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19 Best Book Editing Services

Are you ready to bring your book to the public but want to ensure the quality is top-notch? You’ll need professional book editing services. As an author of over twenty books, I’ve worked with tons of online editors, service providers, and even apps. So, I’ll break down some of the …

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What Does “Decision in Process” Mean?

What comes next after submitting your research paper to a journal? Many writers worry about what “decision in process” means and how long it takes. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you what it means when your research manuscript has a “decision in process” status. I’ll also show you tips to increase …

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Best Research Paper Editing Services

After completing the herculean effort of conducting the research and producing the report of your findings, it is now time to edit, reword, and polish the research piece to ensure that it’s error-free and ready to be published. Plenty of paid professionals can edit research papers, but what happens when …

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How Much Does an Editor Cost & Important Items to Consider

Are you looking to publish your first manuscript or an important paper, and you’re unsure if you can afford an editor? In my years of experience in publishing, an editor is worth their weight in gold, and we should all find ways to afford one. Learn how much editors charge …

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Tips for Editing Your Research Paper (Checklist Included)

Writing a research paper requires more than correcting language errors, such as spelling and grammar mistakes. You must also ensure everything is factual and parallel to academic writing standards. I wish I’d known that when I was in university; it would have saved me a lot of headaches. So, when …

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Line Editing vs. Copy Editing – What’s the Difference?

Editing doesn’t happen at once. Trust me. It’s not a process you should rush. It contains several steps that focus on different writing aspects to prepare a manuscript for publishing. Two editing stages you’ll encounter are line editing and copy editing. What’s the difference between the two? As an author …

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Format Editor vs. Copy Editor – What’s the Difference?

Format editing and copy editing are essential tasks in the publishing industry. They ensure that your book, magazine, or any piece of writing is polished and prepared for publication. But they’re often easily mixed up, so I’m going to break down the difference between the two for you. Check out …

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How to Become a Book Editor – Ultimate Guide

I spent three years as a freelance editor before I became a full-time content creator, and I can attest that it’s not for everyone. Learning how to become a book editor can be exhausting because of the numerous options and tasks. You should have a good command over the English …

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How to Edit a Book – 9 Pro Tips (Checklist Included)

Take it from me, writers should learn how to edit a book even if they plan to hire professional editors. They need to rewrite, fine-tune, and reformat the manuscript to perfection before sharing it with them. I’ve written and published over twenty bestselling books and spend hours self-editing my work …

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How to Make Edits and Track Changes in Word

The standard editing stereotype uses a red pen and proofreading marks on printed documents. But with Microsoft Word, the entire editing process is only a click away. As a #1 International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author and Top-Rated Content Creator, you’d think I know a thing or two about using …

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