Sunday vs. Sundae – Difference, Meaning & Spelling

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Is Sunday capitalized? Is sundae just a different spelling of the day of the week? How do you use these homophones properly? Those are questions I’ll answer in this guide to Sunday and sundae.

What’s the Difference Between Sundae and Sunday?

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A sundae of a delicious dessert made of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries on top. Sunday is one of the days of the week after Saturday and before Monday.

In more recent years, the word Sunday has also been adapted as a female name.

Etymology of Sunday

We use the word Sunday to describe the first day of the week (or the last day, depending on where you live). It derives from the Old English word sunnandæg, which means the day of the sun. There’s also a Germanic loan translation of the Latin term dies solis which also translates to “day of the sun.”

Etymology of Sundae

The noun sundae is not an alternate spelling of the word Sunday, although some believe it began that way and was changed out of religious respect. It came about in 1897 as an American term for the yummy dessert that was all the rage; a dish of ice cream topped with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate sauce, and cherries.

What’s Another Word for Sundae?

  • Sorbet
  • Parfait
  • Ice cream sundae
  • Desert
  • Ice cream treat
  • Banana split

Sunday vs. Sundae Pronunciation

Being homophones, they’re pronounced exactly the same way: Suhn-day.

How Do You Spell Sunday?

If you’re talking about the day of the week, it’s S-u-n-d-a-y, and if you’re talking about the chilly desert, it’s s-u-n-d-a-e.

Is Sunday Capitalized?

Yes, always capitalize Sunday.

Plural Forms of Sunday and Sundae

If I had a sundae and someone handed me another, then I’d have two sundaes. If you count the number of times Sunday appears in a month, you’d have at least 3-4 Sundays.

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Using the Word Sunday in a Sentence

  • Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week because we usually have no plans and the whole day to relax.
  • Are you coming to the party this Sunday?
  • Don’t forget that Sunday is my birthday.
  • I named my daughter Sunday because it’s such a beautiful name.
  • The Sunday after next is when my parents are coming to visit, so be sure to have the guest room ready.
  • I can’t believe my boss is making me come to work on a Sunday.
  • One of my favorite bands is The Sundays.

Using the Word Sundae in a Sentence

  • I’m so full after that huge meal, but I can’t say no to an ice cream sundae.
  • You’ve eaten three chocolate sundaes already!
  • I can’t have the sundae for dessert because I’m lactose intolerant.
  • We’re serving sundaes at our wedding as a dessert.
  • The party was amazing! They had a make-your-own sundae bar!

Have a Sundae This Sunday

Don’t worry; homophones are always easily confused, even for expert writers. But this guide should help clear up any confusion around the two homophones. Just remember that Sunday has the word sun in it, and Sunday is the dawn of a new week.