20+ Best Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

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Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

Do you have a sharp vision for spotting spelling and grammatical mistakes? If yes, then a proofreading job might be the perfect career path. 

Proofreaders are always in demand because all writers make mistakes. More freelance proofreading jobs from home are now available as writers switch to online publishing. 

I’ll help you get paid to proofread with this list of 20 online proofreading jobs for beginners. This guide will also teach you how to make money and improve your skills for a remote position.

Top Sites for Finding Proofreading Jobs


Fiverr is the best platform to find editing and proofreading jobs for beginners. Sell your proofreading service or gig at fair rates. Several clients also look for proofreaders on this site, whether you have a university degree. 

One downside to Fiverr is the high competition yet low prices. Clients often look for proofreaders here because of freelancers’ cheap services. But it’s an excellent place for beginner proofreaders who want to improve their skills in spelling and grammar.


Both entry-level proofreaders and experts can find a job in FlexJobs. It’s a marketplace for online proofreaders who want to earn or start a proofreading business.

FlexJobs also offers content writing and editing jobs. Just search for the job title, category, or any relevant keyword. No matter where you are, you can find a remote job in the comfort of your home.

If you want more access to different freelance jobs, you can try their monthly subscription of $15. This plan lets you search for more proofreading jobs from home. 


Gramlee is a unique online job marketplace that caters to editors and remote proofreaders who want to offer virtual proofreading services. Unlike other sites, this one doesn’t have a wide range of job postings as they only specialize in copyediting.

The website states that they look for exceptional editors from time to time. These freelance jobs offer a salary of three cents per word, asking for revisions in 24 hours. 

If you want to apply at Gramlee, fill out their application form and wait for them to contact you.


Upwork is the biggest freelance marketplace where you will find a variety of clients looking for different services. The fantastic platform provides opportunities for proofreaders who are looking for a job.

Some clients require full-time employees, while others want part-time. You can filter the job offerings based on these settings to give editorial services to your preferred client.

You can get paid to proofread even if you’re only a beginner. Use the communication platform to talk to clients, schedule interviews, and set milestones.


ProofreadingPal is a great place to find potential clients looking for anyone who can perform proofreading tasks. But you need to become a professional proofreader to step up your freelance proofreading career here.

The website hires anyone earning a college degree or a graduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.5. That means you need to demonstrate proper grammar and exceptional spelling skills to get in. You also need to be knowledgeable in academic writing to enter.

Editors on this website have an average salary of $500 to $3000 per month. The pay is based on your university and educational attainment.


Wordvice is an excellent platform for finding job opportunities in a remote proofreading job. Earn extra money as you edit online content of clients worldwide.

Most private clients in this online marketplace have the English language as their second language, so they need your help. Use your proofreading skills to offer the best service and produce happy clients.

Wordvice asks potential employees to have a graduate program. But they also provide remote and part-time work. 


LinkedIn is like a social media platform for job seekers where you can connect with friends and look for a wide variety of careers. The available opportunities on this website are a mix of freelance writing jobs and on-site jobs at a proofreading company.

The website offers various jobs for proofreaders, writers, and other careers in different industries. You can also access proofreading courses on LinkedIn and kickstart your online business.

If you want to reach more legitimate proofreading jobs, it’s essential to set up your profile. Provide your job description, previous experience, and educational attainment.

American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts is not your typical job-seeking platform. This website comprises academics and professionals who do website proofreading and manuscript preparation.

The proofreading opportunities on this website are up-and-coming. But they require expert spelling and grammar skills along with relevant experience. Check out their Careers page to see the job openings and the types of proofreading projects you may take on.

Potential employees in American Journal Experts will be working in different US research institutions. Ensure you know the AP style and other house style guides for academic papers.


EditFast is the ideal platform for improving your proofreading experience. It provides any career opportunity for aspiring editors and proofreaders with excellent editing skills. Clients and service providers connect on this page to complete different projects.

Just complete the registration process, wait for approval, and get your page activated. Make sure you have a degree from a recognized university to be hired. EditFast also requires previous proofreading experience. 

The online editing jobs range from correcting typing errors to fixing grammatical mistakes. Once the job is done, EditFast receives 40% of the project price, while you get 60%.


ProofreadingServices.Com is a website for experienced proofreaders who want to offer professional services for writers. The opportunities on this site go beyond freelance proofreading jobs. Translators, publishers, and editors are also welcome here.

You can proofread any type of writing, ranging from social media posts to blogs and academic papers. 

But you need to have advanced English language skills to be considered for hire. The application process is easy. You need to complete a 20-minute screening test with a score of 95%.


Lionbridge will give you a fantastic opportunity to apply for different proofreader jobs. It’s a global communications website for aspiring remote employees with a high level of experience managing content.

Qualified proofreaders from Lionbridge will allow you to edit and proofread different works. You’ll also be able to work with experts in sharing insights and connecting with the world.

If no proofreading jobs are currently available on the Lionbridge, you can join the community. Then, register for proofreading tasks and take the required tests. Wait for the company to contact you once an available job is open.

Get Editing Jobs

Get Editing Jobs offers a massive list of proofreading jobs you can apply for, no matter your experience level. Employers can also use this platform to look for skilled proofreaders who can solve their writing needs. 

The platform offers competitive pay rates which employers set. The online job directory typically requires academic editing experience or previous experience editing online blogs.

To find the perfect job for you, enter the word “proofreader,” “proofreading,” or “editor” in the search box. It will help if you create an account to set custom alerts and job notifications and manage your resume. 

Scribe Writing

Scribe Writing is a company that specializes in proofreading. It’s looking for skilled employees who can correct spelling and grammatical errors. Unlike other job opportunities, Scribe Writing lets you connect with authors and writers to customize your job according to their needs.

There are no exact details on the requirements and qualifications of becoming a proofreader for Scribe. However, we all know that a certain level of experience will increase your chances of getting hired. 

You can submit your editing sample to potential clients to give them an understanding of your skill level.


Babbletype is an online platform where you can apply as a proofreader. The website only requires you to be a native English speaker. You should also have basic knowledge of grammar rules to be hired.

Applications on this platform are easy. Once you’re hired, all you have to do is perform the weekly tasks, and they will pay you through PayPal. The salary is done on a freelance basis.

Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media isn’t just for English proofreaders. The online platform is also looking for book reviewers in Spanish. Most of the book proofreading tasks are composed of 350 words and are due in 2 weeks.

The job is relatively easy if you’re an intermediate editor or proofreader. Applying is also more straightforward than other sites. I recommend submitting writing samples to increase your probability of getting accepted. 

Polished Paper

Polished Paper is one of the best platforms for finding a proofreading job if you consider yourself on the professional tier. Fill out their application form and take the 35-question test to check if you’re qualified.

They have strict guidelines on getting hired, but it’s all worth it! Polished Paper guarantees that they pay their skilled proofreaders accordingly. Make sure you have a sharp eye for tough spelling, style, and grammar errors in the content


Scribbr is a famous platform for finding a job in editing or proofreading. First, you need to pass a language quiz before the team looks at your CV. Once they see you as compatible with the job, the company will take you to Scribbr Academy for a workshop.

The company will require you to edit about two to five simulation orders. Scribbr will evaluate your work and give you more tips as you go about the job. 

It’s a lengthy application process, but the salary is worthwhile. 


Another option for aspiring proofreaders and editors is Domainite. While it’s designed for beginner proofreaders with little to no experience, the platform will help you improve your skills as time goes by.

Domainite is the perfect choice for anyone with trouble landing clients due to a lack of experience. You have to complete the application form, submit sample works, and they will accept you as a freelancer.


Second to the last on this list of online proofreading jobs is Edit911. However, you are only qualified if you have a Ph.D. There’s a good chance of getting hired if you’re a book editor or published scholar with verifiable experience.

Edit911 is an excellent option despite the high expectations. It’s for certified professionals who are looking for quality proofreading jobs. 


ClickWorker is a crowdsourcing platform for clients looking for freelancers who can complete micro-tasks like proofreading. Independent proofreaders and editors are called “clickworkers” who can quickly log in and look for jobs that can hone their skills.

It’s great for newbie proofreaders who want to get their feet wet because they perform small tasks on a large project. To get hired, you need to be an author with enough experience. 

Complete a few content creation jobs until you’re skilled enough to take a proofreading assessment.  Also, take a look at our post on Amazon proofreading jobs.

What is Proofreading?

Grammarist Article Graphic V2 8

Proofreading is a type of job concerned with performing final checks on a written document. Before being published or going to print, proofreaders check the work for any missed errors or typos.

One of the primary duties of a proofreader is to review and edit the final manuscript’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. They can also fix any syntax, usage, voice, and consistency mistakes the editor missed.

Proofreaders ensure the accuracy of any referenced facts. This process is critical for websites, newspapers, and academic works. They also ensure that the page numbers, headings, captions, and other formatting options are consistent. 

Note that every proofreader’s job description is different across companies and clients. Some are only concerned with formatting, while others also perform editing jobs. But your main task will always be to review a piece of content and make sure it’s perfect. 

The typical proofreader’s salary is about $53,135. Senior proofreaders earn up to $68,000 a year.

Take your grammar skills to the next level

Take Our Copyediting Course

Proofreading vs. Copyediting

Despite the overlaps in their responsibilities, proofreading and copyediting are two different jobs. The differences in their tasks rely on the stage of the editing process.

Copy editing occurs once the writer has finished their draft. A copy editor will ensure that the piece of writing follows the preferred style guide. They also guarantee that the whole document is readable and accurate.

Proofreading happens at the last editing phase, right before it goes into print. Once the piece of writing has been copyedited, the proofreader will examine the test version of the book’s printed version. 

The proofreader will have one last check of the author’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Then they focus on the pages, index section, alignment of the text, and other format settings. 

But the proofreader’s task can be broader. It depends on the genre of the piece and the company’s standards. For example, if you’re a proofreader for magazines, you might be in charge of fact-checking the copy. 

Some editing companies and freelancers offer two-in-one services. After copyediting the writing piece, the author produces a final digital ebook version or a printed copy of the work. Then, they ask the professional to proofread it.

However, getting a separate copy editor and proofreader is always better. A different proofreader offers a fresh pair of eyes for the task. 

How Do I Become a Proofreader Online

Before looking for a job, it’s essential to know the steps you need to take before becoming an online proofreader. 

Decide What Discipline You Want to Specialize

Do you have an area of interest when proofreading? Some proofreaders work in the blogging industry for different niches, while others concentrate on academic disciplines. 

You might need additional training depending on the standards of the industry. For example, you need to learn how to fact-check in journalistic writing. In scientific research articles, you need to know the scientific process. 

Take a Proofreading Course

Proofreading goes beyond making sentences more readable while ensuring that the piece of writing has a consistent format. I recommend taking a proofreading course, especially if you do not have a degree in English, Communication, Literature, or other related programs.

Taking a proofreading course is also essential for beginners with no experience yet. Doing so will familiarize them with the responsibilities they will have. 

Some proofreading courses are tailored to specific writing genres. You can take a general class or focus on fiction, non-fiction, or other writing types. Do your research on the best curriculum for your niche.

Take a Proofreading Test

Once you have finished the proofreading course, it’s time to test your knowledge. Try multiple-choice quizzes, practice tests, and other examinations to measure your skills. The test results will also decide in which areas you need more improvement.

Look for Job Vacancies Online

The internet is full of proofreading jobs. Depending on your preferred specialty, you can type “online proofreading jobs” for general careers or “medical proofreading jobs.”

Most sites that offer job opportunities offer free sign-ups. You can also customize settings like the preferred level of expertise, part-time or full-time, and the rates. 

Another option is to list the service you want to offer on freelance marketing sites. If you don’t want to be bombarded with unrelated job offers, go straight to proofreading and editing websites. 

Some proofreading services specialize in business, while others focus on educational content. Your task also depends on the company. For instance, some proofreading jobs only deal with formatting. Other jobs ask you to fix spelling and grammatical errors.

Set Your Rates

Most freelance proofreading jobs will allow you to set your rates. Never undercharge for a professional service. Think about your level of experience, education, and the quality of work you can deliver. You also want to consider how many words you can proofread daily.

Build Your Resume

Once you have perfected your resume and portfolio, it will become easier to find a job and ask for higher pay. Don’t forget to keep building your resume even if you already have a job. It should stay updated every time you complete a milestone in your career.

If you are looking for a proofreading job that focuses on legal writing, include projects with the same elements. That way, you will find a client whose needs align with your skills.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Proofreader?

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Different routes exist for aspiring proofreaders. Some start with a college degree, while others take several online courses for proofreading. 

Others invest in work experience, although this usually takes longer before one becomes a professional. 

For most companies, a bachelor’s degree is a must. You should hold a degree in Communication, English, or Journalism. This is especially true if you will be working in the news industry or a research institution.

What most employers look for in a proofreader:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Excellent written communication skills. 
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • Time management.
  • Ability to work well with writers and copy editors.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to use a computer and proofreading software programs.
  • Ability to edit different formats of a written document.
  • Ability to fact-check.  

How Do I Get Hired as a Proofreader?

If you want to know how to make money as a proofreader, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting hired.

Enjoy Reading 

Proofreaders should be passionate about reading because most of their job includes this task. Imagine yourself reading several hours a day, analyzing each word, sentence, and paragraph.

It would be best if you also were a flexible reader. Whether it’s a journal article, fictional book, or fitness blog post, your ability to catch mistakes is essential. 

Know the Different Style Guides

A proofreader’s role also includes understanding the different style guides. Writing style guides ensure that the piece of writing is consistent and clear across the project and the whole company. 

Several writing styles exist, but the most common ones include:

  • AP style (for journalism).
  • APA style (for academic papers).
  • MLA (for academic papers). 
  • Chicago style (for publishing).

Market Yourself

Sometimes, looking for job postings and competing with other job seekers isn’t easy. You need to learn how to market yourself so that companies and clients will approach you. 

Try marketing yourself on social media. Update your Twitter, LinkedIn, and business account on Instagram to make it look like you’re a professional proofreader. Post relevant information, follow writers and engage with them until you’ve built a network.

You can also market yourself on freelance and proofreading websites. Make sure to display your previous experience and describe what makes you a unique proofreader. 

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Review the list of skills required in a proofreading job. Examine which one you need to improve on the most and practice them. Then, choose one skill you excel in and use it as your unique selling point. 

Be Confident

Do not let anxiety keep you from improving your proofreading skills and getting the perfect job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, negotiate your salary, and put more effort into your career. After all, most expert proofreaders also started as passionate readers. 

Are Proofreaders in Demand?

According to Recruiter.com, the demand for proofreaders is expected to rise despite the decline during the past years. It’s expected that 3,510 new proofreading careers will be filled by 2029, which is 5.29% more in the next two years.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also confirmed that the demand for proofreaders is continuously rising. That’s because so many people are establishing their online writing businesses. Most eCommerce sites also post blog entries that require proofreaders.

Even businesses unrelated to the writing industry now hire proofreaders to ensure accuracy in their business letters. They also hire editors for social media posts, training materials, and other written content. 

You will also find in-demand proofreaders in foreign businesses. They look for native English-speaking proofreaders who will make their online content sound more fluent. 

Do You Need Certifications to Be a Proofreader?

It depends on the company or client who’s hiring. But most clients do not require special certificates or diplomas for proofreading. Instead, they will look at your portfolio to check if you produce high-quality work. 

Some companies require a college degree or higher, especially if you’ll be proofreading research articles. These writing pieces typically require more expertise, so companies look for long experience and high educational attainment. 

How Long to Proofread a Thousand Words?

It should only take less than one hour for a professional proofreader to proofread 1000 words. Most clients and companies expect proofreaders to check 2000-3000 words per hour. So, if you work full-time, that’s at least 12,000 words per day.

But some businesses only require about 10,000 words in five days. That means you have to proofread about 2000 words daily. If you’re an expert, you should be able to complete more. Of course, this is all made easier with the help of proofreading software like Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

Set Yourself Up for Proofreading Success

Now you know the different steps to take before getting paid to proofread. I hope this list of online proofreading jobs for beginners helped you kickstart your freelance career.

Several proofreading jobs from home now exist. Just continue developing and highlighting your skills until you land your dream job. Make sure to keep updating your resume with relevant information. All the best for your future endeavors!