Book Proofreading Jobs and How to Land Them

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Candace Osmond

Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

Would you rather proofread an entire novel over multiple articles a day? If yes, then being a book proofreader might be destined for you. 

I found my two proofreaders via word of mouth from other authors in my community, but I know there are tons of other places online you can land a sweet gig.

Let’s discuss these helpful steps to finding a book proofreading gig. I’ll also show you the best freelance platforms where you can apply as a proofreader from home. 

How to Find Book Proofreading Jobs from Home

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Take a look at how you can find some book proofreading jobs from home.

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Offer Your Services as a Book Proofreader on Freelance Platforms

The most common way to find a proofreading job is by marketing yourself on different platforms. There’s a huge availability of proofreading jobs on these websites. They range from proofreading projects for articles to a long novel. 

Some common freelance platforms that allow you to work from home include Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. PeoplePerHour and Guru are also excellent websites to find a gig. 

One benefit to offering your services on these sites is that they’re beginner-friendly. Experienced proofreaders can work here, but there are more entry-level jobs available. These websites also have built-in payment systems for the client and freelancer.  

The only downside to these payment systems is that the websites eliminate a percentage of the payment. Many clients also have low salaries for book proofreaders who are new to the industry.

Find Proofreading Job Boards with Remote Listings

Some people do not prefer online freelance editing jobs. Instead, they want to perform proofreading novels for companies. Many businesses have remote listings for proofreading careers so that you can do everything online.

If you’re a beginner who wants to target the book proofreading niche, you can try the following sites:

  • Proofed.
  • EditFast.
  • ProofreadingPal.
  • Grammar Chic.
  • Gramlee.
  • Wordy.

The expert proofreader can find a job on the following websites:

  • BookEditing.
  • Managed Editing.
  • Reedsy.

These also offer copy editing jobs. You can review an in-depth article or novel’s spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.  

Network With Other Proofreaders and Writers

You’re likely to land book proofreading jobs if you have networking skills within the industry. A professional freelance proofreader uses their contacts to make new connections with proofreading and editing businesses.

It just might be as simple as handing out your business cards or requesting an introduction from other freelancers. You can also message your close friend’s online proofreading business to ask for potential clients.

A professional freelance proofreader also uses social media. Set up your work profiles, email writers and clients, and join Facebook groups for book proofreaders. 

Lastly, try attending face-to-face events. Conferences and workshops for proofreaders will also help you meet more potential clients. 

Establish Your Own Online Proofreading Business

Instead of posting your job on freelance platforms, try setting up your own company. Many online proofreading courses like Proofread Anywhere and Knowadays will teach you how to plan everything.

First, start planning the costs involved in opening a business. If you plan to proofread books from home, the prices will likely be lower. You might need to invest in a computer setup, WiFi access, and some proofreading resources. 

All businesses and jobs for proofreaders also require you to invest in your knowledge. Continue honing your skills, research your target market, and discover how to set rates for your business. 

Consider Having Luck Through Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most authentic and effective strategy for online proofreaders and businesses. That’s how I found my trusted proofreaders for my books.

It helps build a valuable business relationship based on trust and respect. That’s because they come from familiar sources to potential clients.

You can have a proofreading partner to help spread each other’s business. Another tip to using word-of-mouth marketing for proofreading books is to connect with consumers rather than collecting them.

This strategy also proves that having thousands of social media followers is insufficient. It would help if you ensured these thousands of writers trust you over any other book proofreader. Otherwise, you’re only collecting dust.

Create a Book Proofreading Gig on Freelance Platforms

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Online marketplaces offer various opportunities to proofread novel, non-fiction, and long-form content. Check out the following platforms for freelance jobs. 


Fiverr is a fantastic platform for finding freelance proofreading jobs for beginners. It’s a legitimate marketplace that has been around for many years now. Just sign up and start selling your proofreading services. 

The only downside to Fiverr is its limited options for book proofreaders. The platform is also more suitable for beginners who have just entered the proofreading industry. 

You’ll start earning a small amount of money at first. But you’ll be able to make more as you improve your skills.


Upwork is currently the most popular freelancing marketplace on the internet. You’ll find many home-based projects on this website, from web design to proofreading, writing, and social media marketing.

Standard proofreaders usually started on this application to gain work experience. Many clients accept beginners who want to improve their skills by working on short-term projects. As you get better, you can apply for proofreading a comprehensive article or book. 

Upwork lets you sort the job postings based on your experience level. Look for proofreading careers for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Make sure to display your work experience, skills, and academic background to attract more potential clients.


Another well-known platform for freelancers is Freelancer. Many self-published authors look for potential proofreaders on this platform to spot mistakes in their manuscripts. 

Anyone can sell their services on this website. You can even create a profile without training or work experience. But a potential client is more likely to purchase your proofreading service if you show your credentials on your profile.

However, Freelancer offers lower salaries than Upwork. It keeps 10% of your earnings for hourly projects. Freelancer also takes $5 or 10% for fixed-price tasks. You can start applying for mini tasks on this website if you’re a beginner. 


If Freelancer and Upwork are too saturated for you, try Guru. This underrated online marketplace is more prevalent among developers and programmers. But some independent authors look for proofreaders, copy editors, and developmental editors here.

Guru also offers opportunities for increases for proofreaders who have spent much time on low-paying websites. It only takes at least 5% of your earnings based on your membership plan. You can also subscribe to the basic plan for a free trial. 

You can create profiles more than once on Guru if you want to find more proofreading jobs. Make sure to look for a career under “writing and translation.” 


One platform where you can unleash your proofreading prowess is PeoplePerHour. Aspiring proofreaders on this website can send up to fifteen proposals to clients monthly. If you want to submit more applications, you need to buy credits. 

But you shouldn’t worry if you haven’t used your purchased credits. You can still use them in the next few months. 

As with other sites, PeoplePerHour gets a few percent of your earnings. But that depends on your lifetime billings. If you make under $350 for a project, they will take 20% of your profits, which is quite high. 


Instead of creating a traditional resume in Word format, you can arrange your profile on EditFast. Showcase your proofreading skills, certifications, academic credentials, and previous work experience on the online database. 

Clients may ask for your portfolio or a few samples to check if you offer chic quality proofreading. If your work aligns with their requirements, they will quickly pick you. Most proofreading jobs on this platform also let you start the job as soon as you’re hired. 

Although the salary on EditFast is higher, the company keeps 40% of the total price. 


ProofreadingPal is a website that aims to connect writers with proofreaders. This company receives several applications from proofreaders daily, so the competition is high. But it’s all worth it once you get hired.

They also have higher standards than other proofreading websites. Proofreadingpal seeks applicants enrolled or graduated with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the US. It’d help if you also had a GPA of at least 3.5 to be accepted. 

ProofreadingPal also prefers if you have years of experience as a proofreader. You may check their website for a complete list of their qualifications.

Grammar Chic

Grammar Chic is another proofreading platform that offers writing, editing, and proofreading services. Apply as a professional proofreader to correct other people’s spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting issues. 

This company also hires copy editors and developmental editors for different types of writing. Make sure you are familiar with house style guides like Chicago, MLA, and APA if you want to be hired. 

Grammar Chic doesn’t always have vacant jobs. Always stay updated on their website to see when you can apply.  


If you want to be an expert proofreader to friends and strangers, Wordvice is the place to be. You can apply as a general proofreader on their website so you can work with an array of documents, including books. 

Wordvice prefers proofreaders who can also offer editorial services to writers. They require a master’s degree to ensure you have enough English skills. Their other requirements include proficiency with MS Word and knowledge of formatting styles. 


Are you flexible with different written document types? Try applying at WordsRU. This website provides editing and proofreading services for business papers, academic articles, books, and blog posts. 

WordsRU is currently looking for qualified and experienced editors and proofreaders. You need to have at least two years of work experience in the proofreading industry. Copy editing and structural editing experiences are also acceptable for WordsRU.

The company also asks you to have additional proficiency in different tools. These include Adobe Acrobat version 8, Adobe InDesign, LATEX, and Final Draft. 


Reedsy is a reputable company that connects many freelancers with independent authors or publishers. This freelancing platform is the closest you can get to a traditional publishing house. They have listings for editors and proofreaders who are familiar with different genres.

Reedsy only accepts 1% of your candidates. Don’t let this competition make you lose hope. As long as you have work experience, then you should be good. Everyone can create a free profile even before they become accepted. 


One website where you can find a good job is Glassdoor. You can look for the best proofreading companies on this platform and apply for available careers. Feel free to read reviews or valuable insights about different proofreading businesses.


FlexJobs claims to be the best job board if you’re looking for a proofreading job. Getting hired for a project is easy but comes with a cost. Because FlexJobs screens every job they post, they need to charge job seekers to use their board. 

If you want to post your career for a week, the price is $6.95. The longest possible time you can post your job is one year, which costs $49.95. BBB has given this company an A+ rating, ensuring every customer is satisfied.

Scribe Media

Scribe Media is an online platform you can join as a freelance or full-time proofreader. Explore different opportunities on this website, and decide what type of document you can proofread. If there are no available jobs, try joining their email lists for updates.

Writer’s Job Shop

Writers Job Shop is a great place to look for jobs in the content industry. Proofreaders can sign up on this site and instantly land a new project since the company always looks for employees. Writer’s Job Shop requires you to be a native English speaker before applying.

Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief is a helpful website for writers who want to publish their work. They submit their manuscripts here, and proofreaders can check their work. It’s easy to apply on Writer’s Relief, but they only accept a few applicants. 

Work as a Book Proofreader Now!

The companies above will allow you to post your freelance proofreading service or be accepted for a book proofreading gig. Whether you want to handle a novel, non-fiction, or technical book, there are plenty of opportunities to work from home.

Start building your resume and portfolio to attract more clients. It’s also a great time to take proofreading courses and tests to hone your language skills