Ex post facto


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What are Prepositions? Definition & Examples (with Worksheet)

Do you live in, on, or at a house? Are you heading toward or far from the tree? These words that show the relationship between ideas are called prepositions. Keep reading as I go over a preposition’s simple definition, types, and how to identify one. You’ll also learn its correct …

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Gerund – Definition and Sentence Examples

Gerunds hit two birds with one stone because they look like verbs but act like nouns. They all end in “-ing,” but not all “-ing” words are gerunds. So, what is a gerund? Keep reading to learn about its functions and how to use it in a sentence. I’ll also …

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Century or Centuries Usage Meaning 2

Century or Centuries – Usage and Meaning

When you’re discussing things like history, the words “centuries” and “century” play a really important role. It’s essential to understand their meaning and know when to use each one, too. Even though they’re different forms of the same word, you can’t use them interchangeably because, in a way, it’s a …

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Back up vs. backup

Backup is a noun and an adjective. The verb is two words—back up.


strict in behavior or morality.