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Coffice is a new word coined from the terms coffee shop and office. Coffice refers to the phenomenon of people working remotely on their computers in coffee shops that have wi-fi connections. Increasingly, entrepreneurs and others conduct business meetings on phone lines and over Skype in coffee shops, as well as meeting clients in person in coffee shops. The term coffice also describes the movement to design offices to mimic the energizing yet informal feel of a coffee shop environment. The word coffice first appeared in the 2010s.


As someone who uses a coffee shop as a regular coffice, I believe there’s a better solution than cutting off valued services because of those abusing them. (The Huffington Post)

He said: “The Coffice is the UK’s first purpose-built office-café hybrid and marks the emergence of a new era for the co-working sphere. (The Hackney Gazette)

THE “coffice,” which brings the coffee-shop experience complete with sofas and large communal tables in an open, casual and vibrant setting to the office setting, is actually slowly becoming a standard feature of the modern workplace in the Philippines. (The Business Mirror)

Vivo is one inner-Sydney ”coffice” (cafe-cum-office) among several frequented by Mr Watts, who uses his laptop to upload photos, draft documents, send emails and make calls over Skype. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Sam Title, chief executive officer of the Coffice, an online community dedicated to professionals who work from coffee shops, says that since he started working from a “coffice” eight years ago, he has found the ambient noise helps him to be more productive. (The Globe and Mail)

At first, he worked out of his Newport Beach home and what he called his “coffice…. I would have meetings and people would say, ‘Mike, let’s meet at your office,’ and I would say, ‘No, let’s meet at the coffee shop.’ I didn’t want to tell them I didn’t have an office.” (The Los Angeles Times)