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Warn means to advise someone in advance of impending danger. Warn also means to advise someone that their behavior or actions will bring unpleasant consequences. Related words are warns, warned, warning, warner. Warn comes from the Old English word warnian, which means to give notice of impending danger.

Worn is the past participle of wear, to put on one’s body as clothing or protection. Worn is also used as an adjective to mean shabby, tired, damaged. The noun form is wornness.  Worn comes from the Old English word geworen, meaning exhausted by wear, made ineffective by overuse.


Regulators did not warn hospitals about its risks until after The Times reported an outbreak at UCLA that killed three patients. (The Los Angeles Times)

BoJ board members warn of global race to cut interest rates (The Financial Times)

Researchers warned then that the species, also known by its scientific name aedes albopictus, had the potential to spread disease. (The Journal News)

Health experts in Brazil have warned against kissing strangers during Carnival parties, after the Zika virus was found in saliva and urine for the first time. (The Independent)

ONLINE retailer ASOS are under fire for selling a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Slave’ on the front which is being worn by a black model. (The Sun)

Recently, a photo book was published that looks into the garments and accessories worn by dervishes, the followers of Sufi orders. (The Daily Sabah)

Created by women from the predominately black community of Gee’s Bend in Wilcox County, quilts feature pieces of worn clothes, flour sacks and scraps of cloth. (The Decatur Daily)

The effort began with one teacher’s Facebook plea for help after she saw students in worn clothes and with deteriorating book bags. (The Belleville News-Democrat)

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