What Is a Juggalo? – Origin, Meaning & Examples

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Have you ever heard of the term “Juggalo” before? It’s one that’s unfamiliar to a lot of people, but it holds deep cultural significance for a unique and vibrant subculture. It’s super important not to get it mixed up with the term “gigolo,” and I’ll tell you why right here in this grammar guide.

Explaining the Juggalo Meaning

What Is a Juggalo Origin Meaning Examples

You probably won’t believe this, but a Juggalo is an extremely dedicated fan of the horrorcore hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and their record label, Psychopathic Records. If you were a teen in the nineties and early 2000s like me, you’re probably at least familiar with them.

Juggalos are well-known for their strong sense of community, distinctive face paint that resembles the band members’ personas, and their shared interest in the dark, sometimes controversial themes found in ICP’s music.

Fun fact: Juggalo is always capitalized because it’s considered a proper noun.

Juggalo vs. Gigolo

As I just explained above, a Juggalo is an extremist fan of music like that of ICP (Insane Clown Posse). But a gigolo is actually a handsome man who may or may not have sexual relations with women, sometimes older women, in exchange for favors and financial gain.

What Is the Juggalo Lifestyle?

The strange but interesting Juggalo lifestyle encompasses a strong sense of camaraderie and inclusivity among its members. Juggalos sometimes refer to other Juggalos as “family” and share a central bond through their love of ICP and the lifestyle it promotes.

Key Parts of the Juggalo Lifestyle

  1. Attending ICP (and similar bands) concerts and events.
  2. Sporting full face paint and/or clothing that reflects the clown-inspired aesthetic of ICP that resembles clown paint and costumes. 
  3. Engaging in charitable events and community support found within the Juggalo community.
  4. Fully embracing the “outsider” status.

Origin of the Word Juggalo

Juggalo Ngram
Juggalo usage trend.

The term “Juggalo” was coined by Insane Clown Posse member Joseph Bruce, who’s also known by his stage name Violent J. While performing during a 1994 concert, he called out and referred to the audience as “Juggalos,” and it just stuck, quickly catching on among their fans.

What Is a Female Juggalo?

A female Juggalo is sometimes known as a “Juggalette,” but you can also use “Juggalo” as a gender-neutral term.

Juggalo Examples in a Sentence

What Is a Juggalo Origin Meaning Examples 1
  • We saw a group of Juggalos gathered outside the concert venue, proudly displaying their unique face paint and ICP merch.
  • As a dedicated Juggalo, my little brother traveled across Canada just to attend the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival.
  • Maeve embraced her identity as a Juggalette and found a sense of belonging within the Juggalo community she joined.
  • Despite all the negative stereotypes surrounding Juggalos, I have to say that the ones I’ve met are wonderful, kind, and polite people.

We’ve had an album censored and then yanked from stores by Disney, been completely slaughtered by music critics despite selling over 12 million albums and, for the first time in music history, had our entire fanbase—The Juggalos—officially labeled a “hybrid gang” by the FBI, which to this day continues to have thousands of horror rap–loving fans added to a punishing gang database simply for sporting our logos in public, whether it’s a tattoo, T-shirt or even something as simple as a car window sticker. (TIME Magazine)

Do You Listen to ICP?

So, there you have it. If you spent any of your teenage years in the nineties or early 2000s, then you’ve at least heard of the band ICP and the fans that wore clown makeup. But now you should have a better understanding of the band, the culture, and their dedicated fanbase known as Juggalos.