Lap of Luxury—Origin & Meaning

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What does lap of luxury mean? I can assure you it doesn’t involve a luxury lap pool or a lap-sized serving of luxury chocolates. We use this phrase in English to describe a condition of amazing comfort and extravagance. So, let’s dive into the plush cushions of this idiom, explore its origin, and look at some alternative ways to say it and how to use it in a sentence.

Lap of Luxury Meaning Explained

Lap of Luxury Origin Meaning

The idiom lap of luxury is meant to describe a state of opulence or extravagant comfort. Picture this: lounging on a sun-kissed beach, sipping cocktails, with no worries in the world. That’s the lap of luxury. It’s where many of us aspire to be, but few find ourselves.

I often think of my trip to Cuba years ago. I’d just had my second kid, and work was crazy, so the trip was well-deserved. We stayed at a five-star resort, had zero responsibilities or places to be, and food and drinks were brought to us by the pool each day. That was the lap of luxury, and I’ll never forget it!

Lap of Luxury Origin and Etymology

Lpa of Luxury Ngram

The phrase lap of luxury emerged in English during the early 1800s. The term lap here is metaphorical for a place of comfort or care, similar to how you imagine a child sitting comfortably in a parent’s lap.

It’s a metaphorical way of saying that luxury is caring for you, providing comfort and pampering in some capacity.

Synonyms for Lap of Luxury

If you’re in the lap of luxury but want to say it differently, here are a few synonyms for your vocabulary.

  1. Life of Riley
  2. Bed of roses
  3. Easy street
  4. Clover
  5. Top of the heap

Lap of Luxury Examples in a Sentence

Lap of Luxury Origin Meaning 1

Now that we’ve luxuriated in the definition, let’s see how lap of luxury fits within a full sentence.

  • After winning big with the lottery, Jane moved from her small apartment into a small city mansion and was living in the lap of luxury.
  • The 5-star Cuban resort promised a stay in the lap of luxury, and it definitely delivered. It was the trip of a lifetime.
  • Mike’s startup success meant he could finally trade his ramen diet for fancy things like caviar, living in the lap of luxury.
  • Despite being born in the lap of luxury, Carol dedicated her life to helping the less fortunate and found it much more rewarding.
  • I love movies that depict the protagonist’s journey from rags to the lap of luxury.

Only the Finest

This idiom, like a pearl necklace or a gold watch, adds a touch of sparkle to our language. So, whether you’re already living in the lap of luxury or just dreaming about it, remember to enjoy the simple luxuries that life offers every day—like a good laugh, a warm cup of tea or a well-crafted grammar guide! I hope my tips have given you a much better understanding of what this expression means and how to use it. You might also like reading about the “Life of Riley” and its origins.

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