A little and A Few Exercises with Printable PDF

A little and A Few Exercises (with Printable PDF)

A little and a few are two phrases that confuse many English writers. Learn the difference between the two quantifiers, then answer the two printable worksheets to check your understanding. A Little vs. A Few Both a little and a few are called quantifiers that mean some. Example: Your lasagna …

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Reporting Verbs Exercises with Printable PDF

Reporting Verbs Exercises (with Printable PDF)

English language learners aren’t the only students who struggle with flow and sophistication in their writing structure. When my students are asked to refer to (or report) the materials they are using to support their claims, they often have a hard time bending information into their own work. Referencing research …

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Do and Make Exercises (with Printable PDF)

The English Language has a unique sentence structure and many words that are similar in their use to one another. Because of this, language learners are often confused by actions that are almost identical in definition but different in their use. The words “do” and “make” are the perfect examples. …

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Superlative Exercises (With Printable PDF)

One of the three degrees of comparison is the superlative degree. We use it to describe something or someone with the highest degree of characteristics among a group. Review the definition and use of superlatives, then answer the three worksheets I made to check your mastery of the topic. What …

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Subject and Object Questions Exercises (with Printable PDF)

Do you know how to form subject and object questions? Subject questions do not require auxiliary verbs, but object questions do. These three worksheets will help you practice the topic. Subject and Object Questions Read the sentence below. The subject is Sheila, while the verb is drank (past tense of …

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Order of Adjectives Exercises (with Printable PDF)

Do you say handsome, young, three men, or three handsome young men? Adjectives are more challenging than we think because we have to consider their order in sentences. This guide will show you the correct order of adjectives in the English language. I provided a three-part test to help you …

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There Is vs. There Are Exercises (with Printable PDF)

There are many people who get confused between there is vs. there are. Learn about the difference between the terms there is and there are as I break it all down for you. Then answer the two exercises I provided to check your understanding of the topic. There Is vs. …

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First Conditional Exercises (With Printable PDF)

Would you like to improve your English language skills? If so, you’re in luck. My quick guide offers a bunch of exercises to help you learn and practice first conditional sentences. Plus, there’s a printable PDF for you to download and use. So let’s get started! What Is the First …

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Prepositions of Time Exercises (With Printable PDF)

Is it in the morning, on the morning, or at the morning? Should you say in the 80s, on the 80s, or at the 80s? Prepositions of time can be confusing. I usually use in for months, years, and other long periods, on for days and dates, and at for …

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Second Conditional Exercises (With Printable PDF)

In the English language, there are four types of conditional sentence structure. These relate to tenses concerning things that might have occurred, could have occurred, or will occur if certain conditions exist. The second conditional sentence tense use is often the most confusing to those learning the English language. It …

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