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How to Make Edits and Track Changes in Word

The standard editing stereotype uses a red pen and proofreading marks on printed documents. But with Microsoft Word, the entire editing process is only a click away. As a #1 International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author and Top-Rated Content Creator, you’d think I know a thing or two about using …

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Editing & Proofreading Worksheets

Editing your paper or books allows you to make your ideas and messages as clear as possible to your readers. It will help you get rid of typos, poor sentence structure, incorrect verb tenses, and more. Do you want to enhance your editing skills? I love using editing sheets and …

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Best Manuscript Editing Services

From one author to another, never skimp on editing. The decision to edit your manuscript can help improve both the clarity of your copy and the flow of your work. The editing process enables you to catch and correct any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes you may have missed in …

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Best Academic Editing and Proofreading Services

Do you have to turn in an important paper or want to publish something in a medical journal? Not only does the information there have to be accurate, but you need to make sure you have no grammar, punctuation, or formatting mistakes. An academic paper editing service can handle dissertation …

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Best English Editing Services

Everyone writes whether it’s a text message, business presentation, or a class report. And if we don’t edit our works, our messages won’t be clear to our readers. As an author and content creator, I’ve learned just how important English editing services are. I use them for my works of …

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How to Become an Editor – Ultimate Guide

Do you love reading books, publications, magazines, or articles that help you stay informed or entertained? Then you might have a calling for an editing career. I spent years as a freelance editor for various niches, and I can attest that it’s impossible to do overnight. You need to take …

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11 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing – Checklist Included

Are you a student or a writer looking to finish some top-notch work but can’t afford to hire an editor? Even if you could, practicing self-editing techniques will help you become a better writer. I use most of these techniques to help polish my own writing before sending it to …

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8 Best Editing Services

Choosing an editor can be stressful, but editing your own work is worse. That’s why you should look for an editor who can give you a better return on your investment. To help you produce high-quality books or papers, I listed the best editing services you can try online. These …

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Copy Edit or Copyedit – Which is Correct?

Forget the use of the serial comma. Many professional editors still get confused about the million-dollar question: Is it copy edit or copyedit? Does one word mean the other? Let’s talk about which word is the correct spelling. Find out when to use the one-word or two-word form in your …

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What is Copy Editing – Definition and Examples

One reason behind the difficulty of editing written documents is that it is composed of different stages and levels. One step includes copy editing. Keep reading to learn the definition of copy editing and its importance. We’ll also cover the different steps to copy editing and the required skills of …

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