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The icing on the cake is something added to a situation that is not essential, but makes a good situation even better. The icing on the cake is a bonus added to an already good situation. Icing is a sugary coating applied to a cake which was invented sometime in the 1600s. In the 1900s, icing on the cake came to be used figuratively. Occasionally, icing on the cake is used in a negative way, meaning something added to a situation that is not essential but makes a bad situation even worse. In the main, however, icing on the cake refers to a good situation being made better.


Berhampore’s new community centre is the “icing on the cake” of a multimillion-dollar social housing revamp. (The Dominion Post)

Dalton Dey’s acceptance into the College of Business Administration Honors Academy was the “icing on the cake” when he chose to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln three years ago. (The Daily Nebraskan)

That it was a milestone win was icing on the cake for Golden State, which became only the second team in NBA history to reach the 70-win mark. (The Mercury News)

Dallas Kilgore’s two-out triple started the comeback, and Lauren Longerbeam’s three-run homer was the icing on the cake. (The Herald-Mail)

“Wearing a dress worn by so many women I love was the icing on the cake.” (The Huffington Post)

“It’s really nice because the people really enjoy it, and you can see it as icing on the cake for all the work they did” getting their homes ready for the tour, he said. (The Modesto Bee)

But no — Twenty One Pilots seem to be the kind of band for whom hits are just icing on the cake. (The Edmonton Journal)
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