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All systems go is an idiom with a well-known origin. We will examine the meaning of the idiom all systems go, where it came from, and some examples of its use in sentences.

All systems go means that one is ready to proceed, that all aspects of one’s procedure, plan or scheme are in place and are at the ready. The idiom all systems go is derived from the American space program. The very first American in space, Alan Shepherd, used the phrase all systems go during his equipment check in 1961. The expression had been used previously by test pilots, but the general public became familiar with this phrase during the broadcasts reporting on space flight. For pilots and astronauts, the phrase all systems go has a literal meaning that all of the equipment is functioning properly. The expression has journeyed into everyday language to mean that everything is in place and functioning so that one may proceed with a plan or procedure.


In Houston, it’s all systems go, it appears. (The National Jurist)

All systems go? Mahomes practices fully with Chiefs, setting up possible Sunday return (The Kansas City Star)

An ambitious campaign by locals to rid Preston Dock of its long-standing blue-green algae problem and boost the waterside community is now “all systems go.” (The Lancashire Post)

But for the senior guard, it’s all systems go for a shot at the sectional title. (The Dubois County Herald)

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