Which vs witch

Which is a pronoun, meaning the particular one or ones in a group. Which is often used in a question, to ask for an indication of the one or ones of a group that one is referring to. Which is also used to mean that, either or any, no matter what, being the one mentioned. Which comes from the Old English word hwilc, shortened from hwi-lic, meaning of what form.

A witch is a woman who is believed to have magical powers. In myth and legend, a witch is a woman who practices sorcery and is often depicted as ugly or wicked. In modern society, a witch is a practitioner of nature-based magic. Witch comes from the Old English word wicce, meaning female magician, sorceress. The Old English word wicca is now used to describe a particular nature religion, Wicca.


Adoption of Nuclear Iran Deal Which ‘Removes all Bans’ Against Iran is Announced (The Jewish Press)

Evans is a public supporter of the Paleo diet, which advocates eating only what was available to our ancestors; avoiding food groups like dairy, grains, and any processed food. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Which young player is more important to the Broncos’ future: Shaquil Barrett or Bennie Fowler? (The Denver Post)

The revised PSAT/NMSQT — which more than 3 million sophomores and juniors nationwide will take this month — was highly anticipated because it provides a preview of the first overhaul to the SAT in a decade. (The Washington Post)

In the film, the Furious 7 star plays an immortal witch hunter tasked with stopping the covens of New York City from accomplishing their plans to destroy humanity. (People Magazine)

An Italian woman accused of being a witch and throwing a child into a boiling cauldron of cheese could be pardoned nearly 300 years after her death. (The New York Daily News)

A ‘recovering’ witch who says she was deceived by the Wicca religion has revealed why she abandoned the dark arts and returned to Christianity after years of casting spells for her own good fortune. (The Daily Mail)

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