Faint vs feint

Feint is a pretended attack used to distract an enemy. In boxing, a feint may be a blow that provokes a defensive action to one part of the opponent's body while the boxer delivers a more destructive punch to another part of the opponent's body. A feint may be a fencing thrust that draws an opponent to protect one part of his body while the fencer delivers a fatal stroke to another part of the opponent's body. In war, a feint is a troop maneuver that distracts the enemy from the real attack. … [Read more...]

Car park vs parking lot

A car park is an area where a car or truck or motorcycle may be left, for a time, off-street. A car park is usually a paved area, the spaces are clearly marked with white or sometimes yellow paint. A driver is expected to occupy only one space.  Car park is the British English term, the North American English term is parking lot. A muliple-storied building where cars may be parked is referred to as a multi-storey car park in British English, and a parking garage in American English. A … [Read more...]

In the hopper

In the hopper means something is in preparation or is on its way. When something is in the hopper, it is going through the last refinements before it is ready to begin or to be presented. A hopper is part of an agricultural or industrial machine that is a sorting device, for separating things such as grain from chaff, or gold or other precious gems and minerals from mud and rock. The hopper shakes, allowing the undesired matrix to fall away and leave behind the coveted grain or mineral. The … [Read more...]


A LARP is a live action role-playing game in which participants physically interact with each other, taking on the roles of characters. The word is coined from the first letters of the phrase live action role playing. LARP may be used as a noun or adjective. LARPer is a noun used to describe one playing a LARP and LARPing describes the process of playing. LARP may be spelled lowercase as in larp, but in most cases LARP is capitalized, with the derivatives spelled in uppercase and lowercase … [Read more...]


Nemesis is a noun meaning an agent of retribution or vengeance, an archenemy who is extremely difficult to defeat.  A nemesis is a source of harm and setbacks, the bane of one's existence. The word nemesis comes from the Greek nemein, which means to give what is due. The plural is nemeses. Nemesis was the ancient Greek goddes of divine retribution who would punish any human being who engaged in arrogance in front of the gods. She was often referred to as the Goddess of Rhamnous, a place in … [Read more...]

Resolve vs solve

Resolve may be used as a noun to describe a firm intention. Resolve may be used as a verb to mean (1) to decide a course of action as an individual or in an assembly by formal vote (2) to break into separate elements and analyze (3) to bring to a conclusion, not necessarily a popular or successful conclusion (4) to find a solution to a problem or mystery. Related words are the noun resolvability and the adjective resolvable. Solve is a verb which means to find a solution to a problem or … [Read more...]

With all due respect

With all due respect is an adverb phrase used to signal that you are about disagree with someone or criticize them. Usually, with all due respect is intended to soften the effect of disagreeing or criticizing someone. It is a polite idiom that is intended to show esteem for the individual while still pointing out his wrong-thinking. With all due respect has become an overused phrase, it is now often used sarcastically to mean the exact opposite of what it states. Political debaters and others … [Read more...]

Spic and span vs spick and span

Spic and Span is the brand name of a cleaning product. While the spelling spic and span existed before the product, advertising has caused many people to popularize this spelling. The preferred spelling for this English phrase is spick and span. Spick and span is a phrase used as an adjective to mean extremely clean, spotless, freshly scrubbed. Spick and span may be hyphenated, as in spick-and-span. Either spelling is correct. Spick and span is a phrase which dates to the sixteenth … [Read more...]

Hodgepodge vs hotchpotch

Hodgepodge is a North American term that means a mixture of elements from various sources. Hodgepodge often refers to a jumbled assembly of not-quite matching items that come together in a confused fashion. Hodgepodge is derived from the word hotchpotch by associating the name Hodge, which is a British name for a farm laborer. Hotchpotch is a British term that means a mixture of elements from various sources. Hotchpotch also refers to a mutton stew with an eclectic mix of vegetables, such as … [Read more...]

Jealousy vs envy

Jealousy is (1) the unhappy feeling of being replaced in someone's affections (2) the suspicion that the object of your affection has been unfaithful in your relationship (3) the fierce or watchful guarding of one's rights (4) a feeling of discontented longing for someone else's possessions or accomplishments. Jealous is the adjective form, jealously is the adverb, jealousness is a noun. Envy is a feeling of discontented longing for someone else's possessions or accomplishments. Envy may also … [Read more...]

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