Knowadays Proofreading Course Review: Is It Worth It?

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Candace Osmond

Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

Are you looking for a proofreading course that offers certification upon completion? Knowadays Proofreading course gives you not only a certificate but also a guaranteed proofreading job after finishing the course.

I took the time to check it out and test its features to give you a detailed breakdown and review of the Knowadays’ Becoming a Proofreader course. Keep reading to know if you should enroll or not and start a career in proofreading.

What is Knowadays? 

Knowadays offers different courses to equip you with proofreading skills. The company believes the right skills can help an individual kickstart their proofreading career and work flexibly. 

Through Knowadays, you can earn extra income and have a say in your career. Be more autonomous in your proofreading career by managing your time and projects. 

The courses developed and delivered by Knowadays are all online. But this doesn’t mean you won’t reach your full potential here. The instructional designers ensure that real-life content and activities will support your learning.

Aside from getting a legitimate certification, you also get to contact the tutors. It doesn’t really state much detail about this feature on the site, but once you’re in the program you’ll get access to them. I think this is a lovely feature that not all proofreading courses offer.

Ask for their guidance and feedback to achieve all your goals. You’ll graduate with all the knowledge and skills you need to start a new career. 

Other courses Knowadays offers include Becoming an Editor and Communication Success, all focusing on career development. The company designs everything to equip you with essential professional skills. 

Knowadays also caters to all levels of experience. Whether you’re a newbie editor or a professional content writer, there’s a Knowadays course for you. Set your own timetable, learn at your own pace, and finish when you’re ready. 

Knowadays Proofreading Course Breakdown

The Becoming A Proofreader course is targeted at individuals of all ages and life stages who want to invest in themselves and begin a new career path.

But I think it’s also a great option for writers and authors like me who want to learn how to self-edit their work. I know since learning to self-edit and proofread myself, it’s made my editor’s job easier and has cut down on my costs.

The course promises you’ll go from a complete beginner to a confident professional, trained enough to work. It also has a free trial for those who want to access a small course sample. Try it first to understand the course style before fully subscribing to Knowadays.

Knowadays will teach you the basics of proofreading, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks. Discover how to proofread all kinds of writing and follow style guides. You’ll learn how to proofread, whether it’s a creative piece or academic content.

The best part about Becoming a Proofreader is a freelance work guarantee. Understand how the industry works through Proofed, Knowadays’ partner company. Some freelance proofreaders take the job, while some branch out and start their own. Both options are totally fine!

Proofreading Course Modules 

The main course, Becoming a Proofreader, comprises several modules which take 50 hours to finish. In terms of online proofreading courses, that’s pretty in-depth. But if you’re on the free trial, you’ll only have access to the following:

  • Proofreading and Editing.
  • Common Spelling Mistakes.
  • Common Grammar Mistakes.
  • Microsoft Word: Track Changes.
  • Windows: Track Changes.
  • Mac: Track Changes.
  • Types of Writing.

I found that what’s offered in the free trial is great for a few reasons:

  1. If you want to test your own knowledge for yourself
  2. If you want to see what skill level you are
  3. To get a feel for the course and how it runs to see if you’ll like it

The free trial also lets you accomplish a digital proofreading quiz to evaluate what you’ve learned.

Full Course Access

If you’ve paid for the whole course, you can access the following lessons:

  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Proofreading And Editing
  • 3: The Basics Of Microsoft Word
  • 4: Common Spelling Mistakes
  • 5: Common Grammar Mistakes
  • 6: Common Punctuation Mistakes
  • 7: Other Common Errors
  • 8: Proofreading In Practice: Style
  • 9: Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Windows
  • 10: Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Mac
  • 11: Academic Proofreading
  • 12: Academic Proofreading: Referencing And Citation
  • 13: Creative Writing And The Publishing Industry
  • 14: Proofreading Business Writing
  • 15: Finding Work And The Final Assignment

Each module is available in written and video layouts with a proofreading test at the end. I found the video layouts so helpful, especially with the ability to turn on closed captioning. I could sit with my kids while they watch TV and follow along with the course on my laptop.

But these small quizzes are only formative, meaning they are not graded. The entire module quizzes should guide your learning and inform you about improving your knowledge and grammar skills.

The final assignment is graded. You only have three chances to get 80% or higher. Otherwise, you won’t qualify for job opportunities or a career in Proofed.

But I found each module to be pretty straightforward. And the small quizzes at the end of each module help prepare you for the final exam.


And it gives you the results at the end, so you know where you went wrong. I think that’s super helpful!


The best part about the modules in this editing training program is the opportunity to chat with the tutors and get positive feedback. If you’re having trouble with a lesson, message the professors, and they will respond in no time. The course designers also regularly update the program to share more skills with you. 

My Favorite Module


I feel like the module on Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Windows is one of the best and most informative. I’m formatting in Word almost daily with content creation, ad copy, and formatting my books for publishing. This module shows everything you need to know to do this. 


Knowadays’ Becoming a Proofreader course costs $499. It was $399, but the developers have improved the class to add more lessons. I think it’s totally worth every dollar and, if you’re using it for your career, it’s a tax write off so win-win! Aside from the basics of proofreading, you’ll also learn how to track changes on different devices.  

The one-time payment gives lifetime access to the course, including its future updates and changes. Note that this payment is not a membership fee. You won’t have access to other programs, so a single course is a bit expensive.

Becoming a Proofreader is also more affordable than proofreading courses offered by other companies. Most online training programs cost $100-$300 more, but they don’t guarantee employment right away. 

If $499 is still too pricey for you, you can contact Knowadays’ support team for installment options. They will guide you through the possibility of part charges so you can access the course without breaking the bank. I think this is such a handy option, especially for those just starting out. 

Knowadays’ refund policies are vague despite claiming to be “fair and simple.” They ensure that anyone who requests a refund within 14 days of purchasing will get a full one. But this rule excludes anyone who has already accessed the course. 

If you have opened the course within 14 days, you’ll only get a refund for the unaccessed ones. An administration fee of $30 is also required. 

If you request a refund 14-30 days after purchasing the course, it will undergo evaluation before being accepted. But you can no longer get a refund for a course purchased over 30 days ago. 

Customer Service 

Knowadays’ customer service is as reliable as the courses they offer. If you have non-content-related concerns, the customer service team will be happy to help you.

Knowadays offers a live chat 24/7 for any quick questions. But you don’t have to message them if your question is already answered in their FAQ section. I found their FAQs to be super helpful.

Even schedule a call with them for more serious concerns. Or go to their Contact Us page for more questions. Just enter your name, email, and comments on the space provided.

You can contact the tutors if you have questions about specific course topics. Ask them for guidance or feedback on your work. 

The Biggest Reason to Join Knowadays

Unlike other proofreading courses, only Knowadays promises a job after course completion. That’s the feature that first attracted me to this course.

I didn’t want a job since I already have a wonderful career, but I have never seen that offered with any other proofreading course before. So, I thought, why not see what it’s all about and tell others.

Overall, I think this is a great course to hone your skills and get a good start in the industry. I highly recommend it. The material is easy, and the course walks you through step by step.

The company has a position waiting for you to fulfill once you pass Becoming a Proofreader.

The catch is that you must achieve 80 percent or a higher score. If you fail on the first try, you get two more chances. So don’t waste the opportunity. Go back to your lessons, and review each module until you pass.

Knowadays connects you to their proofreading partner, Proofed, to kickstart your freelancing journey. Proofed is a trusted proofreading company that aims to offer the best quality editing and freelance proofreading services worldwide.

The organization ensures proper communication and expert tips toward their clients through diverse employees. Everyone on the team is an expert wordsmith with impressive qualifications and academic backgrounds.  

That’s why Knowadays’ course is perfect for everyone. Many aspiring freelancers fear spending money on courses knowing they won’t guarantee a job. But this fantastic idea by the company’s founders will build your experience to get more clients outside Proofed.

The certification given to you at the end will also legitimize your skill. It will give you a leg up over the freelance proofreading competition, helping you lure more potential customers. 

Pros of Knowadays Proofreading Course

Experience and a career are not the only benefits of enrolling in Becoming a Proofreader. Upon going through the program myself, I found more reasons people should try the course. 

Knowadays Offers a Thorough and Affordable Course

Even the online course’s free trial is comprehensive enough to hone your proofreading skill. Each lesson is carefully designed and executed to fulfill your career needs.

For example, the lesson on spelling mistakes not only focuses on the very common homophones and silent letters. You will also learn about letter omission, addition, and compound word errors.  

Each module also has a short quiz at the end. Answer these tests to decide whether you should proceed to the next lesson or review more. 

Knowadays Has Earned a Strong Reputation

There’s no need to question the grammar rules stated by Knowadays on their course. The company is popular for being a reliable resource for writing and editing-related matters.

In fact, Knowadays has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot with more than 300 reviews on the website. Even expert editors, proofreaders, and writers trust the company for its rich content.  

In my professional opinion, I think this might be the best proofreading course available. From what I can see, it offers everything you need and more. And I love the support you get even after the course is done. You just don’t see that elsewhere.

It Offers a Valuable Work Guarantee and a Certificate

Like most legit editing courses, the online course by Knowadays gives you a certificate that will provide future employers with proof of your knowledge. It signifies that you went through a complete proofreading course and are reliable and competent in English grammar to take the job.

A certificate also shows your personal commitment to learning. It means you’re dedicated to continually developing your skills, even if you’re already a professional. 

Knowadays also offers a valuable work guarantee because you can put that certificate to good use right away. Work with Proofed in providing editing and proofreading services to individuals. 

The only downside to Proofed is the large number of proofreaders in the company. The competition increases as more people finish the course. So, I recommend opening your own proofreading business or freelancing on other platforms. They always have a decent list of proofreading jobs. 

It Offers Many Useful Lessons

Becoming a Proofreader doesn’t just teach basic proofreading topics. The instructors understand that modern proofreading now includes the use of technology. That is why they teach their students how to “track changes” on Microsoft Word.

The personalized course will first ask whether you’re a Windows or a Mac user. Then, it will give you a tutorial on how to track changes in Word. The word processor will highlight your changes in red to see what’s been corrected.

The course also shows you the norms of modern freelance proofreading. For example, you’re required to submit two types of documents of a proofread file. One is a clean copy, while the other has “Track Changes” on it. 

Cons of Knowadays

Despite its impressive features, I also found some downsides to enrolling in Knowadays’ course and module exercises. 

Limited Free Trial

I’m not saying you won’t learn anything from Becoming a Proofreader’s free trial period. There are many helpful topics on common spelling and grammar mistakes. But they are all short and unhelpful if you’re already an intermediate or advanced proofreader.

The module on the Types of Writing is also quick, only consisting of ten short slides. You’ll learn information like business writing can be informal if it’s a commercial copy. But there’s no actual lesson on how to proofread each writing type. 

The final quiz on the free trial period does not assess your overall learning. It only has 12 items that evaluate lower-order thinking skills through multiple-choice questions.

Must-Have Microsoft Word

Becoming a Proofreader recommends the use of MS Word when providing service. It’s the only accessible word processor with a “Track Changes” feature. The program may not be a good fit for you if you use Google Docs’ editing and suggesting features. Although there is some small training on the basics of editing in Gdocs and Gsuite apps.

No Topic on Proofreading Symbols

If you work at a traditional publishing company, you might be asked to use proofreading symbols or marks. Becoming a Proofreader does not teach this lesson and instead focuses on modern editing on MS Word.

The absence of this topic makes sense since Proofed does not require proofreaders to use these symbols when rendering service. They use MS Word to track changes and make suggestions. But I feel that it’s fairly important to understand these if you’re planning to build a career out of it. 

What Are Students Saying About Knowadays’ Course? 

Knowadays currently has 369 reviews on Trustpilot, and more than 80% of those reviews are marked as positive reviews. Students commended the Becoming a Proofreader course as well-structured because of the rich content and mini-tests.

Users are also satisfied with their ability to apply the exercises to real life. They continue accessing the reference materials for any help they need with their work. The students also admired the mixed media on the course, including slides, videos, webinars, and more. 

Another feature of the course that many students love is the responsive tutor. They state that the tutor is exceptionally kind and helpful. You will learn a lot and be more motivated by the feedback you receive from these experts. 

But the most extraordinary feature of Knowadays is the work guarantee. Most students enrolled in the course hoping to land a new job. One user commented that they’ve been working for 20 years in publishing, but the course has opened more opportunities for them.

Knowadays’ bad reviews only consist of 3% of the entire reviews. One user reports that it only considers a particular type of English language, one that is surrounded by traditionalism. 

How Does Knowadays Compare to Other Courses? 

Becoming a Proofreader by Knowadays is one of the best courses to kickstart your career. Compared to Proofread Anywhere’s courses, Knowadays is more affordable. 

Its lessons are competitive too. Aside from the basics of proofreading, you’ll learn how to spot common errors and track changes on Word. The Publishing Training Centre’s course has similar lessons but teaches how to proofread PDF copies. 

Proofread Anywhere specializes in proofreading books and the career aspects of working as a professional proofreader. For instance, you’ll learn how to set up your freelancing career, billing, payment plans, and navigate your finances. But it won’t guarantee work once you’ve completed the course.

These three courses are the most legitimate because reputable proofreading companies offer them. But if you want a cheaper course, you may try looking at Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare. These short courses only cost $15 to $80. 

Is Knowadays Legit?

Knowadays, is a legitimate company selling several training programs. It partners with companies to provide users with the best services and jobs. The business has earned excellent reviews on the internet regarding its several courses.

All courses offer exceptional value for money because English experts worked together to develop them. You will also get a certification upon completing the proofreading course. 

The comprehensive feedback and direct communication with tutors also legitimize the programs. Becoming a Proofreader ensures you improve your skills and apply them in the real world. 

From planning to evaluation, Becoming a Proofreader is carefully designed by experts. It supports different learning styles through its multiple formats. The course site has a clean and modern interface with videos, images, tables, slides, and text.

It’s also meant to be accessed online without a strict schedule. Knowadays understands your busy schedule, so it makes sure you can study at your own pace.

Try Knowadays’ Proofreading Course Now

If starting a proofreading business and offering high-quality service is on your bucket list, Knowadays’ Becoming a Proofreader will turn that dream into reality. For only $499, you can access 13 modules and earn a certification upon completion. It also guarantees valuable work experience on Proofed.

I hope this Knowadays review has helped you decide whether to enroll in the course or not.