Endear or Endeared – Usage and Definition

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What does “endear” really mean, and why do we use it to describe our affection for others? In my detailed grammar guide, I’ll explore its meaning and origin and teach you how to pronounce the verb “endear.” I’ll even touch on synonyms and throw in some sentence examples to help you understand how to use this charming word in your daily conversations.

What Does It Mean to Be Endeared to Someone?

Endear or Endeared Usage Definition 1

When you’re “endeared” to someone, it means you’ve become dear or cherished by that person. But, when you “endear” yourself to someone, you win their affection or approval through your actions and characteristics.

The verb “endear” can be used to describe the whole process of forming these emotional connections and developing strong bonds. But it can also apply to the idea of simply growing closer to someone or cherishing an object.

The Origin/Etymology of Endear

The word “endear” came about sometime in the late 16th century and was created by mixing the term “en,” which meant to make or put in, and the adjective “dear,” which means to make something dear. When you combine those, we get “endear.”

How to Pronounce Endear

To say “endear” correctly, you should pronounce it as in-deer, rhyming with “in fear” or “in clear.”

What’s the Endear Antonym?

The best antonym for the term “endear” is “alienate.” When we say “endear,” we mean to become dear or beloved by someone. But by using the word “alienate,” you’re describing the cause for someone to feel isolated or detached.

What Are the Synonyms of Endeared?

Not sold on “endeared” for your writing? Try using any of these words in place of it.

  • Charmed
  • Captivated
  • Engaged
  • Won over
  • Enchanted
  • Beguiled
  • Entranced

Endear Examples in a Sentence

Endear or Endeared Usage Definition 2

Here are a few sentences that show how to use “endear” in a sentence in a number of ways and POVs.

  • My mother-in-law’s kindness and generosity endeared her to everyone she met in life.
  • When I met my husband, it was his sense of humor that quickly endeared him to me.
  • Apparently, I endeared myself to my in-laws by helping them out around the house.
  • My kids were endeared to me the moment they were born.
  • My daughter and her best friend shared a love of music that endeared them to one another.
  • You’re forever endeared to me after what you just did for my family.
  • My son’s perseverance in the face of adversity during the soccer season endeared him to his teammates.
  • The way your mother always goes out of her way to help me and others truly endears her to me.
  • Your loving and caring nature endears me to you.

Endearing Qualities Are Good

Do you have people in your life that are beloved to you? Someone that you think of fondly and cherish the relationship you hold with them? Then they’re endeared to you. Understanding the way we’re meant to use certain terms like this will only strengthen your vocabulary and broaden your knowledge of the English language.

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