What Is Christmas Adam? – Meaning & Origin

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If you’ve never heard of Christmas Adam, you aren’t alone. After all, what is it? Is it a day, a thing, a person – perhaps Santa’s favorite sidekick, Adam? Or a new action figure who saves Christmas Day?

To help clear up the confusion you may be feeling and give you some context to this relatively new and modern term, we’ve written a guide that explains the term’s likely origins and what it means.

Let’s dig deeper into this optic, shall we?

What Is Christmas Adam?

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Christmas Adam is an American colloquialism for the day before Christmas Eve or December 23rd. It is a relatively new term, with an online slang dictionary creating a listing for it only within the last decade.

It is used to name the day before Christmas Eve, often a day spent preparing for events with family and friends that occur on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Why anyone felt this day needed a formal title is anyone’s guess. But since it is a way to help build anticipation for the cheer and excitement surrounding Christmas, we are rolling with it for the sake of this article.

It is hard to determine if the name has traveled outside of the United States since it is too colloquial to be used in most writing. However, if you do intend to use it as a greeting, pair it with the appropriate adjective (e.g., Merry Christmas Adam or Happy Christmas Adam).

Origins of Christmas Adam

Even though there is no true source of the origin of the day’s naming, many people chime in across various online queries as a family tradition that has been spread through social media. The general consensus of its origin is that in anticipation of Christmas to come, people were looking for a name for the day before Christmas Eve. Some were calling the 23rd Christmas Eve Eve.

Then someone (or more likely several someones) realized that in the Bible (Genesis 2:22), God created Adam before He created Eve. Henceforth, the day before Christmas Eve would be Christmas Adam.

The name is a play on words since Eve refers to a Biblical character in this context. In the traditional sense, eve means a day or period immediately before an event or occasion – hence, Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas.

For some families, Christmas Adam is when cookies are baked or a drive to see Christmas lights occurs.

Using Christmas Adam in Sentences

  • Remember, the turkey has to be defrosted by Christmas Adam if you want it completely thawed for Christmas dinner.
  • The kids rode their bikes down the street, having been released from school for the holidays and yelling Merry Christmas Adam to anyone within hearing distance.
  • Anytime I hear Merry Christmas Adam, I waste time looking around for who the speaker is talking to since my name isn’t Adam.
  • Personally, I prefer Christmas Eve Eve over Christmas Adam.
  • Anyone unfamiliar with the Old Testament is likely to be confused about the meaning of Christmas Adam.

Let’s Review

Christmas Adam is the name given to the day before Christmas Eve. It is a play on words based on the Old Testament of the Bible in which God created Adam before Eve, hence Christmas Adam.

It is not a well-known term and stems from the spread of social media and fun family traditions. In this day and age where everything needs a label, why not the day before Christmas Eve as well?

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