= with respect to. It is not related to or synonymous with appropriate.


sort of, seeming, seemingly, or in the nature of. It can be either a prefix or a standalone word.

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De rigueur

= socially obligatory, proper, or required by custom.

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Using it as an adjective is usually more concise than using it as a noun.


Port vs. starboard

Port: the left side of a craft from the perspective of one facing the front. Starboard: the right side.

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French Accent Marks – Aigu, Grave & More

French accent marks are stylish and distinctive pieces of punctuation, and they serve a functional purpose. For example, the accent aigu tells you to pronounce the last letter of the word, while the accent grave signals that you shouldn’t. In this quick guide, I’ll explain the meaning and usage of …

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Directional words

-ward vs. -wards In American English, the preferred suffix is -ward—for example, westward, forward, backward, downward. Outside American English, -wards is preferred—so, westwards, forwards, backwards, and downwards. But it’s not a clean distinction, and both suffixes are used everywhere. The -ward suffix may be placed at the end of any noun without …

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