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Copy Editing vs Proofreading

Proofreading and copyediting are two different editing jobs with the same goal: to perfect your writing before publication. One is in charge of style consistency, while the other ensures the text is free from technical inconsistency. This guide will help you decide which type of editing your manuscript requires. Keep …

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Editing vs Proofreading

Any competent writer knows that their writing needs to undergo editing or proofreading regardless of their expert writing skills. Do you need some kind of editor or a simple proofreader? It took me years to learn that answer for myself. Whether you’re writing a book, term paper, or a personal document, …

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What Is Proofreading—From Typos to Perfection

Proofreading is the final, critical pass-through that polishes written content to near perfection. It’s an important step in any field of writing, from simple blog posts to full-length novels. Now, proofreading is part of editing, but it cannot replace it. Editing delves deep into improving the structure, clarity, and style …

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Types of Editors and Editing—From Copy to Content

There are numerous types of editors in the behemoth world of publishing, each one using a special set of skills to refine, polish, and enhance written work. My quick guide aims to point out and explain the role of each one. From the meticulous attention to grammar and spelling from …

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