“Used To” Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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If you’re learning English, you’ve probably heard the verb “used to.” This verb is tricky for many learners because it doesn’t always follow the normal rules of English verbs. This guide will explain the basics of “used to” and provide some exercises to help you practice this verb.

I’ll also provide a printable PDF with all the exercises so you can practice offline. Let’s get started!

What Does “Used to” Mean?

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The phrase “used to” can have several different meanings. It can indicate that something was once the case but is no longer true, as in the sentence, “I used to smoke, but I quit last year.”

It can also describe something that would happen regularly in the past but does not happen now, as in, “We used to go for walks in the park every weekend.”

Additionally, “used to” can express habit or a routine, as in “I’m used to getting up early.” In each of these cases, “used to” is followed by an infinitive verb (“to smoke,” “to go,” “to get”).

Used To Exercise #1

Used To Exercise #1

Use the words below to form sentences that include “used to.”
Example: I/sang/band. | You/go/gym?
Answer: I used to sing in a band. | Did you use to attend the gym?

Used To Exercise #2

Used To Exercise #2

Based on each statement below, write a sentence using the phrase “used to.”
Example: I don’t eat red meat anymore. | Answer: I used to eat red meat.
Example: We don’t enjoy clubbing now. | Answer: We used to enjoy clubbing.

Used To Exercise #3

Used To Exercise #3

Fill in the gaps below using “used to” + the infinite of the verbs in the brackets.
Example: I __________________ (like) spending time with my cousins. | Answer: I used to like spending time with my cousins.
Example: We __________________(enjoy) spending time at the local pub. | Answer: We used to enjoy spending time at the local pub.