Adulting is a fairly new gerund that stems from the use of the word adult as a verb. A gerund is a a verb form ending in ing that acts as a noun. We will examine the definition of adulting, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Adulting simply means behaving maturely or acting like an adult. It stems from the fairly recent use of the word adult as a verb, related words are adults, adulted. This use of the word adult as a verb is a recent phenomenon, first occuring five to ten years ago. It has been popularized as an internet meme and an internet hashtag, used on social media. Adulting is an expression popularized by the Millenial generation, used when discussing the feeling of accomplishment they get when performing adult tasks such as washing dishes, buying a suit or sending Christmas cards. Kelly Williams Brown, a blogger and author, is generally credited with being the originator of the term adulting.


Whereas previous generations were eager to get out of the house and find their own way, iGen’ers seem to like to stay at home with their parents and have a certain aversion to “adulting.” (The Yellowhammer News)

But hey, the process of adulting is also fun, vouch our contemporaries, as they join us in figuring out what life as a 20-year-old is like in namma Bengaluru. (The Times of India)

No, really, some serious adulting is going on over at The Wall Street Journal, which wrote in a statement on Monday that it will be more discriminating in its use of the term “millennial” to describe the demographic of young people born roughly from 1980 to 2000. (The San Diego Union Tribune)