreading process more manageable. Premium users can also conduct plagiarism checks as the program compares your writing to billions of pages and publications. 

Grammarly flags any part of your text that requires citation or newer ideas. You can provide links to these sources or follow the style guide prescribed by your university.

But what makes it perfect for academic writers is its ability to spot informal writing. Grammarly is a helpful tool that measures how formal your text sounds. You can also receive genre-specific suggestions based on your audience, domain, formality, and other goals.

You can also produce error-free writing with this writing assistant through conciseness corrections. It identifies conciseness, passive voice, and redundant pairs in your piece of writing. 


  • Highly accurate spelling and grammar checks.
  • Suitable tool for checking conciseness and plagiarism.
  • Detects the engagement and delivery of your text.


  • Too expensive for students.
  •  Limited free version.


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Hemingway is a convenient tool that you can access on the web to check your work’s readability. It doesn’t have grammar checking tools, and it doesn’t check your spelling errors. That’s because Hemingway concentrates on improving your writing style issues.

This language improvement tool enhances your writing skills by highlighting complex words, passive voice, and complicated sentences. Hemingway also highlights adverbs and qualifiers because it understands that too many of these words make your writing informal and lazy.

It features an exceptional user experience because of its color-coded system. Just mouse over the highlights, and you will see the necessary suggestions for your writing.

Overall, Hemingway is the best tool for writing for authors who don’t need help with spelling and grammar. Use it if you want to be like Ernest Hemingway, who was famous for his straightforward texts.


  • Makes your college papers more direct to the point. 
  • Includes basic features you need for writing style.


  • Not a universal tool for different types of writing.
  • Doesn’t have a handy spelling and grammar checker.
  • No custom-built features for academic writing.


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You may not use Turnitin personally, but it helps to know its advanced features in Learning Management Systems. Your university uses this service so that the professor or instructor can check the originality of the work you submitted. 

Once you upload your work to the submission bin, the instructor automatically runs a plagiarism check on your work with Turnitin. The third-party app offers a detailed report of the percentage of your work that was plagiarized and the exact parts duplicated.

It’s an inspection tool that stores your paper in a repository with your classmates’ papers. Then, it compares your work with your classmates. 

Unlike Grammarly, Turnitin is not an online grammar checking tool. Instead, it’s an evaluation tool for teachers to know if you’re being academically honest with your work. 


  • Encourages students to avoid plagiarism. 


  • Not designed for students.
  • Doesn’t let students edit and resubmit their works.
  • No exact pricing available.


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Ginger is another online grammar checker tool for students, bloggers, and authors who want to ensure their writing is free from errors. You can use this online writing editor on the browser or integrate it into Microsoft Office. It’s also available as iOS and Android mobile applications.

The spell check tool claims to be all-in-one. Ginger has a style checker that offers word choice suggestions. You can also access the Ginger sentence rephraser to make your academic essays clearer and readable.

One of the best features is its translation service. Use it if you’re publishing your research in a different country or want foreign friends to understand your work. The application offers translation into 50 different languages. 


  • Checks your grammar and spelling for submission.
  • Includes a comprehensive free erosion.
  • Personal English trainer for non-native speakers.


  • No integration with Google Docs, OpenOffice, and Google Docs.
  • No plagiarism checking tool.

Is Grammarly Good for Academics?

Grammarly is an ideal grammar-checking tool for academics because its features align with the characteristics of academic writing. 99% of students who use Grammarly say that it has improved their confidence in their written material.

Its conciseness reports are the best feature you can use for your college papers. Grammarly helps you cut unnecessary words and phrases on your paper, along with passive voice.

The Plagiarism Checker is perfect for academics who want to ensure their research paper uses the correct citations. It highlights duplicate content, which you can enclose in direct quotations or paraphrase. 

Best Grammar Checker for a Thesis

The list above includes suitable grammar checkers for your thesis. But I would also recommend using ProWritingAid because it has a plagiarism checker to check your work’s originality. 

Since many college students take one to two years to finish their thesis, I can say ProWritingAid is worth purchasing. It has a lifetime access plan that will save you more money in the future.

ProWritingAid also boasts over 20 writing reports that are suitable for your thesis. It has conciseness checks, repetition and cliche checks, and even a readability report. The premium writing editor also has special features for the field of fiction writing.

Polish Your Academic Text

As an academic writer, conveying your field-specific topic with clarity and structure should be your priority. You can achieve this by using online language enhancement tools for your thesis or research paper. 

Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway are your best choices. Aside from the basic corrections, these tools guarantee that your text shows conciseness and formality.