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Staycation is a new word that was added to the English language in the early 2000s We will look at the meaning of the term staycation, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

A staycation is a vacation in which one stays at home and takes day trips or attends local attractions instead of spending time in a place a distance away from where one lives. The word staycation is a portmanteau of the words stay and vacation. A portmanteau is a word constructed by blending the sounds and meanings of two different words. The word staycation first appeared in the early 2000s to describe a suddenly common phenomenon of staying home rather than traveling during one’s vacation days, due to lack of funds or fear of danger. In 2010, the word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Though the dictionary only lists staycation as a noun, it is sometimes used informally as a verb. Other, related words that have not yet entered the dictionary are holistay, a portmanteau of the words holiday and vacation and nearcation, a portmanteau of the words near and vacation.


Discover The Palm Beaches, Palm Beach County’s official tourism marketing arm, has put together a list of staycation deals for both visitors and out-of-town residents. (The Palm Beach Post)

Interestingly, Brits opted for Cornwall as a staycation destination because the beach and atmosphere made them feel like they were abroad. (The Sunday Express)

Several years ago, the term “staycation” was coined to describe the rising number of people who vacation in their own backyard – staying close to home while spending time away from their daily routines.  (International Travel Daily News)

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