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Any written document requires proofreading for spelling, grammar, and style corrections. It ensures that your writing is error-free, readable, and appropriate in tone. But where can you hire the best proofreaders?

Here are some of the best proofreading services you can find online. These companies offer services for all types of documents, whether you’re a student, businessperson, or author. 

Best Proofreading Services



PaperTrue is an online editing service where editors proofread your documents at reasonable prices. Whether you’re a student, writer, or professional, PaperTrue has proofreaders that can spot errors in your writing.

The company has over 60 trained full-time editors who can help clients reach their goals. Their other services include formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checks.

These English-speaking professionals also cater to companies that need proofreading for large documents. PaperTrue guarantees premium editing to all its customers. The team has been working in the US, India, and Singapore since 2014 and continues to expand.

PaperTrue charges $36 for a 1000-word document. The turnaround period is 24 hours. But if you have a larger document, you can request a custom price quote at [email protected].



Authors can receive quality proofreading for their papers, journal entries, or academic writing through Scribendi. With 23 years of experience in the industry, Scribendi has always been competitive with its expertise and affordable prices.

Even business professionals can receive proofreading services for their ad copies and legal documents. Scribendi’s services are so fast that your work can get finished in less than four hours. 

But the usual turnaround period is 24 hours, which costs $38.61 for a 1000-word document.

Get Proofed


Get Proofed is a proofreading software composed of 750 editors who can give you the best quality of editing. You can select a profile that applies to your document type and needs. For example, a freelance editor might specialize in business papers over academic articles.

The provided proofreading by expert editors includes correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks, word choice, consistency, and clarity. They also leave helpful feedback on your writing style and flow. 

A 1000-word paper with a 24-hour turnaround costs $25, making it more affordable than the first two proofreading sites. Get Proofed also gets an average customer rating based on 1,866 reviews.

ProofReadingServices is an online proofreading service composed of a vast editing team for academics, authors, job seekers, and business people. They offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning there’s no need to take risks.

The company offers free excellent editing samples to help you decide whether you’re going to submit your review or not. ProofreadingServices also promises to give you impeccable writing as they treat your document as their own.

They offer reviews on plagiarism, technical accuracy, the tone in writing, and manuscript critique. The editing process is different for every client, especially if you provide transcription and translation services.

Academic documents, books, and blog posts will benefit from the intricacies of grammar correction. ProofreadingServices offers the best service for students and professionals who need combined proofreading and editing.

The rate for a 1000-word paper that needs to be completed in 24 hours is $37.96. 



Scribbr offers high-quality editing services for writers who need help with their spelling and grammatical errors. They claim to have a team of qualified academic editors who can cater to writers of different academic levels.

Expert writers can also rely on Scribbr’s best copyediting service at competitive prices. The team can help you with theses, research & term papers, capstone projects, and English documents. 

Their affordable editing service starts at $59 for a 1000-word essay. They offer a lightning-fast turnaround of 24 hours, ensuring that they’re giving you a well-written document.

Scribbr also gives you editing experience with its online proofreading tool. Try the plagiarism checker and citation generator to keep your work original and credible.



Kibin is your essay help hero for any academic writing style. Its team can help you brainstorm your topics or offer a custom writing service for different papers. You can also receive professional editing services for your thesis, research, and essays.

The online company offers fast human editing by conducting a grammar check, house style consistency, and other tasks that professional editors should do. They promise a quick turnaround, whether you have a 24-hour or 1-week deadline.

Kibin is especially helpful if you’re a graduate student cramming their thesis. Academic editors will help you in every step of the process with their free online tool.

One downside to Kibin is its high price. A 1000-word document that requires editing within 24 hours costs $40. But they also have monthly and annual plans if you need regular edits.


Proofers is an editing service site located in the UK to proofread academic papers and other types of documents. They provide various editing services to students and professionals, including essays, assignments, dissertations, and CVs. 

The service guarantees that your work is free from spelling and grammar errors. Some team members also provide high-quality editing through copyediting, plagiarism checks, and formatting. They will get your document ready on your specified deadline.

You can avail of Proofers’ reliable service at £6.99 per 1000 words. They have an average rating of 4.6/5, and you can count on their high level of customer support.



Wordy provides the best editing and proofreading services to academics. Their advanced editing tool can polish your work in only thirty seconds. Whether you’re sending academic manuscripts, research papers, or argumentative essays, Wordy accepts 11 file formats.

Its customer support quality might be lower than other websites, but Wordy guarantees accountability. The price of their services to authors depends on the word count. For instance, their Express deal for 1,200 words costs $0.044 each with a turnaround time of two hours.

Another feature we love about Wordy is that they assign proofreaders and editors within the same time zone. You don’t have to worry about time discrepancies and your edited paper being submitted late.

Wordy is also one of the few companies that offer enterprise plans for corporations, institutions, and universities. You can sign annual contracts and custom SLAs with them with a money-back guarantee.

Proofreading Pal


Thousands of students rely on Proofreading Pal for its two-proofreader model. Two house editors will edit your work to meet all editing requirements. Purchase their essay editing services through online orders or phone calls.

Academic writers love Proofreading Pal because of its free samples for manuscripts that will be returned within 12 hours. They can correct language errors, fix inconsistencies in house styles, and review the content of different academic papers.

ProofreadingPal costs $0.043 per word for a 24-hour turnaround. That’s about $43 for a 1000-word paper. Check out their automatic price quotations for more information. 

Edit My Paper


Edit My Paper offers unique editing strategies for proofreading and editing conference papers, book manuscripts, and other documents.

Submit your document draft to Edit My Paper and indicate your required deadline. The site has an average turnaround time of 90 minutes, making it popular among students out there. The team fixes all kinds of grammar errors, flow issues, poor word choice, and typos. 

Edit My Paper doesn’t offer instant price quotes, but their rate starts at $18 per page for the Pro level. The company features four levels of editing depending on your writing needs. But all four plans receive positive customer reviews.

Your Perfect English

Your Perfect English

Your Perfect English guarantees that its editors and proofreaders have specialized experience with writing, editing, and knowing the business and academic terms. Its team caters to students, businesses, and private individuals looking for jobs.

The company promises that your written English will improve with their help. They can also give you suggestions and vocabulary enhancements. If you need help referencing, Your Perfect English can also help you with that.

Their editing process is easy. Click “Order Now” on their page, then upload your document. Pay using PayPal, and wait for a maximum of 24 hours before they return your work through email. 

Your Perfect English only accepts up to 5000 words in your essay. Their service costs £9.90 per thousand words.

Cambridge Proofreading

Campbridge Proofreading

Cambridge Proofreading promises fast, affordable, and high-quality proofreading services through its subject-matter experts from the US and UK. Whatever academic discipline you’re writing about, the website can pair you with the right editor to improve your work.

The company also has a reputation for quality, as seen in its positive reviews on TrustPilot. Some aspects of writing that Cambridge Proofreading can fix include grammar, readability, style, and diction. The editors are available 24/7/365 for you.

Ask for a quote on their website, then make your payment via Euros, USD, or GBP.

How Much Does a Proofread Cost?

Based on the proofreading services mentioned, a proofread costs $30-$60 per 1000 words with a turnaround time of 24 hours. But it still varies according to your word count, deadline, and other editing needs.

Ideally, a fast turnaround time means a higher price. PaperTrue costs $36 for a 1000-word essay due the next day. But it only costs around $30 if you need the paper in three days. 

Longer documents are also more expensive because they consume more time for editing. PaperTrue costs about $43 for a 2000-word essay due the next day. 

Freelance proofreaders, especially those with advanced skills, charge by the hour. Their prices range from $10 to $45 per hour, depending on their expertise. 

Watch out for proofreaders that give hidden fees. You also want to avoid companies with a minimum charge if you have short documents. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Proofread 1000 Words?

A 1000-word essay due the next day can cost between $30-$60 on different proofreading websites. That’s about $0.03-$0.06 per word.

The pricing depends on the company or freelancer you’re working with, your deadline, and the document type. Some freelancers can charge as low as $5 per 1000 words. But you must ensure they have enough skills and experience to perfect your writing.

Ask for samples of documents they have edited before. You may not receive a refund if unsatisfied with their work as some freelancers do not offer a money-back guarantee.

Some proofreaders have different rates for academic and business papers despite the same word count. For example, Scribendi provides specialized proofreading for scholars, web designers, authors, and medical writers.

It’s also easier to hire a proofreader who charges by the word than by the hour. It promotes fair pricing since not all proofreaders finish the same document simultaneously.

Best Proofreading Services in Canada

The best proofreading service you can try in Canada is Editor World. This company provides services to individuals, businesses, and organizations in Canada, including Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver.

Editor World has worked with several organizations in making proposals, business plans, and marketing materials. They also work with students who need help with journal articles, research papers, and book manuscripts. 

The company also provides services anywhere in the world. If English is your second language, Editor World’s team can help you sound more native in your documents. 

Best Proofreading Services in the UK

The best proofreading service you can try in the UK is Cambridge Proofreading. Over 77,000 students worldwide use this UK-based website to look for professional editors and proofreaders.

Cambridge Proofreading fixes the structure of your writing, making it more accurate and clear. Some disciplines they edit for include political science, medicine, economics, engineering, business, and astrophysics.

Hire a Proofreader for Your Writing

Students can benefit from the best academic editing service for their dissertations, school assignments, and research papers. At the same time, professionals can receive assistance with their CVs, business proposals, and legal documents.

The best proofreading services can make you more confident in your written document. And remember that you can always try proofreading your own work with an editing software program.