Grammarly vs. Chegg Review – 2022 Comparison

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Writers need help proofreading our work before submitting or publishing them. Instead of hiring a human proofreader, you can try online editing programs like Grammarly and Chegg. 

Both tools can help you with grammatical mistakes and plagiarism concerns. But they differ in reliability.

Keep reading this Grammar vs. Chegg review to find out which tool is appropriate for you. Learn their features, pricing, and accuracy as I break down everything.  

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an online learning service application that provides learners with writing assistance and other features. It lends and sells textbooks while helping students with math homework and essay’s for school.

Aside from writing assistance, Chegg also lists scholarships and internships. It even offers financial advice to students. Its apps include Chegg Study, Chegg Writing, and Math Solver.

But this review will focus on Chegg Writing. It has a plagiarism detection tool to ensure that your writings are your own ideas through excellent plagiarism checks. The application also has popular writing tools that will improve the grammar and readability of your sentences.

Features of Chegg

Chegg Writing hosts a ton of features for academic writing purposes. Here are the common writing tools that the app offers.

Plagiarism Tool


Chegg writing can address your plagiarism issues by highlighting plagiarized content for you. You can access the link to the original source to help you make proper citations. This feature is for students writing academic essays and business reports that require professional writing.

Proofreading Tool


Chegg’s comprehensive writing service can help you achieve proper grammar through common writing tools accessible today. You can fix your spelling errors, typos, punctuation mistakes, and subject-verb disagreement with this writing software.

The AI proofreader also helps you correct advanced writing issues. Achieve the perfect writing style by accepting Chegg’s suggestions for sentence structure and formatting. This feature is helpful for learners writing academic essays and attaining the proper writing style for bloggers.

Expert Writing Services


If Chegg Writer’s advanced writing style suggestions and comprehensive plagiarism checker are not enough, you can get expert writing services. These people can create an entire assignment for you or fix a few errors.

Chegg will modify your improper citations, writing tone and sentence structure difficulties, and give you readability assistance. Aside from its suite of features, the writing service can also include advanced plagiarism checks.

Unfortunately, it says it’s unavailable in my area, which is not hard to believe. I’m located in middle-of-nowhere Canada. Hardly anything is available here. So I wasn’t able to thoroughly test this feature.

How Chegg Works

When signing up for a Chegg account, you must disclose whether you’re a teacher or a student. You also need to indicate your level, school, and your year. You’ll see several features on the website, but let’s focus on Writing.

Submit your text, and the writing tool automatically gives you sophisticated writing style recommendations. Click “Grammar” on the upper left to accept or trash the grammar and readability suggestions. 

You may use this grammar checker for student essays, articles, and other text types. Chegg’s format correction feature also makes your paper neater and more readable.

Once you’re done, click “Plagiarism” below “Grammar” to access the sophisticated plagiarism detection program. This tool will help you with expansive plagiarism concerts, such as incorrect citations and unintentional plagiarism.

Grammarly vs. Chegg

Chegg’s grammar and plagiarism checkers are similar to my favorite writing tool, Grammarly.

Accuracy of Grammar Suggestions

Chegg’s grammar and readability suggestions can only check 200+ types of grammar mistakes, While Grammarly catches 400+. The writing support that Chegg offers can be divided into five:

  • Clarity.
  • Flow.
  • Cohesion.
  • Concision.
  • Grammar and spelling.

It can spot basic typos, punctuation mistakes, passive voice, and unsupported claims. The grammar checker also has a scorecard to help you identify the quality of your work.

Grammarly Premium provides more writing corrections aside from its popular plagiarism checker. Its writing suggestions are categorized into:

  • Correctness.
  • Clarity.
  • Engagement.
  • Delivery.

The advanced editor can spot passive voice, poor word choice, and improper tone based on the writing goals you set. It also suggests sentence rewrites for lengthy sentences. Grammarly can even help you sound more confident, respectful, and inclusive. 

Plagiarism Detector for Student Essays

It’s a tie between Chegg and Grammarly regarding their exceptional plagiarism checkers. Chegg’s plagiarism check option is very similar to Turnitin as it can compare your work against offline and restricted journal articles and theses.

It can also spot inadvertent plagiarism, encouraging you to cite your source, change, or delete the text. Since Chegg caters to academic papers, Chegg assists students with citation difficulties. It has a citation generator for APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Grammarly’s plagiarism detector works similarly. But it caters primarily to bloggers, business owners, and content writers. It scans your writing against billions of websites and articles for duplicate content. 


Chegg lets you access some features for free, but Writing isn’t one of them. You need to pay monthly to check your grammar and writing style. For $9.95, you get to submit 15 papers every month of up to 3,00 words each.

Grammarly is more expensive, but its grammar and plagiarism checkers don’t have word or document limits. Below are the payment plans it offers:

  • Monthly plan: $30 per month.
  • Quarterly plan: $60 every three months ($20/month).
  • Yearly plan: $144 per year ($12/month). 

Does Chegg Help with Grammar?

Chegg helps you improve in-depth grammar issues like passive voice, complex sentences, and subject-verb disagreement. It can also improve your overall writing style and readability.

Is Chegg Considered Cheating?

Cheating depends on how you use the information you receive. If your ideas are your own, Chegg’s grammar and plagiarism checkers are not tools for cheating. But you may use popular alternatives to its Math Solver and Chegg Study to avoid academic dishonesty.

Can Turnitin Detect Chegg?

Yes. Turnitin can detect plagiarism in your writing if it comes from Chegg. The plagiarism checker scans against anything you see on the web, including Chegg.

Verdict: Is Grammarly or Chegg Better?

Grammarly and Chegg have similar features for checking your grammar and detecting plagiarism. 

Chegg is ideal for students or academic writers who want an affordable writing assistant for their school papers. Meanwhile, Grammarly is better for professional writers who need comprehensive grammar suggestions.