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How to Become an Editor – Ultimate Guide

Do you love reading books, publications, magazines, or articles that help you stay informed or entertained? Then you might have a calling for an editing career. I spent years as a freelance editor for various niches, and I can attest that it’s impossible to do overnight. You need to take …

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11 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing – Checklist Included

Are you a student or a writer looking to finish some top-notch work but can’t afford to hire an editor? Even if you could, practicing self-editing techniques will help you become a better writer. I use most of these techniques to help polish my own writing before sending it to …

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8 Best Editing Services

Choosing an editor can be stressful, but editing your own work is worse. That’s why you should look for an editor who can give you a better return on your investment. To help you produce high-quality books or papers, I listed the best editing services you can try online. These …

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Copy Edit or Copyedit – Which is Correct?

Forget the use of the serial comma. Many professional editors still get confused about the million-dollar question: Is it copy edit or copyedit? Does one word mean the other? Let’s talk about which word is the correct spelling. Find out when to use the one-word or two-word form in your …

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What is Copy Editing – Definition and Examples

One reason behind the difficulty of editing written documents is that it is composed of different stages and levels. One step includes copy editing. Keep reading to learn the definition of copy editing and its importance. We’ll also cover the different steps to copy editing and the required skills of …

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Content Editing vs. Copy Editing – What’s the Difference?

Content editing and copy editing are two different jobs in the editor world. However, the aspects of writing they review and edit are different. One evaluates the “bigger picture,” while the other looks into the minor details. What is the difference between content editing and copy editing? This post will …

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Revising vs. Editing – What’s the Difference?

How is revising different from editing? This guide covers the main differences between editing and revising. It also provides examples of tasks under each stage. What’s the Difference Between Revising and Editing a Paper? The main difference between editing and revising is their focus. When one revises after the process …

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Copywriter vs. Copy Editor – What’s the Difference?

What is a copy editor? How do they differ from a copywriter? Only a few content people and publishers know the difference between copywriting vs. copy editing. This guide explores the diverse job descriptions, tasks, and required skills of a copywriter and copy editor. Find out which profession suits you. …

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Copy Editing Test – Can you Pass This Quiz?

The application process for being a copy editor usually involves taking a test. This quiz usually challenges you to spot mistakes in a piece of writing. Read on to learn how to study for an editing exam. Then, test your copy editing skills through the copy editing test I developed.   …

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Proofreader Cover Letter Examples and Tips

A proofreader cover letter should include your work experiences and accomplishments that show your attention to detail. It’s also important that you match your qualifications to the job requirements mentioned by the company. I hope my guide will help you craft the perfect cover letter through its list of tips. …

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