New Words


Vax is the Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Year for 2021; it is an abbreviation. All types of shortened words and phrases are technically abbreviations, but we generally use this term to denote shortened words—for example, Dr. in place of Doctor, etc. in place of et cetera, A.D in place …

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Deepfake is a new word and a closed compound word. We will examine the meaning of the word deepfake, its etymology, and some examples of its use in a sentence or two. A deepfake is an image that uses artificial intelligence technology to generate images in which the original human face is …

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Ghosting is an old word with a new definition that has been added to most dictionaries. We will examine the definition of ghosting, where it came from, and some examples of its use in sentences. Ghosting is the practice of ending an relationship by failing to respond to emails, texts …

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What Is a Bromance Meaning Examples 2

What Is a Bromance? – Meaning and Examples

Strong friendships and connections play a vital role in our lives today. So much so that new words have been created to describe such partnerships. One new word that’s gained popularity over the years is “bromance,” which we use to highlight a close male friendship. But it goes beyond that …

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Muggle Origin Meaning 1

Muggle – Origin & Meaning

When you hear the term muggle used, you most likely think of the author J.K. Rowling’s widely popular novel series involving the Wizarding World. The idea behind the stories, first written down on a napkin and other various writing surfaces as ideas popped into her head, has become a gigantic …

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Helicopter parent and lawnmower parent

The terms helicopter parent and lawnmower parent are recent editions to the lexicon that are used to describe a change in social mores. We will examine the definitions of helicopter parent and lawnmower parent, where these expressions came from, and some examples of their use in sentences. A helicopter parent …

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Newbie vs noob or n00b

Newbie and noob or n00b are words that may be found in the dictionary with similar meanings, but very different connotations. We will examine the difference between the definitions for newbie, noob and n00b, their etymology, and some examples of their use in sentences. A newbie is a person who …

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Confirmation bias

The term confirmation bias has recently been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, though it has been in use for some time. We will examine the definition of the expression confirmation bias, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. Confirmation bias is a cognitive bias …

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Hive mind

Hive mind is an expression that was first used in the 1950s, but its usage has grown in the last several decades. We will examine the definition of hive mind, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. A hive mind is a collective mentality, the …

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What Is a Dad Bod Meaning Definition 1

What Is a Dad Bod? – Meaning & Definition

What exactly is the meaning of dad bod? Can a man have a dad bod even if he isn’t a dad? Is dad bod an insult, and if so, why is it always talked about in an affectionate way? If the American term dad bod has you confused, don’t worry, …

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