Why isn’t Grammarly Working in Google Docs?

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Grammarly’s browser extension allows you to receive real-time grammar suggestions as you type on Gmail, social media, or Google Docs. But many report that it keeps malfunctioning in Google Docs.

A few workarounds can address these tiny issues. I have listed all the possible reasons Grammarly isn’t working in Google Docs and how to solve them. 

You Haven’t Enabled Grammarly 

You Havent Enabled Grammarly 1 1

The most common reason Grammarly isn’t enabled on your Google Docs is that you haven’t enabled it yet. On Google Docs, look for the green G button in the lower right part of the browser. Press to see if it makes the extension work on Docs.

If you forgot to enable it on your browser, it wouldn’t work on Google Docs, emails, social media, and other websites. Press the Grammarly logo and follow the instructions provided by the program. If you do not see a Grammarly logo, it means you haven’t installed it yet.

After installing Grammarly for Google Chrome, open a new or existing document on Google Docs. Ideally, a pop-up would appear to inform you about receiving access. Click on the logo again and follow the instructions. 

Grammarly Does Not Have Internet Access

Grammarly Does Not Have Internet Access 2

Grammarly might not be working if you do not have internet access. This is usually the reason if you also see a text saying, “reconnecting” or “trying to connect.” Sometimes, your browser will only show “No internet.”

If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, you will not be able to use Google Docs and the grammar checker. Try checking your network cables, modem, and router to check for issues. Or you can run Windows Network Diagnostics to troubleshoot the problem.

Turn on your phone’s hotspot temporarily to get Grammarly to work on your desktop or laptop. Disable it right away when you’re done editing your work.

If you’re using Grammarly as a mobile application, make sure you’ve allowed it to connect to your cellular data. Go to your phone settings, select “Cellular Data,” and enable Grammarly.

You’re on Suggesting Mode

suggesting mode 1

If you don’t see Grammarly underlining your errors in Google Docs, it could be because you’re on Suggesting Mode. The Suggesting Mode does not let you make actual edits to your document. Instead, you’re making suggestions for a collaborator to accept or reject.

To switch to Editing Mode:

  1. Look for the green icon with a pencil on the standard menu.
  2. Click on it and choose “Editing” so you can directly edit your work.
  3. Select the G logo at the bottom, and the underlines should start appearing.

Gmail Settings Are Incorrect

Grammarly may not work on Gmail if you use the online grammar checker across multiple platforms like Gmail and Docs. Several websites do not work well with Grammarly, depending on your browser and settings.

Open your Gmail settings and see if it reads documents from right to left script. If this function is enabled, Grammarly won’t be able to work correctly because it operates the opposite way. Allow it to move from left to right so that the online writing assistant works appropriately.

Grammarly Not Working in Google Docs Safari

If Grammarly isn’t working on Safari but doing fine on Google Chrome, then your browser might be the cause of the problem. Try removing the plug-in and adding it back. 

To add Grammarly for Safari, open Safari and tap “Extensions.” Select “More Extensions,” look for Grammarly, and install it.

Don’t forget to switch Grammarly on the “Extensions” menu and enter your login details. 

Your Grammarly Extension is Not Updated

Your built-in Grammarly service might not be working because it’s already outdated. This is usually the case if you see a message saying, “Update required.” The solution is to uninstall the extension and reinstall it.

On your browser’s “Extension Settings,” click “Uninstall” on Grammarly. Now, open Chrome Web Store or Safari’s extensions and download the latest version of Grammarly.

You’re Editing a Huge Document

Another common issue with Grammarly is that it lags or stops operating when you’re working on a big piece of content. For example, if you’re writing a 30-page novella, you might experience issues with Grammarly.

There are no current workarounds for this issue. Grammarly’s team should quickly find solutions to this problem.

There is a Problem with Grammarly 

Even if you try upgrading to Grammarly’s Premium version, you won’t be able to enjoy all the functionalities. Not all of its features will work if you are on Google Docs. 

Sometimes, it highlights spelling and grammar errors without clarity, engagement, and delivery suggestions. Other times, it doesn’t work at all.

Grammarly currently has a beta version that works smoothly on other browsers. These include Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome, but the developers have not yet perfected them. So don’t expect all the features to work efficiently yet.

You can access the Grammarly Sidebar on Google Docs if you’ve installed Grammarly for Chrome. If all else fails, head to the web editor to proofread your work.

Grammarly is Not Compatible with Other Plug-Ins

One potential flaw of Grammarly is that it doesn’t work well with other plug-ins. For example, you have too many plug-ins on your Google Chrome that are running but are incompatible with Grammarly.

This issue is easy to address without uninstalling the other extensions. Try closing your Google Chrome browser and resetting it. This should get Grammarly to operate correctly. Open a new document and Google Docs and check if it’s already working.

Why Does Grammarly Not Work on Google Slides?

Grammarly mobile does not work for other services of the GSuite except Google Docs and Gmail. It doesn’t work on Google Slides, Chat, Drive, Sheets, and Meet. 

If you want to proofread your work on other Google Drive services, copy and paste your text into the web editor or desktop version. Grammarly will make the necessary corrections there, and you can copy and paste them back into the program.

Grammarly is a Work in Progress

Grammarly’s Google Docs extension is susceptible to lags and errors because it’s still in its “experimental” version. Don’t worry about its safety because Grammarly has gone through alpha testing. If you find nothing works, you can still use the efficient web editor or even try Google’s built-in editor.

What other issues are you experiencing with Grammarly?