All Systems Go – Origin & Meaning

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When everything’s ready for launch, and there’s an unmistakable air of anticipation, there’s a phrase that perfectly fits the situation—all systems go. It’s a pretty common English phrase that’s brimming with readiness and anticipation. But there’s more to it, so let’s talk about the meaning and usage of this phrase.

Meaning of the All Systems Go Phrase

All Systems Go Origin Meaning

When we say all systems go, we indicate that everything is ready for action. The phrase often denotes that all checks or preparations have been completed, and nothing prevents progress or action.

It’s the green light that signifies the readiness to move forward with something. You can apply this to physical systems and ideas and other things.

What Is the Origin of the Phrase All Systems Go?

This expression comes from the world of rocketry. The phrase all systems go was initially used in the 20th century during the preparation and countdown for rocket launches. Prior to a launch, each system involved in the operation is checked. If they’re all functioning correctly and are ready for the operation, the term all systems go is announced, signifying readiness for launch.

And it was the 5th of May in 1961 when it was coined. American astronaut Alan Shephard said in his transcript, “Cabin pressure go. Fuel system go. Oxygen go. All systems go,” during a shuttle take-off in the Freedom 7 spacecraft.

All Systems Go Synonyms

If astronaut jargon doesn’t quite fit the vibe you’re shooting for, try one of these synonyms in place of all systems go. They hold similar meanings.

  • Ready for action
  • All set
  • Good to go
  • All clear
  • Ready to roll

All Systems Go Examples in a Sentence

All Systems Go Origin Meaning 1

Check out how I’ve worked the expression into these sentences to get a good idea of how you can use it.

  • Our team has completed all the necessary internal checks; it’s all systems go for the book launch.
  • Once the client approves, all systems will go for the order.
  • After practicing for months, the youth soccer team is all systems go for the championship.
  • The rehearsals are done, the stage is set, and the costumes are ready, so it’s all systems go for tonight’s performance.
  • With the latest software update installed, all systems are a go for the team.
  • We’ve got the green light from management, so it’s all systems go for our marketing campaign.
  • The pre-production stage for the movie has been smooth, and now it’s all systems go for the final filming process.

The Bottom Line

Now, the next time you’re ready to start a project or launch a new endeavor, just say, “All systems go!” This space-related phrase, teeming with anticipation and readiness, will definitely add an extra dash of excitement to your conversations. Take a second to check out my other helpful grammar idiom guides on other fun phrases like this!