Smartphone vs smart phone

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A smartphone is a mobile phone that not only functions as a telephone but also as a miniature computer, featuring messaging, internet access, camera, GPS, etc. Smartphones generally use touchscreen technology. The idea of a smartphone was proposed by Nikola Tesla, however the first true smartphones didn’t show up until the end of the century. The first use of the term smart phone appeared in 1995 to describe the PhoneWriter Communicator make by AT&T. The smartphone revolution really began with the first iPhone, marketed by Apple in 2007.

Originally, the term smartphone was written as two words, smart phone. Today, smartphone is correctly rendered as one word.


While there is understandable excitement across the country over the Rs 251 price point of the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone, there is disbelief in the smartphone market and in the rest of the world. (The Indian Express)

The in-house smartphone application processor chips are designed for Xiaomi’s mid- to low-priced smartphone model RedMi Note series, but it is unclear how many Xiaomi is planning to make this year, said the source, who declined to be named because the information is not public. (Reuters)

The tradeoff could be a deal-breaker in a smartphone industry dominated by glass screens. (Fortune Magazine)

Oommen and his team of engineers offered a behind-the-scenes look at the rigorous testing every smartphone, tablet and connected device endures to ensure the best customer experience on the Verizon network. (USA Today)

The best smartphone in the world isn’t worth much if the battery requires charging every few hours. (Consumer Reports Magazine)

Seth, who was at one point responsible for the company’s search, e-mail, and messenger services, among others, explained that Yahoo lacked a “front door” through which smartphone users might access—and, more to the point, be led to—the company’s own services and apps. (The New Yorker)