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Momager is a new word that has come into use in the last decade, originating in the United States. We will examine the definition of momager, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

A momager is a mother who is also the business manager for her son or daughter. For the most part, momagers manage entertainment or sports careers for their children. The word momager is a portmanteau of the words mom and manager. A portmanteau is a word constructed by blending the sounds and meanings of two different words. Currently the word momager is closely associated with Kris Jenner, a woman who manages the careers of her children. In fact, in 2017 Kris Jenner won the right to trademark the word momager. Though momager is not listed in the Oxford English Dictionary at this time, the word is becoming so pervasive it is reasonable to believe that it will soon be included.


As for the most important piece of beauty advice she’s received from momager Kris Jenner, Kardashian says her mama taught her to wash her face with a hot wash cloth to help exfoliate the skin. (Allure Magazine)

Kris Jenner may have laid claim to “momager” after trademarking the term in December — we’re taking TMZ’s word for it — but nothing will stop “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Yolanda Hadid from breeding unofficial momagers on her own. (The Washington Post)

Lisa Rinna is putting her hustle to good use in her new role as momager to teenage daughters Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Gray Hamlin — who have both seen their modeling careers skyrocket over the past year. (People Magazine)