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After completing the herculean effort of conducting the research and producing the report of your findings, it is now time to edit, reword, and polish the research piece to ensure that it’s error-free and ready to be published.

Plenty of paid professionals can edit research papers, but what happens when you can’t afford these services? There are tons of options online, and I’m going to break down the details for you.

Do You Need to Edit Your Research Paper?

Finding professionals to edit research papers is easy, but you might not afford them if you are a student. Whether you should pay for a research paper proofreading service depends on your budget and the type of research paper you want to turn in.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Paper Edited?

Prices for academic editing will be significantly higher at editing organizations that focus exclusively on academic editing; these companies typically charge more than $75 an hour for their services.

Proofreading should cost no less than $5 per 1,000 words, copy editing should cost no less than $10 per 1,000 words, and content editing should cost no less than $12 per 1,000 words. These are just some general guidelines.

How Do You Find the Editor of a Research Paper?

Some specific steps to finding an editor for your research paper:

  • Ask for recommendations from coworkers.
  • Ensure you get a sample of your text and past work (just a couple hundred words).
  • Find out if the university or college you attend keeps a list of editors who come highly recommended.
  • Make a post in a professional forum that is relevant to your industry.

Research Paper Editing Services for Free

Getting your research paper edited for free is close to impossible. You may find freelance editors at the beginning of their careers who might be willing to edit your paper for free in exchange for some reviews or gain experience for their portfolio.

Professional editing services can offer free editing samples, but they usually edit one page or 300 words of your work.

When you’re short on cash, a question comes to mind: can I edit my research paper on a budget? If you can’t effort the services of a professional research paper editing company, let’s see what the solutions are so you can self-edit your paper for free or as cheap as possible.

The following editing checklist should come in handy:

  • I have met the content and format requirements.
  • My thesis can be summed up in a single concise line.
  • The amount of background information I have provided for the topic of my paper is sufficient.
  • Similarly, each of my chunks will eventually link back to my thesis.
  • I will present the topic, express it, support it, and discuss it.
  • I draw support from a wide range of credible scholarly sources to support my claims.
  • I choose to paraphrase my sources rather than just quote them since I find them easier to understand.
  • I have regularly and appropriately employed the APA format.
  • My conclusion provides a concise synopsis of the facts presented in my work while also implying that there is additional material to discuss.
  • In my paper, I go for a plain and professional tone.

The goal of editing is to examine how the information is laid up in the paper. While proofreading is a part of this process, it also involves delving more deeply into making the document simpler, more well-organized, and more suited to the specific readers who will be reading it.

Use grammar-checking software to make your job easier (software like ProWritingAid and Grammarly can help).

Research Paper Editors Online



I know Editorly is a fantastic choice for those in the academic world and students. Still, it also functions very well when used for personal projects. This is one of the most reasonably priced essay editing services available among all of those that are available.

You can even have your document returned in one day, but the cost will be double what it would be if you had it returned in one week. To get your research paper edited, you must submit it, select your deadline, explain the subject, and make your payment. A completed paper will be sent to you by your chosen deadline.



Even if editing and proofreading aren’t GradeMiners’ primary focus, they provide excellent editing services. Their primary service, however, is writing. They’ll provide a plagiarism report, so you do not have to stress about submitting an original paper.



You get assistance with producing a wide range of different types of content using PaperHelp. This fantastic tool can assist you in writing too. They allow you to choose among academic levels ranging from high school to professional, so the tone is always appropriate.

Your paper can be sent to you in as little as three hours if needed. This company not only provides reasonable costs but also gives you access to free samples that you can use to help you improve your essay writing.

Finest Essay


The team behind your material at Finest Essay is comprised solely of subject matter specialists who hold master’s degrees or above in their respective fields. You won’t have to worry about using their editing services for any assignment because they promise complete and total secrecy of the information they produce.

Prices at Finest Essay are reasonably priced while maintaining a high level of service. Suppose you find yourself in need of a regular essay editing service. In that case, you will value the discounts and special offers they provide for returning customers.


Studdit 1

In addition to providing writing services, Studdit is also capable of providing high-quality proofreading services, which I think is essential. Choose between four different paths, ranging from content appropriate for high school students to that of professionals. Studdit can provide editing services and write on over one hundred different topics. Their minimum deadline is only three hours.

Research Paper Editor Software

It’s totally possible to do it yourself, if you have the skills, confidence, and the right tools.



Trinka is an English grammar and plagiarism analyzer powered by artificial intelligence. In addition to that, it can act as writing assistance for enhancing one’s linguistic skills.

Enago, a well-known academic service provider, is the company that initially established Trinka. So, they’re familiar with the requirements that academic papers or technical writing must meet.

Trinka corrects contextual spelling errors and advanced grammatical faults through the use of real-time writing advice. Academics and professionals can use it to ensure that their writing is understandable, concise, and fascinating.



Grammarly is the most well-known software on this list, and for a good reason. If you’ve read any of my articles, you’d know I’m a Grammarly nut. I think it’s the best software out there for all forms of writing.

It is the most effective tool for academic writing. While you can edit parts of your research paper with the free version, Grammarly Premium is completely worth the expense if you have loads of writing to turn in. You want your self-editing to be the best it can be.

The grammatical and syntax errors that its browser extension can correct are extensive. When you need to recheck a text that was produced rapidly or when you need to revise the work of somebody else, it is quite handy to have this tool. It also supplies you with synonyms to broaden the content of your writing.



There is a good reason that Scrivener is considered one of the top software applications for academic writing. If you frequently work on lengthy and complicated documents, this is the best suited to your needs. I love how user-friendly it is, too.

This complex software is designed to help with all kinds of writing as you easily take notes, collect research information, and fragment your ideas. You get all the tools to write your research paper in a single place. You can now conduct research without having to switch between several programs because Scrivener allows you to store all of your materials.



The remarkable software solution, TypeSet, simplifies conducting research and composing academic papers. It enables you to concentrate effectively on locating the appropriate material for your paper, after which you can write down your thoughts.

You may now convert your material into thousands of different formats with TypeSet. Don’t worry about wasting valuable time formatting your work if you do it this way.

Using TypeSet will make citing your sources simpler. The “Cite” option is located in the toolbar, and all you have to do to use it is click on it, then select the reference you want to use. The same holds for bibliographical references.


Jasper 1

Jasper is a clever artificial intelligence that can assist you with many aspects of the writing you need to do. Jasper can determine the primary argument that is presented in your writing. He will also offer to develop a title, provide an outline, and compose introductions and conclusions for your work.

My only concern is that it’s only been around for a short while, so I would use it cautiously, as I’m sure it’s still working out kinks. This will be a valuable instrument in knowledge labor, such as that done by academics and researchers. Learning how to use the tool effectively requires some time and effort. However, it is without a doubt worthwhile in the end.

Bottom Line

A paper will disclose original research, contribute to the existing body of knowledge in that discipline, and eventually be published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Having your paper properly edited before turning it in is important because, in the end, it’s your reputation and your name at stake.