Grammarly vs. Easybib – Which is Best?

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Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

I wish I had editing programs when I was in university. Luckily, we have them today and it makes my job as a writer and bestselling author a lot easier.

Grammarly and EasyBib are two platforms that make it possible to submit an error-free essay. They also help you avoid duplicate content through their plagiarism checkers. But which is best?

This Grammarly vs. EasyBib review will guide you through their prices, features, and reliability. Keep reading to know which online writing tool suits you.  

What is EasyBib?

EasyBib brands itself as an information literacy platform because of its online writing tools. It includes a spelling and grammar checker, plagiarism checker, note taker, and citation generator.

The comprehensive application helps students and researchers become more organized and effective in their work. In fact, the “Bib” in EasyBib means bibliography or the list of works cited on a paper. This used to be the app’s primary purpose before development.

Now, EasyBib scans your text for spelling and grammar errors, plagiarism instances, and improper citation. It uses different editions of APA, MLA, and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Features of EasyBib

Here are some features of EasyBib to look out for.

Citation Generator

Citation Generator 1

Not all online writing tools can automatically create citations for you. It’s a good thing EasyBib can help you. This tool can quickly create a reference list and parenthetical citations for your work.

And it actually doesn’t matter what citation style you use. EasyBib contains several styles to help you abide by your university regulations. APA, MLA, Chicago, and more. 



EasyBib has a plagiarism checker that scans your work for accidental plagiarism. It will help you cite your sources properly without committing academic dishonesty.

When you run your paper on the plagiarism checker, EasyBib will let you know how many sources have similar statements, sentences, or phrases. 

You may click on the result and see a link to the source in question. 

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker 1

EasyBib’s spell and grammar checker will highlight all potential writing issues and give you smart suggestions on replacing them. It works by using artificial intelligence to flag these errors.

This online writing tool doesn’t give you in-depth explanations for its suggestions. But it categorizes your mistakes into “wordiness,” “passive voice,” etc. 

Expert Check

Expert Check

Instead of using an online grammar checker, you can hire an expert proofreader or editor to assess your work. Professionals will conduct an in-depth check of your writing and respond to you within 24 hours.

Their feedback will include your main idea, conclusion, and structure. They will also rate your audience, cohesion, language and style, and development. 

But the expert check goes beyond scores. It also gives you an in-depth review of your text. You will receive information on which areas need improvement and how you can be a more effective writer. 

Pros of EasyBib

Excellent Plagiarism Detector

If you’ve subscribed to EasyBib’s premium version, you’ll notice how the app pays attention to every detail of this feature. After pasting your work on the field, click “Check My Paper.” EasyBib will scan your work in less than five minutes and give you a plagiarism score.

Then, EasyBib can help you with your citations. The company also offers several articles on plagiarism, the different types, and how to avoid it.

Ideal for Researchers and Students

EasyBib is originally designed for students and researchers who must create citations and avoid plagiarism. These features are helpful for essay writers, academic writers, and all types of homework you encounter at school.

You may consult the expert feedback if you have extra time left before the deadline. Professionals will give you recommendations on how to improve your essay. 


EasyBib costs less than $10 for a monthly subscription. This feature already gives you access to a complete package of essay homework helpers. You’ll have the grammar checker, citation generator, and plagiarism checker without additional cost.

But you will need to pay extra if you need help with other subjects like Math. EasyBib has a bundle with Chegg’s Math Solver to help you perfect your assignment. 

Cons of EasyBib

No Additional Information on the Plagiarism Checker

No one knows how extensive EasyBib’s database is. It does not mention how many articles and websites it scans your work against when conducting a plagiarism check. We need more evidence regarding these questionable “billions” of sources.

Every user should know this information, especially researchers who heavily rely on the app for their credibility. 

Not for Business Owners and Professional Writers

Let’s face it. Business letters, cover letters, and legal documents don’t always require citations and plagiarism checks. EasyBib has no special features for business owners, professional writers, and bloggers because they only cater to students.

It would help if you had another tool for business document templates, brand tone, SEO keywords, and rewriters. 

Poor Customer Service

EasyBib’s customer service page does not include any contact information, live chat support, or other details on reaching them. So there’s no way to contact them for subscription concerns, technical issues, and other problems.

Which is Better, Grammarly or EasyBib?

Grammarly is my top choice and is one of the most popular online writing tools. Here’s a detailed comparison between Grammarly and EasyBib.


Grammarly is the most accurate grammar checker online because it spots over 400 significant errors. But it outshines other grammar checkers, including EasyBib, with its genre-specific suggestions.

The genre-specific suggestions are based on Grammarly’s ability to detect your tone. You can set goals for your writing, including your intent, emotion, domain, and audience to receive customized feedback.

EasyBib could have been a powerful tool if it had Grammarly’s explanations. Grammarly explains your errors so that you’ll avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Meanwhile, EasyBib only spots a few errors in your writing. While most of them are accurate, the grammar tool won’t explain your mistakes. 

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is also highly accurate. It scans your work against billions of online articles and published works to detect accidental or intentional plagiarism. You will see duplicate content underlined in red and the link to the sources on the right.

The plagiarism feature also displays fewer false positives than EasyBib. False positive refers to an online source that matches your text but is unrelated to the topic. 

But Grammarly’s plagiarism detector doesn’t have a citation assistant to help you cite sources. You must manually create in-text citations and a reference list to avoid plagiarism.

I think EasyBib’s plagiarism detector wins in terms of accuracy and reliability. Look for EasyBib’s website, and you’ll see how they keep talking about plagiarism. They share the meaning and types of plagiarism, how to avoid it, and how their tool can address the issue.

EasyBib highlights duplicate content and shows a link to the original source. After that, you can generate citations with the help of the app’s citation generator. 

Ease of Use

Both Grammarly and EasyBib are easy to use. The editing process is similar. You must go to Grammarly, sign up for an account, and start pasting your work. But Grammarly lets you upload your document instead of pasting it.

The Grammarly interface is clean and intuitive to use. You don’t need to watch a video tutorial or read instructions on how to use it. It automatically highlights your writing mistakes, then gives a list of explanations for each suggestion. 

Grammarly is also easy to use because of its customizability. Set your writing goals according to your grammar rules without clicking many buttons. The custom dictionary won’t give you annoying suggestions just because the tool doesn’t recognize a term.

Grammarly’s intuitiveness can also be attributed to its multiple formats. If you do not like using Grammarly Editor, feel free to download the browser extension, Word plugin, and other applications. 

EasyBib is just as easy to use. And you don’t need to download any applications to launch it. Just go to the website, sign up, paste your text, and let EasyBib do the correction process.

The interface is also clean. It displays its suggestions on the left and your text on the right. Everything is straightforward, given its minimal grammar features. 

The same is true with the plagiarism detector and citation generator. You don’t need to watch a video tutorial on how to use it because all the buttons are visible and understandable.

Free Version

Grammarly and EasyBib have limited free versions that only perform basic grammar checks. But EasyBib has more restrictions because it only corrects the first five errors of your work. The tool also allows you to save your citations for free.

Grammarly checks your entire document for typos and simple grammar mistakes. But you won’t get suggestions for conciseness, tone, formatting, and other advanced issues. 

If you need a plagiarism checker for your writing project, you need to subscribe to the Pro version of EasyBib or Grammarly.


EasyBib is more expensive than Grammarly Premium. It offers two monthly plans for you. The first one is EasyBib Plus, which costs $9.95 per month. Enjoy unlimited grammar checks, the citation generator, plagiarism detection, and 30 free expert services per month.

But if you want unlimited expert services, textbook solutions, and the rest of the study pack, you need to pay $19.95 monthly. This plan is a bundle of Easybib Plus and Chegg Study Pack. You can enjoy its math solver and practice problems and video solutions.

Grammarly Premium gives you access to comprehensive grammar checks and plagiarism detection for $30 per month on the month-to-month plan. You may also try the quarterly plan for $60 every three months or the annual plan for $144 per year (that’s what I do. It works out to be about $12/month). 

If you need business-centered features like consistent brand tone, multiple users, and snippets, try Grammarly Business. The pricing depends on how many seats you need, but it starts at $180 per seat annually for three to nine users. 

Platforms and Devices

Grammarly still holds the crown for the most number of applications and device compatibility. Aside from the website editor, you can also download the browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

There’s also a plugin for Microsoft Word and Outlook. If you need grammar corrections on the Apple Mail app, Discord, or Slack, you can download the desktop app for Mac and Windows. 

But EasyBib is only available as a web editor. No desktop applications or extensions are available now, but I hope they create one soon. 

Customer Support

Grammarly offers more features and better communication channels with its users than EasyBib. Its website has a Contact Us page to let you share your customer experience. The huge team is spread worldwide to resolve your issues quickly.

The company also has a sales team if you want to get in touch with them for a partnership. Grammarly’s email and mailing address are also available on its website.

EasyBib does not have any of these. It has a Support page on its website, but the connection isn’t private, and there is no available contact information. 

How Reliable is EasyBib?

EasyBib’s reliability depends on the type of writing you produce. If you’re a student who needs basic grammar checks and regular plagiarism detection, EasyBib is a pro. But you can’t entrust your work to the tool if you produce creative writing or business documents.

You also can’t rely on EasyBib when it comes to transparency. First, its customer support page is unsafe, and you won’t find their contact information anywhere. The website also doesn’t state the vastness of its plagiarism checker’s database. 

You also cannot count on EasyBib for real-time grammar corrections. On-the-go writers who are always on their phones and tablets won’t be able to use the tool conveniently.

Does EasyBib Make Good Citations?

EasyBib makes perfect citations depending on the citation style you prefer. Usually, all you have to do is enter the URL of your source, and EasyBib will automatically make the citation. But you can also create a manual citation for other source types.

Final Thoughts on EasyBib 

EasyBib is clearly designed for students and researchers whose primary goal is to keep their work plagiarism-free. The grammar checker is only a bonus feature because of its minimal checks.

If you need help citing your sources and keeping your homework free from basic spelling and grammar mistakes, try EasyBib. But if you want an integrated and versatile writing assistant, Grammarly is the way to go.