Choosing a Name For Your Proofreading Business

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Candace Osmond

Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

So, you’ve got what it takes to set up a proofreading business. You’re a proficient English speaker who pays attention to small details and works well under pressure. But what is a good name to call your company?

Below is a list of ideas for choosing a name for your proofreading business. This guide also covers the steps you should take when naming a proofreading business. 

132 Proofreading Business Name Ideas

Business names can be catchy and fun as long as they’re original and future-proof. Here are 100+ business ideas you might want to consider. 

Catchy Proofreading Company Names

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When choosing a name for your proofreading business, you want it to sound as appealing as possible. It’s possible to have a plain proofreading company name that still stands out among other firms. 

Using acronyms is the key to generating a catchy name for your proofreading or editing services. Think of a set of initials you want to use for your business and check if it makes you sound like a professional proofreader.

You can also try using your own name if you’re already well-known in the company to get more potential clients. Another tip for brainstorming catchy names is to look at proofreading careers from another angle. Does it remind you of an animal, person, or anything else?

Here are some ideas that will make your business memorable to clients. 

  1. A-1 Proofreading
  2. A-Ok Proofreading
  3. Accu Check Proofreading Service
  4. Accurate Choice
  5. Awesome Proofreading
  6. Best of Proofing
  7. Detailed Proofreading Co.
  8. Get it Right
  9. Grammar Gamers
  10. Grammar Geeks
  11. Grammar Rescuers
  12. Eagle Pal Reads
  13. English Experts
  14. Hope Full Proofing
  15. Speedy Proofreaders
  16. Spellbound Proofreaders
  17. Super Proofreader
  18. Penguin Proofreading
  19. Perfectionist Proofreading
  20. Power House Proofreading
  21. Pro-Readers Inc. 
  22. Proficient Proofreaders
  23. Proofella
  24. Proofperfect
  25. Proofread It
  26. Proofread to Perfection Inc. 
  27. Proof, Read, Repeat
  28. Proofy Power
  29. The Quality Checker
  30. Truthful Texts
  31. Word Wizards.

Clever Proofreading Business Names

A clever proofreading business name is original. Many companies already have names like Proofreading Pal or Proofread Anywhere, so stay away from them. Make it a goal to compel customers so that they will notice and remember your brand. 

Explore keywords related to your services, genres, and types of content. Consider whether you’re a freelance proofreader for academic clients or bloggers or if you do non-fiction editing.

You can spice up your domain by basing the name on your target clients. For example, if you work with social-science publishers, search for catchy social values or concepts you can use. That way, your proofreading business will be more aligned with theirs.

Another clever business idea for domain names is to play it up. As a freelance proofreader, you can take inspiration from personal experiences as a proofreader or something your ideal clients want. It’s also wise to look at other companies’ names and investigate their origin.

For instance, “Spoon Me” is a frozen yogurt brand. “The Unchained Carrot” is a marketing agency. 

Check out these clever ideas for your proofreading business.

  1. Ace It Edits
  2. Affordable Proofreading
  3. Alpha Proofreading
  4. All Ok Edits
  5. All Punctual Edits
  6. Amazing Proofreaders
  7. Anaheim Proofreaders
  8. Bespoke Proofreading
  9. Best Buddies Proofreading
  10. Checks Proofreaders
  11. Comma Edits Pro
  12. Awesome Proofreaders
  13. Copywrite Pro
  14. Eyes on Editing
  15. Diction Experts
  16. Editing Diva
  17. Final Check 
  18. Grammar Lit Services
  19. Line Corrections Pro
  20. Meteor Proofreading
  21. Money-Saving Proofreading
  22. Personalized Proofreading
  23. Proofreading Partners
  24. Proofy Pro Writers
  25. Reliable Proofreading
  26. Spot on Proofreading
  27. Super Shine Proofreads
  28. Quality Edits
  29. Quantum Plus Proofreads
  30. The Accurate Proofreaders
  31. The Future Edits
  32. The Punctual Proofreaders
  33. Turner Proofreading
  34. Type Inn Edits

Unique Proofreading Business Names

A prevalent business name is not always a fantastic idea for search engine optimization. Generate a unique proofreading business name that will keep you on top of search engines when loyal customers search for you. 

The perfect domain name should also sound professional and future-proof. It must make writers and publishers trust you the moment they hear it. Decide on a classy proofreading business that reflects your future expansion plans. 

You can use the key values of your company as your name. Or idealize what your clients’ experience will be like when purchasing your service.

Here’s a list of proofreading business names not yet under domain name registration.

  1. 3D Proofreading
  2. Accuracy Experts 
  3. Adept Editing
  4. Affordable Accuracy
  5. All-Rounders Proofreading
  6. Amateur Proofreading
  7. Check Edit Proofreading Services Inc.
  8. Correct Pro
  9. Draft to Final 
  10. Elevate Your Writing
  11. Freddy’s Proofread Inc.
  12. Inexpensive Proofreading
  13. Instant Editing
  14. Jackson Proofreading Services
  15. Jumble Word Corrections
  16. Make Edits Go
  17. Page Proofers
  18. Paper Trail Experts
  19. Pro Proofers
  20. Proofers in New York 
  21. Proof Guards
  22. Proofing People
  23. Punctual Proofreading
  24. Proofreading by Professionals
  25. Read It Before Your Print It
  26. Rich Paper Editorials
  27. Super Power Proofing
  28. Super Shine Proofreads
  29. Spotless Proofreads
  30. The Final Touch
  31. The Publisher’s Choice
  32. The Writer’s Choice
  33. The Write Choice
  34. White-Glove Proofreading
  35. Word Correctors
  36. Wordzillas

Creative Proofreading Company Names

An array of proofreading business names are so creative yet also forgettable. If your goal is to be a successful proofreader, make sure it evokes a feeling and speaks to your audience. You don’t need a fun and creative name if your client type is more formal and traditional.

In the world of infinite scrolling, a brandable proofreading business is gold. But don’t make the name too flashy that people will have trouble spelling it. Limit yourself to simple words with only one or two syllables. 

Here are some creative company name ideas for your proofreading services.

  1. Alpha Betas Proofreading
  2. Best Fit Scripts
  3. Check Editing
  4. Dot Proofreading
  5. Edit perfection
  6. Effective Essay Analyzing Service
  7. Expert Proofreading
  8. Extreme Proofreading
  9. Make All Verified
  10. Make No Mistake
  11. Master Minds Proofreaders
  12. Positive Proof
  13. Professional Proof Service
  14. Proofreaders for Hire
  15. Perfect Proofreading
  16. Perfect Your Writing
  17. Quantum Proofreading
  18. Serenity Proofreading
  19. Sharp-Eyed Proofreaders
  20. Spell and Grammar Check Quality 
  21. Spell Checkerz
  22. Spell Read Bee
  23. Spelling Assistance
  24. Speedy Proofreading
  25. Spot on Proofing
  26. The Perfect proofreader
  27. Tidy Type 
  28. Word Guardians
  29. Word Wanderers
  30. Wizard of Words
  31. Write Better

Breakdown of Naming a Business

Naming your proofreading business is not an easy task. You must create an entire business plan and identify your objectives before making a final decision. Follow these steps to make business naming more manageable.

Step #1: Determine Goals for Your Business Idea

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Consider your long-term business goals when choosing a name for your proofreading business. Decide how you want editors, writers, publishers, and other people to perceive your freelance proofreading business.

Business goals not only include your fundamental values and mission statement. They should also involve actionable plans and a clear timeline. For instance, which specific services to clients are you going to offer? Do you plan on making blog posts to boost your company? What kind of proofreading and editing rates will you charge?

Set deadlines for reaching your individual objectives. Ensure your team has skills and values that align with your company. Once you have a concept and vision, you can start coming up with a name.

One mistake that proofreading businesses make when choosing a name is when they copy from brands that sell different products or services. You might have trouble expanding your company when you have an unoriginal name. 

Step #2: Begin Brainstorming

With clear goals and objectives for your proofreading services, you can start thinking of a creative proofreading business name. You don’t need to decide on this step yet, but getting the creative juices flowing from the start is excellent.

Try looking for keywords on Google Search related to proofreading or writing. The words can also be related to your overall mission and the type of brand you want to build. You’re more likely to find adjectives and nouns than other word categories.

Always have a pen and paper wherever you go. Who knows, you might have a light-bulb moment while riding the subway or going fishing. 

Ask for feedback from people about your business name ideas. Then, you can continue planning your business as you decide on the name.

Step #3: What Are Your Initial Ideas?

The ideas will automatically come to your mind once you begin brainstorming. One tip you should consider when choosing a creative business name is to take advantage of your location. 

An example of a catchy proofreading business name is “Pennsylvania Proofing.” It’s simple yet memorable because of the same starting letters. The company is also easy to remember because it only consists of the location and the service type, which is proofreading assistance.

You can also make your proofreading business name memorable by sparking emotion. “Eloquently Edited” and “Elated Edits” are two examples of proofreading businesses that appeal to feelings. 

Other ideas may include names related to personal experiences and travel. You can also use puns and word combinations to be more creative. 

Step #4: Who Are Your Target Clients?

Your preferred domain also needs to make sense to your client base. You don’t want to name your business “Academic Proofreading Services” if most of your customers are bloggers or lawyers. 

If your target clients are diverse, you can try a general name for your company. One clever proofreading business name is “Correct Proofreading.” You can also try “Affordable Editing Services.”

Make sure your target clients also get your business name if it’s meant to be a wordplay. Puns may not be great if your clients speak English as a second language. 

Step #5: What Are Your Key Values?

You can communicate your company’s values and mission through your name. Consider why you want to proofread and what you consider essential when working. You may also reflect on what your target clients are aiming for. 

You might consider competency, accuracy, and development valuable if you work with researchers and academic publishers. That’s because the process of proofreading involves ensuring accurate information and accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

But if you specialize in fiction writing, you might consider creativity a key value even if you don’t make in-depth edits. You can be creative in your job in other ways, such as through your strategies and workflow.

Step #6: Is the Name Distinctive and Memorable?

A memorable experience at a hotel or restaurant always makes you want to return. The same is true with proofreading services. Your name and overall branding should be unforgettable to leave a lasting impression.

The easiest way to create a unique proofreading business name is by keeping it short and sweet. “The Grammar Expert” seems ordinary but practical for potential customers. Set creative constraints when it comes to rhymes, alliterations, and humor.  

Step #7: Will You Branch Out in the Future?

Next, consider whether you will branch out in the future or not. This aspect can be hard to predict since demand and decisions change. 

Perhaps you might change your target clients in the future, making your old name, “Fiction Proofers” unrelatable. It’s also possible for your business to start offering proofreading courses in the future instead of proofreading services. 

Another common trend among proofreading businesses is their shift to blogging. Make sure you have enough blog writing skills to promote your company.

These scenarios are neither good nor bad. What matters is you leave room for your company to grow. In other words, strike a balance between being specific and general simultaneously.

Step #8: Use a Business Name Generator

It’s understandable how challenging it is to decide on a name for your freelance proofreading company. After all, you are a proofreader and not a writer. If you’ve asked for suggestions from others and done the research, your last resort is to use an online tool.

A business name generator uses AI technology to create a list of catchy names for companies. You must enter some words in the text field and check each name’s availability.

I don’t always recommend using business name generator tools because you might get a duplicate name. Some of their recommendations also don’t make sense, but this free name generator tool is worth a try. 

Just search, select, then choose your favorite domain name. 

Step #9: Register Your Business Name

The final step is to register the name of your proofreading company. Perform a business name search to ensure the domain is available in your state. Other states let you access your own business’ formation files and handle LLC tasks. 

After registering your proofreading business, you can start making a website. Wix, GoDaddy, and Weebly are some platforms you can use.

Make Your Business Name Stand Out

The name of your proofreading business is the basis of your branding, identity, and trademark design. It will set you apart from competitors and help you target the appropriate writers and publishers.

Keep your business name short and distinctive. Make sure it’s unique and supportive of future expansion before registering it.