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Bluetooth is a wireless technology that affords short-range connections between electronic devices via UHF radio waves. The word Bluetooth may be used as a noun or as a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. Related words are Bluetooths, Bluetoothed, Bluetoothing. Derived from the medieval Danish king Harald Blåtand, or Harold Bluetooth, it is a trademarked name. Currently, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word Bluetooth is capitalized as it is a trademarked name. It is reasonable to believe that the word Bluetooth will eventually go the way of the words taser, band-aid and popsicle, which are words that started out as trademarked names but are now most often used in a generic sense and rendered with lowercase letters.


The bottom portion of the mirror serves as a speaker with Bluetooth compatibility, perfect for streaming music or even making phone calls. (Teen Vogue Magazine)

The water purifier features Bluetooth connectivity, and can be controlled via smartphone through its Android app. (The Times of India)

If the phone is not secured in a mounting, it can only be used to receive or terminate a phone call without touching it (e.g. using voice activation, a Bluetooth hands-free car kit, ear piece or headset).” (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Using quality Bluetooth aptX technology to stream audio directly from different sources, the speaker can play for up to 18 hours when fully charged. (The South China Morning Post)

While Apple and Google are currently teaching children how to write code and make apps, Bose is encouraging kids to build their own Bluetooth speakers. (The Inquirer)

Also included are a navigation system with a large 9-inch touchscreen interface and voice controls, Qi wireless phone charging, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, a dual-screen rear-seat DVD entertainment system and Toyota’s Entune suite of smartphone app-based services. (The Nation)