Which vs. Witch – What’s the difference? (Worksheet Included)

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Out of the millions of words in English, two terms you might find confusing are which and witch. They have similar sounds but different meanings. I’ve written books about witches, and even I still find myself slipping between the two words.

So, what’s the difference between which and witch? In this article, I’ll discuss the definitions of which and witch and some examples of how to use them in sentences.

Which or Witch?

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The definition of which is a relative pronoun that introduces a non-restrictive relative clause. You usually find this pronoun beside a comma when adding extra information to sentences.


  • I’m listening to my favorite song, which is Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.

From the example above, which introduced a subordinate clause that offers more information to the main clause. It specifically provides additional information to the phrase favorite song.

Be careful not to confuse that with which. That is also a pronoun that is used in restrictive clauses.

Which is also a pronoun that asks a question. A which question usually involves choice because it asks to specify one or more people, things, or ideas from a group.


  • Which color do you want, red or pink?
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A witch is a person who practices witchcraft. You’ll find this noun in movies, religion, and books. Most of them are women with magical powers who are often villains of the story.


  • Why are witches always women? Are there male witches?

Witch is also less commonly used since which is a pronoun you’ll find in almost any topic. They aren’t interchangeable as they have completely different meanings and uses. One is an interrogative pronoun, while the other refers to a female magic user.

Which vs. Witch Pronunciation

Which and witch have the same pronunciation, making them so easy to mix up without context. Which has a silent h and a short i sound. Witch has a short i sound as well and a silent t. These words rhyme with ditch, pitch, rich, and hitch.

How to Remember the Difference

I remember the difference between the non-restrictive clause which and the meaning of witch by looking at the first two letters of which. Which starts with the letters wh like what, when, where, and why. This idea will help you recall that which is a pronoun, while the definition of witch means the magical woman with powers.

Which the or Witch the?

The correct phrase is which the. Which is a relative pronoun that adds information to the main clause.

The Extent of Which or The Extent of Witch?

The right phrase is the extent of which. It refers to the extent of something previously mentioned in speech or writing.

Which Hunt or Witch Hunt?

The correct phrase is witch hunt. Thank goodness there are no actual witch hunts anymore.

Examples of Witch Used in a Sentence

Here are some examples of the word witch in a sentence.

  • Charlize Theron portrayed the witch in the movie.
  • Historically, witches were women described as “monstrous” and “mad” to justify their religious persecution.
  • I am as brave as a witch.
  • The witch doctor saved the king’s life.
  • Modern witches practice neo-paganism and are distrustful of traditional religions.

Examples of Which Used in a Sentence

Here are some examples of the word which in a sentence.

  • Which car do you want to buy?
  • Russ chose an outfit which fits his personal style.
  • Do you know which city we’re visiting tomorrow?
  • Which do you prefer?
  • The laptop, which was bought in 2014, is destroyed.

Synonyms of Witch

A witch is an individual person, but can go by many names. But all do magic with spells. 

  • Sorceress
  • Enchantress
  • Wiccan
  • Occultist

Understand Which is Witch

Now you know the difference between which and witch and some examples of these words in sentences. This knowledge will help make your writing free from spelling and grammar errors.

I hope you found this guide useful. Remember that the definition of which is a pronoun that asks questions, while witch is an evil woman with magical powers.