Mic drop

A mic drop is the act of deliberating dropping a microphone at the end of a performance that the performer deems to be extremely impressive or unable to be surpassed. A mic drop acts as a punctuation when an impressive performance is given or an impressive point is made. The mic drop seems to have originated with comedy routines and rap battles in the 1980s in the United States. The term mic drop was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015. Mic drop is an abbreviation of microphone drop, which is why mic is spelled with a “c”. When used as an adjective before a noun it is hyphenated as in mic-drop.


No mic drop in history will ever be as thoroughly scrutinised as the one performed by Barack Obama during his final White House correspondents’ dinner on Saturday evening. (The Guardian)

They’re the Italian-pastry equivalent of a mic drop. (The Village Voice)

Her Majesty could be seen smiling wryly and laughing “Oh really, please!”, before Prince Harry carried out his own mic drop. (The Huffington Post)

Rio also recreated Prince Harry’s famous mic drop ahead of the games , making the hand motion as he joked: “Hi Harry. Boom.” (The Mirror)

The girl dropped the drum stick with a deadpan expression in an improvised mic drop, and the group of 30 fifth-graders dissolved into giggles, while the performers began their eight-step body percussion routine. (The Ketchikan Daily News)

After that Jon Snow mic drop, will they just have missed out on seeing the Stark’s brother? (The Independent)

With that mic-drop moment, the show was letting us know that no matter what happens, Alicia will always persevere — and perhaps even thrive. (The Washington Post)



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