Operationalise or operationalize

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To operationalize something is to make it operational, or to put it into use. Inside the Unites States it is spelled with a z in all its forms. While outside the United States it is spelled operationalise, operationalises, etc.

The noun form is operationalization (or operationalisation).


He says the technology is simple to use, but can be a challenge to operationalize. [News Works]

The solicitor general has repeatedly said that the new agreement signed this year “simply operationalizes” the country’s existing treaties with the US: the Mutual Defense Treaty and the Visiting Forces Agreement. [Good Morning America Network]

And while it’s important to conduct research science it is also likely that operationalizing data will readily and quantitatively contribute to the bottom line – that is, getting the right data to the right people in the organization in a form that they can immediately put to use. [Forbes]

The visit might also be an opportunity to operationalise projects that were agreed upon in the past few years. [CNBC Africa]

Mamata’s comments about LBA assume significance as they come a few days after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asserted in Assam last Sunday that his government would go ahead with operationalising the LBA with Bangladesh contending that it was in the long-term security interests of India. [The Daily Star]

It is, however, likely that the Noamundi mines in Jharkhand could be operationalised by early next year. [Business Standard]

We would soon nominate our candidate for the post of the Presidency,” Modi said, making a strong pitch for the early operationalisation of the bank. [Zee News India]