Best Amazon Proofreading and Editing Jobs

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Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

Amazon accounted for 56.7% of all US eCommerce in 2021. The enormous online marketplace provides many remote opportunities for freelancers looking for a job, including proofreading. 

Do you want to proofread Amazon product descriptions and Kindle ebooks? This post explains how to become a proofreader for Amazon and where to find these Amazon proofreading and editing jobs.  

What is Amazon Content Writing 

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Amazon content writing involves making well-written copies of Amazon products to have better rankings on search results. Also known as a product description writer, an Amazon content writer needs to have excellent writing and SEO skills.

Amazon products include a title, feature bullets, product description, and hidden keywords. The writer should know how many characters are ideal for readability. When writing the product name, they must also know how to sequence the brand, product type, and model.

Product descriptions need to be grammatically correct and free from spelling errors. It should provide shoppers with all the essential information about the item. 

To ensure the Amazon content is perfect, the writer needs a fresh pair of eyes to check their work. That’s what Amazon proofreaders and editors are for. They correct any misspellings and grammar errors while fixing the copy’s format. 

Places to Find Amazon Proofreading and Editing Jobs 

Now let’s look at different websites where you can find Amazon proofreading and editing careers. 


The first website you can try when looking for Amazon proofreading and online editing jobs is Flexjobs. Passionate proofreaders rely on this platform to continue building their skills for proofreading, improving their portfolio, and gaining work experience. 

You can choose your proofreading niche when browsing opportunities on FlexJobs. For instance, you can filter your search only to include Kindle proofreading. You also have the option to look for blog proofreading or product description editing only.

Professional proofreaders also love FlexJobs because almost all job listings are home-based and flexible. However, the platform requires a paid membership after a week of a free trial. Try the most basic plan first, then start upgrading once you’re comfortable. 


Fiverr lets you release your power of proofreading through its endless job opportunities. It’s perfect for freelancers who need part-time jobs as virtual assistants, writers, developers, or proofreaders for Amazon. 

Help Amazon sellers correct their proofreading mistakes on the online selling marketplace to boost their sales. You can also work as an editor and proofreader for self-published authors on Kindle.

Another Amazon-related proofreading job you can find on Fiverr is blog editing. Optimize posts for SEO through keywords, checking affiliate links, and following writing conventions. 

You can also find jobs unrelated to Amazon on Fiverr. They range from writing and translation to lifestyle and digital marketing. 

Try Fiverr Pro so you can work with verified clients for high-quality services. The membership plan also lets you work with huge brands and businesses. It’s free, but the team must review your background before accepting you.


Glassdoor is one of the biggest online job boards on the internet. It contains multiple listings for all types of jobs, including remote proofreading for Amazon sellers or Kindle authors. 

You have the opportunity to work with Amazon sellers by correcting any writing errors on their product titles and descriptions. There are also careers for blog content proofreading. Work with an affiliate marketer to make their blog posts more readable and engaging. 

If you prefer making edits for long-form content, try searching “Kindle proofreader.” You’ll meet many authors who need help with their books before publishing them on Amazon Kindle. 

Glassdoor lets you access the complete job description of each listing. There’s also essential information regarding the company, including its ratings and salary estimates. You can also browse the employee benefits review before applying for the job.

Start Your Own Blog

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Starting a blog is a huge opportunity proofreaders can have to make real money from Amazon proofreading and editing. This idea is perfect for experienced proofreaders who can advertise themselves independently so that clients will be the ones to reach out. 

First, you need to decide your specialization when proofreading Amazon. Do you want to work in affiliate marketing or product listings? Proofreading Kindle ebooks is also a fantastic option. 

Some basic elements you should include in your proofreading blog include the services you offer and your pictures. Feel free to display your previous works to attract your clients. 

You can post your works through a before-and-after of your proofreading project or a screenshot of edits you make with Word’s Track Changes. Don’t forget your contact information, social media buttons, and previous reviews from clients. 

Lastly, plan your blog posts in advance so you can advertise yourself. Talk about the problems of Amazon sellers and writers you can solve. You can also discuss what makes you different from other proofreaders. 

Get Clients Directly

Instead of discovering proofreading and editing jobs on freelance platforms, why not contact clients directly? This strategy is especially effective if your proofreading expertise is already high enough.

If you’re an experienced proofreader, you can contact clients on your email list or find them on social media platforms. Try joining Facebook groups, group chats, and other social media platforms with Amazon clients, then start marketing your services.

Facebook has plenty of groups for Amazon freelancers and clients. You can post yourself on these groups and pages. You can also try signing up for an account on LinkedIn to find sellers or Kindle writers.

On Twitter, you can find clients through hashtags like #amazonediting, #amazonproofreading #freelanceproofreading, and #amazonkindleproofreading. 

The art of landing clients may also include looking for Amazon sellers who need to improve their product descriptions. Show them how your proofreading skills can enhance their sales. Or, look for affiliate blogs with poorly written content.


Amazon.Jobs is a platform for people looking for entry-level proofreading jobs for beginners. Everything listed on this website is related to Amazon careers, including copywriters, content creators, and affiliate marketers

Create a strong profile on Amazon.Jobs so you can find more online proofreading jobs. You’ll find listings about blog post proofreading jobs, product description proofreading, and Kindle proofreading.

According to Amazon.Jobs, it “is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or another legally protected status.”

There’s no discrimination and prejudice on this platform. Everyone has equal opportunities to try freelance proofreading and other jobs like technical writers, content developers, publishers, etc. 

Display your skills on Amazon.Jobs so you can be in contact with clients immediately.

Freelancer is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers who want to gain proofreading experience and other jobs. Here, you can post the services you offer while accessing available jobs posted by clients.

If you’re a job seeker, you can sign up, create a stunning profile, and start looking for a career. One of the different ideas to land clients is by entering “Amazon proofreading” on the website. You’ll see several job postings for Amazon Kindle proofreaders, affiliate proofreaders, etc.

Let clients know that you have sufficient knowledge on proofreading. Tell them about your excellent English skills and competency in using proofreading software. If you’re applying as a blog post proofreader, you should showcase your SEO and content management skills.

Make sure to collect testimonials from clients so you can get even more proofreading job opportunities. I also recommend continuing professional development because the competition on Freelancer is high. 


Upwork is an American platform where you can find legitimate proofreading jobs for Amazon. American freelancers and non-Americans can look for direct clients for whom they can offer their professional proofreading services.

The popular marketplace has over 5 million clients and more than 18 million job seekers. There’s a remote opportunity for both beginner and expert proofreader. Aside from Amazon proofreading, you can also do virtual assistance, web development, and editing. 

Amazon clients on Upwork hire both native and ESL speakers. Even those with zero experience and academic background won’t be left out. 

Setting up your profile is also easy. Just enter your personal email and upload a profile picture. You can also input your skills, experience, training, and certifications for better chances.  

The only downside to Upwork is that they collect around 20% of your earnings. The percentage depends on the time, expertise, and task required. 

How to Become a Proofreader for Amazon 

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Looking for Amazon proofreading and editing jobs is easy if you’ve had previous experience proofreading content, specifically product descriptions. You need to have enough grammar skills to spot mistakes in sentences. The ability to spot spelling errors is also necessary. 

As a freelancer, you should have good communication skills to set a deal with your client. Proofreaders usually work on a project basis, but proofreading job openings on Amazon can be different.

You also don’t need to be an English graduate to make money from Amazon proofreading. But it would be helpful if you’ve taken online proofreading courses before. These courses teach proofreading strategies, how to set up a proofreading business, and how to set rates.

Once you’re ready to apply, look for a freelance platform where you can find job opportunities. For instance, if you’ve chosen FlexJobs, you only need to create a profile and start searching. You can also add relevant skills and previous experiences for more chances of getting hired. 

Amazon Product Listing Proofreading Jobs

Amazon is also the perfect platform for beginners who want to kickstart their proofreading career. You don’t have to be an expert in proofreading here. Just become a seller’s second set of eyes for the items they sell.

You need basic proofreading skills to spot spelling and grammar errors in short descriptions as a product proofreader. Make sure buyers will be compelled to buy the product through the well-written copy on their listing. 

These part-time proofreading jobs also involve making sure you make sales. The accuracy and consistency of each product title and description will influence the seller’s income. 

Amazon Affiliate Blogs Proofreading Jobs 

Skilled proofreaders can also get a job in blogging platforms that are enrolled in an affiliate program. You’ll find many blog proofreading jobs on the internet requiring knowledge in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Arguably the biggest online marketplace globally, Amazon grants sellers access to affiliate blog posts. Amazon Affiliate Blogs’ earnings come from anyone who clicks on these affiliate links or buys a product using them.

You’ll correct errors in writing, do search engine optimization content, and fix the affiliate links as a blog proofreader. These remote proofreading jobs are available on Upwork, Freelancer, and FlexJobs. 

Make sure to customize your freelancer portfolio according to the requirements. Show your previous experience with blog content editing, SEO, and content management. That way, you’ll attract high-paying clients to work with you. 

Amazon Kindle Proofreading Jobs 

One of the different kinds of proofreading jobs you can have on Amazon is a Kindle ebooks proofreader. If you’ve received adequate proofreading training, you can work with self-published authors to correct syntax errors, misspellings, and other mistakes in their text.

Several writers on Kindle direct publishing look for online proofreaders who can ensure their book will be perfect and published. Aside from your top-tier proofreading skills, it would help if you also had patience for this job as you will be editing long ebooks.

Your proofreading services can be limited to specific genres. But if you don’t have a preference, you can be a freelancer proofreader for different kinds of authors.

The best thing about the proofreading opportunities on Amazon Kindle is that you can do them on your smartphone. Proofread ebooks on the go using the Amazon Kindle app using its different features. 

To start on Kindle, you must create an Amazon account and connect your reading device. Your account will automatically have a email. Potential clients can directly share their ebooks with you on this app. 

Become an Amazon Proofreader Now

The writers, editors, and proofreaders on Amazon are one of the reasons behind the marketplace’s huge success. You can become a part of them by proofreading product descriptions, affiliate content, and Kindle ebooks.

Start looking for the best Amazon proofreading and editing jobs on different platforms now. Browse our list for the best options, such as Upwork, FlexJobs, and Fiverr.