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Best Amazon Proofreading and Editing Jobs

Amazon accounted for 56.7% of all US eCommerce in 2021. The enormous online marketplace provides many remote opportunities for freelancers looking for a job, including proofreading.  Do you want to proofread Amazon product descriptions and Kindle ebooks? This post explains how to become a proofreader for Amazon and where to …

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Proofreader Resume Examples and Tips

Did you know that a proofreader’s average salary is $55,104? If you’re a detail-oriented grammar perfectionist, this career might be for you. A successful job search always starts with a good resume. Check out these proofreader resume tips you should follow and two resume examples you can use as templates.  …

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Choosing a Name For Your Proofreading Business

So, you’ve got what it takes to set up a proofreading business. You’re a proficient English speaker who pays attention to small details and works well under pressure. But what is a good name to call your company? Below is a list of ideas for choosing a name for your …

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10 Best Books for Proofreaders and Editors

Excelling in the proofreading industry takes a lot of work and training. One way you can improve your skills is by reading up on books about the editing process.  Take a look at the ten best books for editors and proofreaders you can add to your library. The list contains …

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How Much Does a Proofreader Make?

What is the average proofreader salary? How much do freelance and company proofreaders get paid? These are just a few questions you might have before applying for a proofreading job. Keep reading to learn how much a proofreader makes hourly and yearly. Find out if you can make a living …

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Proofreading vs. Revising – What is the Difference?

Many people use the terms “proofreading” and “revising” interchangeably, but they are two completely different activities. One tackles surface-level errors, while the other concentrates on the bigger picture. This proofreading vs. revising will compare the differences between the two stages of the writing process. Find out which service you need …

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Book Proofreading Jobs and How to Land Them

Would you rather proofread an entire novel over multiple articles a day? If yes, then being a book proofreader might be destined for you.  I found my two proofreaders via word of mouth from other authors in my community, but I know there are tons of other places online you …

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What Does a Copy Editor Do and How to Become One?

Any company or business that produces written content digitally or in print requires a copy editor. These professionals work in different industries to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.  If reading and writing are your passion, you might consider getting a career in copy editing. Learn all about what a …

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How Long Does It Take To Proofread 1000+ Words

If you ask me, I’d say proofreading is probably one of the most in-demand jobs right now. It’s ideal for grammar lovers, readers at heart, and English experts. But every beginner needs to know the million-dollar question: How long does it take to proofread 1000 words? Knowing the answer will …

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Best Legal Proofreading Services

All types of writing should undergo proofreading, especially if it’s a legal document. A legal writer produces contracts, memoranda, agreements, and other written files with legal terms. Given the massive demands for legal writing, a legal proofreader also has several duties for assessing these papers. I created a list of …

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